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  1. Sethro - Along with your talent in pastry you have proven (here) to be an excellent writer as well. It appears to me that what might be best for you as you move forward, and you will move forward from this experience, is that you find an investor as passionate as you are so that you can create AND control the way you want to cook. I know that is not as easy as it sounds, however from my own personal experience (I always considered my self the "second bannana") when that happens you will find the fulfillment and creative outlet you deserve.
  2. Hello All. My first time to post a pic here. I've been down for a couple of weeks with bronchitis. Yesterday, for the first day in two weeks, I started feeling good and decided to crank out some croissant dough (Nancy Silverton's recipe.) Ended up making croissant, pain au chocolate and morning buns.
  3. Good point Gordo! But didn't the "execs' encourage her to do that? To lose the French angle.
  4. To quote a post from another site: Apparently Ilan, Elia and Sam learned nothing from the "hairgate" episode. I wonder how they feel now knowing Colicchio wanted them sent packing and Marcel awarded the winner by default. I can't imagine darkening the door of the three "slime balls" places of employment. I imagine they are all too stupid to feel any kind of embarrassment regarding their behavior. Do we know for sure if there is another season of Top Chef taking place? Ugh.
  5. This was in the San Francisco Chronicle a few weeks ago regarding our "favorite" contestant Marissa!
  6. Rodney, please post that recipe! Wow! I promise I'll book a massage if you do!
  7. Yuck! Everytime I've made a purchase at this place, the product has been stale. And they aren't nice about replacing it with one that isn't. Yeah, like three tops. Take in a classic film at the Stanford Theatre. We have the Packard's to thank for that gem. It's been mentioned - Four Season's is barely in East Palo Alto and certainly not the "sketchy" area AND you have a car. Have fun! Fleur de Cocao in Los Gatos for sure!! I'd give anything to have that shop in the area I live in. Los Gatos is charming and you might run in to Peggy Fleming!
  8. Congrats Tim. I can't wait to hear about your new venture.
  9. Brioche57

    Top Chef

    I agree Holly. Dave is a tiresome, bitter "queen" and he grated on my nerves much more then Tiffani(and I'm no fan of hers.) Dave's claiming his professionalism on national television was hilarious and short sighted. Isn't he unemployed right now? He certainly did himself no favors last night.
  10. Well I guess if your body can metabolize chlorocarbons there's nothing unhealthy about Splenda.
  11. Sorry, devil's advocate here....Salt content? Splenda? How is that better for your health? Not being snotty, but wondering.
  12. Brioche57

    Top Chef

    I was humored at how humbled the Top Chef judges behaved with the cream of the crop from the Napa Valley in attendence. Too bad this series hasn't achieved that kind of level more often.
  13. Brioche57

    Top Chef

    Read it and weep (or not) TOP CHEF IS BACK! The Emmy-Nominated Producers of PROJECT RUNWAY, PROJECT GREENLIGHT and LAST COMIC STANDING are excited to announce the second season of TOP CHEF! Bravo is once again giving a group of talented chefs the opportunity to show America their talent and creativity! Do you think you have what it takes to become a star of the culinary world and vie to become the next “TOP CHEF?” We are looking for trained and self-taught professional chefs as well as non-professional cooks. You do not need years of experience but you do need to be creative, highly skilled and ready to compete! HOW TO APPLY To schedule an interview and to find out more information about becoming the next top chef, please email us at topchefcasting@yahoo.com with a picture, resume and why you'd be perfect as the next TOP CHEF or go to BRAVOTV.COM to find out about open calls and how to submit a home tape. In addition: -you must be 21 years of age or older -you must be a legal resident of the U.S. -Neither you nor anyone in your household can be an employee or NBC or Bravo. Compensation: $100,000 in seed money and a feature in Food and Wine Magazine no -- Principals only. Recruiters, please don't contact this job poster. no -- Please, no phone calls about this job! no -- Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests. yes -- Reposting this message elsewhere is OK.
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