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  1. Is "Velvet Elvis" Red Velvet cake? If not, that's definitely a Southern dessert to look for.
  2. Hey Cynical - when you refer to "Big Bob's" which town in AL are you talking about? I'm in Charleston now, but grew up in teeny little Decatur, Al where we had a 'Big Bob Gibson's" that served white sauce bbq, although it was generally accepted that Greenbriar in Madison was better. Just wondered if that's who you were talking about.
  3. Oh - and eat peach cobbler anywhere you can find it - this is a good year for Southern peaches, as we had a dry spring/early summer.
  4. I don't know exactly about those cities' bakeries, but I can tell you this. The basic, old-fashioned Southern Living Cookbook is one of the best sources for these recipes you could ever find. I know - I tested some of them when I worked for Oxmoor House. Also - Junior League Cookbooks from just about any city in the south will be chock full of "receipts" Nashville Seasons is a good one.
  5. ...and being that good lookin' never stopped anybody from getting a tv show. Especially if you can throw in a little chick-magnet heartstring story with each episode.
  6. Yes, it's the fear of the unknown! You never know what's behind that cloak of a tortilla!! ← OOOOO Miracle Whip!!! Foul stuff.....
  7. Another vote for raw tomatoes. I felt rather like a mutant growing up in the South, surrounded by family members with 2-inch-thick, white bread tomato sandwiches with juice dripping down their elbows as they leaned over the sink practically moaning over how great the dern things were while I just wondered how they got them down. Cook 'em even just a little bit, though, and I'm fine. Fortunately, I married another tomato mutant so we get along just fine....
  8. Y - we called it "butter" too - and real butter was "real butter"
  9. Thank you, how sweet of you to say. Is your name a clever play on the old song title, Johnny B. Goode? ← Damn, I knew that was going to start happening. I got married a month and a half ago, and my maiden name was Baldwin, hence, Molly B. Goodwin. Didn't realize it till my new business cards came in.
  10. Have you eaten or read anything by this interesting man? If so, please talk to us ... My, my .... all this talk about Highlands is well-deserved, but when I lived in Bham, the place to go, and for good reason, was Stitt's Bottega Restaurant. Same idea, Italian accent. I had one of the best dishes of my life there - it was lamb and a wide flat pasta with blackeyed peas and a light brown sauce. Flat-out delicious!! Nearly equally good was the hot spot Bottega Cafe next door. Anyone know if these places are still good? and what's the story with Chez Fon Fon? silly name, but I hear it's good too. Any other southern chefs who have done likewise? Scott Peacock comes to mind instantly ... Also, Frank Lee in Charleston (Slightly North of Broad), and Louis Osteen (Louis's at Pawley's Island) are outstanding. Hit Louis's restaruants in their first year or so, while he's still interested, and you'll be richly rewarded.
  11. Amen, Mr. Davis!! Loved the article on Coke, and agree on many levels. To this day for me, any carbonated drink is a "coke" - ex: stopping at store or gas station: "d'you want a coke?" "Yeah, get me a Dr. Pepper (or 7-up, or Diet Coke, etc, etc. - but NEVER Pepsi!) In fact, when I was about 8 years old, a Yankee friend of the family asked me if I wanted a "pop" and I think I told him I already had a dad. I also agree on the New Coke debacle, and second all kudos to Mrs. Mayhaw for her well-deserved, colorful Camellia Grill rant.
  12. Hey Fistfullaroux - How is Culinard doing? I used to livein BHAM and worked at Southern Living, and watched the opening with interest just after moving to Charleston. Do you hear good things?
  13. Poor, poor EarthFare in Charleston. They've had a fairly successful shop on one side of town for years, so they opened another in an upscale shopping center on the other side of town just about year ago. About three months later Whole Foods opened about 5 miles from them, and that "near fanatical zeal for organic" that FlapJack Willy referred to is contributing to an %&^kicking that is astounding. A friend of mine worked in EF meat department and sales dropped 40% in a month and haven't come back up yet. They are in serious trouble.
  14. p.s. Doug - in case you don't already know it, it seems the Poche's website is down.
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