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  1. Seems like publicity was the goal here, and we are playing into it. Sad
  2. I havent posted in quite some time. I am a professional chef and wanted to share a few thoughts. Whether you wanted to or not, this exchange and subsequent posting(s) have altered your relationship with the restaurant forever. If you value those relationships as much as you state on your blog, why not wait and give the management time to resolve the issues. It seems this has brought several new readers to your blog. I hope that wasnt the intention. I can tell you as someone who has paid their mortgage with what is left in the till at the end of the month, that blogs and reviews are seriuos , professional and casual. You, whether you want to or not, are affecting peoples lives and livelihood. I know the argument of your money being valuable as well. But you have stirred anti sentiment with a very non professional review that may eclipse your 600 euro mark by 10s of thousands. The review itself is very condescending from my professional opinion. I believe we have all become way too cavalier with our words. If you really want to help the next restaurant that underdelivers, that has potential to, write or email them directly instead of posting on the blog. I can tell you that honest feedback is always listened to. The fact that Eater picked this story up and is blasting it on email alert is saddening. In a profession that is supposed to be about pleasure and happiness, this whole mess reeks of miscommunication and self importance. I hope eater doesnt publish your names in their next email blast.
  3. They're not. It's like a legal disclaimer, which they have to put if they ever take any portion of it for any house-related thing. It's also an accounting thing, as it affects how the restaurant pays tax. ← In governing bodies eyes, service charges can be divided as an establishment sees fit, for example a portion going to the cooks or BOH staff, tips - gratuities , can only be divided among people who are in contact with the guest, so no cooks or BOH staff , this is why the use of the words service charge is so important, at Per Se for example the service charge included in dinner prices goes to pay the total labor bill, but if you leave an extra tip/gratuity, it can only be divided buy the FOH staff
  4. Carolyn has some great suggestions , I would add Silks under new chef Orlando Pagan for a more elaborate dinner and Shalimar for pakisatni, and the Korean BBQ on Geary I have always had great meals. Have a great visit
  5. Okay I will concede the differences in Telepan and Blue Hill, I still believe Telepan outshines the Manhattan version of Stone Barns. But enough of that how about Gramercy or Mas . These are definitely more farm to tableish. I think both of those kitchens can produce tremendous meals.
  6. Robyn it seems like you really like Farm to Table , that being the case I would make a stop at Telepan, pristine ingredients , allowed to speak for themselves. And much better food than Blue Hill in my opinion Sneakeater - From what you say - it would be interesting. When you deal with a place like Bacchanalia - well it is southern cooking - like I do at home. Except with a lot more competence and much better ingredients. Hard to get anything - including veggies - that isn't cooked up with at least a little fat back or ham hocks or the like. IOW - it's far from bland. OTOH - I eat at all too many restaurants which commit the crime of oversalting (I like all kinds of herbs and spices and flavorings in food - but if all I can taste is salt - yuck IMO). If the service is pleasant - that is a big plus. At least I know if I don't care for the food - I will have been treated nicely. In fact - I sometimes think my impressions of food at a restaurant are very much colored by the service. Really good service can improve an otherwise lackluster meal - and bad service can ruin a great one. Robyn ←
  7. Hilarious, that definitely make me want to try it. What's the truffle pizza? Never heard of it, was it just on the menu? ← Kind of a signature item from JR small round of pasrty, about 2-3 inches, sliced black truffles overlapped in cocentric circle on top, baked and seasoned with sea salt , simple but dependent on perfect technique and product
  8. I dont think my wife and I can narrow it done to a dish so we have a bite and a composed plate Her: Belon on half shell with Oscetra at Lespinasse as an amuse Me : Foie, Beef shank, and Lentil mini terrine slice at Daniel, ( to date only bite I have never shared with her , accident of course) Her : The Truffe Pizza at Robuchon Me: Risotto of Farro, with Oxtail jus and gold leaf at Robuchon
  9. A restaurant of the caliber, reputation, and price of Daniel should make all its patrons feel special not only the regular customers. I also think that fact that Daniel is willing to admit a need and desire to treat UES regulars differently from first timers is terrible. I am fortunate that I am regular customer at the other NYTimes four star restaurants and perhaps get treated better than first time guests. But, I expect that first time guests at Jean George or Le Bernardin get treated superbly. I was a first time guest there once and decided to return often not only because of superb food, but because I was treated so well by the staff at my initial visits. ← I have had just the opposite reception at Lebernardin and Per Se/French Laundry. I watched as other tables got extra courses , extended menus, wine pairings ( a french laundry incident), all of those things my wife and I asked for at reservation time and were willing to pay the appropriate cost, but were denied . At Daniel I was a nobody didnt ask for anything, and Daniel himself took time at 12 at night to show us the kitchen and BOH operation and treat us like his best customers. Why? Cause I think daniel understands the difference in service and hospitality. He made us feel like he wanted us there . that is special. Daniel is 4 star restaurant in my book because of the package ,even with the inconsistencies.
