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  1. I'm thinking of heading to Seattle for the cheese festival in May....has anyone been to this? Is it actually good or it a slick way to sell cheese to newly minted culinarians? I'm thinking of taking a few workshops and eating around. Anyone have insight to share?
  2. The S.O, our best foodie friend and our dog will be staying at Camp Sherman this weekend at a friends cabin...any recommendations for great restaurant finds in the Madras/Sisters/Bend triangle? I'm going to go on a tour of Juniper Grove creamery and watch some chevre and Tomme being made and am trying to find a great place to have dinner that night. Any recommendations? Doesn't have to even be white tablecloth...just places you love. Thoughts?
  3. Am wondering if anyone has any simple eggnog recipes (with alcohol) to share and especially any creative serving ideas. I do not have a punch bowl, will get one if I need to...but was thinking for my holiday party that I'd think of some creative and attractive way to serve the nog....I think it would be best to have it iced somehow... Ideas? And I may just buy the Nog as here in portland I can get some wonderful organic nog straight from the dairy....but am open to ideas!
  4. I just moved back to Portland from NYC (Park Slope, Brooklyn to be specific) and I have to say, there really is no way to make NY style pizza at home. For one thing, the crust is key and it really is in the water....nyc has some of the best and cleanest water in the country (seriously) and there is something in the mineral content that makes the crust...well, the way it is. Also, the flour is an issue....most every pizzerian in ny uses imported italian flour which has a different gluten ration. And last, its all about the coal oven and the super freakin' hot oven. The combination is what does it...and until I moved to NY 3 years ago I thought the whole east coast pizza thing was a myth..but there is something eerily familiar in every slice I ate. Oh, and the topping situation....thin crust,thin sauce, and just enough cheese to bind it. My boyfriend is from Chicago and he hated nyc pizza...its a very specific taste. The closest I've seen out west is (funnily enough) Escape From New York pizza on NW 23rd in Portland. The crust is too thick but they do a fine job with the topping situation.
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