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  1. I'm going to be in Amsterdam at the end of April for 10 days.  Any recommendations on places to eat?  I'd like some nice places as well as good, cheap eats.

    I just returned from Amsterdam.... For your upscale dining, I highly recommend the restaurant "La Rive" located in the Amstel Intercontinental. It is a one or two star (I forget which one) and certainly worth your time. Would recommend you do one of the tasting menus and also go for the suggested wine pairings. My seven course tasting meal included 4 amuses and such wonderful dishes as those listed below:

    "Scallop and truffle ravioli with braised courgette and buerre blanc w/dried thyme"


    "Sea bass fillet sauteed on its skin and served with artichoke, preserved red pepper and a caper and anchovy jus"

    I'd list more, but I'm sure the menu will have changed by the time you arrive.... you can always ask for the rest....

    Good luck!!!!!

  2. I'm just jolly proud to be immortalized as the unwitting starter of this edifying thread. Are you being paid to assassinate my character, Rocks?

    Stretch, you don't need any help from Rocks. Just keep on being yourself.

    On another note, there has been no confirmation that Archibald's is still in business. Does eGullet need to send a delegation for confirmation that the 'burgers' are as good as they used to be.

    Just watch out for the tuna club special!!!!!

  3. This sounds like a tough situation ... lingering customers who go back on their word about relinquishing a table, small space, the desire to fairly accomodate those other parties who made reservations....

    Perhaps the answer is to go first come first serve on a weekday basis -- then hire a hostess to take down names and then announce them with a microphone over a PA system outside the restaurant???? If that's too obnoxious, then what about those flashing/vibrating pagers?

    Of course I'm only kidding.... but it would level the playing field and make all suffer equally because of the behavior of a few dingle-berries!

  4. If you and your friend like red meat, then I strongly urge you to spend one of your nights at Ray's The Steaks in Arlington, VA. Although not in the Du Pont Circle ares, it's a short, 10 minute, cab ride away.

    Simply put: Chef Landrum's steaks are the best in the DC area. Here is a link to the thread:

    Rays The Steaks

    One thing -- try to call ahead and be flexible with your time... this place is very popular!!!!

  5. My impression was that it was a one-horse town, without many options if any.

    Years (I mean 10+) ago I attended a wedding in the Hot Springs area where the small reception was at a family style restaurant. It was a dry reception at a dry restaurant. It was hell.

    Have not been back to West VA other than to ski at Canaan Valley. Hope things have changed but doubt it. Stick to the Homestead!!!

  6. For lunch I had the mushroom soup and huevos montulena.

    The huevos was a sunny-side up egg served on top of their wonderful black refried beans and a tortilla.  This was surrounded by a tasty tomato sauce, slices of ham, and topped with a few peas. 

    I have had Oyamel's huevos montulena recently as well. They are spectacular!!!! Use your fork to mix the tomato sauce with the refried beans and a bit of egg yolk -- throw on a pea and you have a truly tasty emulsion!!!!! I yearn for Mexico!!!!

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