  10. What kind of a position are you looking for? I am hiring right now. PM me if you want to talk -preston
  11. We are getting closer to a deal hopefully we will have some news soon, thanks to all of you for the support =preston
  12. By his choice or the owner's? And gone to where? ← It is our decision to go , we are helping interview our replacements, so we will probably be on board thru july, as far as whats next we are focusing on entrusting or successors with everything they need , then we will see what is next
  13. as a restaurant owner in california , the reason for the service charge is simple , in this state the word gratuity refers to any person responsible directly for the serving and clearing of food, so in that instance the restaurant cannot touch the tips to distribute them to the staff, that is law, and several cases form precedent, of restaurants forcing waitstaff to tip out kitchen , it has been determined to be illegal and millions have had to be repayed, but as for a service charge that can be distributed by management anyway they see fit. it is an interesting concept and if the motivation is pure then it helps to bridge the disparity of pay gap in the industry, a more interesting example is at coi , where a service charge is sharde by the entire staff , ala europe and the laundry Now, this came as a bit of a surprise to us, as we had not seen this practice before. I'm wondering, is it better just to raise prices 5%, and not tell the dining public about it? Is it written this way for tax purposes? Does it bother anyone? Is it the beginning of a new trend? Should we be outraged? What do you all think? ←
  14. well calling all the kids there pot smoking hippies with no sense of haute cuisine, doesnt seem hardly fair and seems abit judgemental, perhaps you are affiliated with another team, perhaps you should be more involved with your team , rather than bash someone else, as to your statement that the food is tasty , well that is definitely the proof in the pudding, as far as working with students all over the country , my experience with any student has been, that some individuals have great attitudes and some dont , the ones that do , seem to perform better no matter what school they are from, it seems a little unfair to try to take credit from these kids, when by your own ommission the food is executed and tasty
  15. first hand account is that enough evidence? ← no not really are you saying that the students enrolled in AB TECH didnt execute the dishes and had help, or simply you believe that the involvement of the staff was too much , in the end all food comes down to execution, michel bras has some very famous dishes when executed by lesser technicians are simply less than they should be, also i am familiar with the area in asheville and much of the students there are working jobs to pay bills and going to school, this first hand knowledge , were you involved with another team , are you crying foul over rules violations or are simply crying
  16. thats a pretty nasty allegation, any real facts to back that up, or just speculation?
  17. To trot out my old saw: I worked as a line cook in Berkeley when we first moved to San Francisco. I had a more than 45 minute commute both ways on public transportation. Our rent was $1200 a month and I was making far less than $10-15 an hour currently paid most line cooks. My wife wasn't making much more. We figured it out because we wanted to live and work in California. To me, the elephants loitering in the room of this article, are the Latino workers who form the bulk of the workforce and often work 2 or three jobs to make ends meet. Do restaurants even pay them minimum wage? ← well some of our waitstaff make more than me in gratuities alone, plus the minimum wage on top, the hourly rate is somewhere 25- 45 dollars, plus minimum wage, and as far as paying mexican workers, even if a worker is illegal you must pay and compensate them like every other worker, further more if you dont you face action from the state for discrimination, i would love to go to straight service charge and distribute equally, but no waitstaff wants to share the wealth, and with profitability margins so low in restaurants already , the increases make it more difficult to dole out raises to kitchen including myself
  18. the language may be abit strong but the problem is real, and a huge consideration when choosing a place of business Chefs' high hopes, low pay leave S.F. restaurants starved for help, Tara Duggan Tone here a bit strident. "S.F.'s future as a great restaurant town is imperiled as kitchen workers don't make enough money to live in the Bay Area." Is this really accurate? ←
  19. disclaimer i am acquainted with the sous chef, I believe ducca is putting out some fantastic food and some good value, considering the ingredient sources and portion sizes, i havent been to rose pistola but ducca is great
  20. depends on budget a little, vacmaster svp 10 good not too costly koch top of line a little more expensive
  21. well i hope you will pop your head in the kitchen to see me , and please introduce yourselves to my wife who works the door and floor, , if there is anything we can help with food or wine related please ask , and we will do our best, looking forward to meeting you preston and nichole dishman
  22. here here, simply too easy to get stars in the US
  23. i agree with you completely , it is simply too easy to achieve a star in the US
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