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  1. Ahh, a true classic, Toby. Is Eisenstein's the one on the upper east side? ← I think that Carnegie Deli has the best, but 2nd Ave. Deli, Sarges are also good. Also Schillers in the Lower East Side
  2. I want to get together with some friends who were on a trip to China with me and thought that a Chinese New Year banquet would be perfect. I have contacted Howard Seftel who referenced a banquet he attended a few years ago at China Chili--however, when I called the restaurant said maybe an additional seafood dish but no banquet this year. Other restaurants either had no banquet or indicated that their menus were robust and they would not do anything extra, eg Flo's,Golden Buddha, China King. The C Fu Gourmet has a banquet with tables of 10 at $30 per person which is a possibility. I hope that some of you might have some suggestions. The Philadelphia thread had a banquet that sounded delicious but I'm not prepared to fly there. This is my first post. I look forward to your input. Thanks. suegullet
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