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  1. Ditto. I loved watching Phil Howard on "Great British Menu".
  2. This was my first attempt from MCAH also, and it turned out great. I used to make panna cotta from a Martha Stewart recipe but the texture was never as good as "restaurant quality". This raspberry version was spot on. As to leftover raspberrries, I saved some perfect ones for decoration and the rest went in my belly while I was making the dish. A keeper for sure.
  3. My copy is waiting for me at home after work. Hmm, I feel a sore throat coming on.
  4. I made the Chris A version of M&C this morning. I used Emmental and cheddar, and with a fair amount of sampling along the way, I got a cheese yield of exactly 400 grams, or 2.5 recipes. Therefore I scaled up the water, pasta and salt and had at it. The results were damn good, but I will scale back the salt a bit more next time. I could also taste the beer a tad too much, and I think upthread there were substitutions that I will have to consider. I am seeing nathanm speak next month in NYC - I just hope my copy of MCAH arrives in time for him to sign.
  5. Art Smith is sure getting the "bitchy-name-dropping-drama-queen" edit.
  6. I thought the opposite. I hope you're correct.
  7. Noooooooo! I was really pulling for Nyesha to run the table.
  8. uknova.com is a good source for torrents of British telly.
  9. Last time I was over in the UK, I bought several cookbooks. I wish I had just bought them on Amazon and had them shipped. Those suckers were HEAVY and schlepping them back to the US was a PITA.
  10. I agree. The interface is annoying (very herky-jerky), but the content is well worth the money.
  11. I didn't notice and color change in my pee, but #2 was scary.
  12. I am a fairly slow eater compared to most i dine with. I don't count chews or seconds, but I do eat at a pace where I can enjoy my food. No, not an hour to eat a bowl of soup, either. That's hyperbole.It seems to be one of those trollish columns to get hits. For instance, if I penned a screed that I don't fancy sharing a table with a guy with long greasy-looking hair.
  13. I am pretty sure the smell has only occurred with me starting in my mid-40's.
  14. Bricktop

    Veal cubes

    I make a sauce for pasta with veal cubes. Brown and braise them as for osso buco (I do them with broth, tomato paste, garlic, bay leaves, mirepoix, S&P) until they fall apart, and mash them into shreds at the end. Finish with some very finely chopped fresh sage. Freezes brilliantly too. In the time it takes to cook the penne, it can be defrosted and heated.
  15. Sorry. It's the appropriately named Delicious Library 2. Mac only AFAIK.
  16. I'll get an updated number later this month. I just bought some software and a barcode scanner to get a complete inventory.
  17. His Fresh Ginger Cake kicks serious heinie. I have made it at least half a dozen times. I am the only one who likes it in my house, so I get the whole thing to myself. Not really, I take half in to work where it's gone in no time.
  18. I can still remember very well my one and only dinner at Lutece in the mid-1980's. It left me fond and durable memories.
  19. Well???? We're waiting!!!!! Warninks is the only one I have had, but Bols makes one too I think.
  20. Robuchon's roast chicken recipe is the standard at our house. The post-cooking standing/resting on an overturned saucer on a dinner plate works brilliantly.
  21. Why drive a nice car when a crappy one will get you from A to B? There are a million value judgments people make every day. Aside from the price not being $600, I can see from reading the whole thread (did you?) that there's HUGE amounts of original research going into these books (plural). Not exactly mass market material, so I doubt I will see it in my local B&N though, next to the latest Sandra Lee masterpiece, but I will wager that many Michelin starred chefs amongst others will be buying it. Bear in mind, if he sold the bridge, he'd have to move from under it.
  22. The reaction of the so-called "Team Loser" to the verdict was the high point of this season for me.
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