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  1. Let us know, how it turns out. Of course if it's yummy, the recipe will be highly appreciated. Best of luck!
  2. Have tasted both spiced fine minced ones and also semi thick marinated breast slices
  3. One can either add chicken or mutton
  4. hey Percyn, can you post the recipe for Faarcha Thanks in advance
  5. Two different opinions as regards the source of the 'Kobiraji cutlet'!!! Edward you got it! :Kabiraji earns its name from the word 'coverage' as these cutlets are covered with egg. http://www.thehindubusinessline.com/life/2...11700120300.htm :Bharati Kirchner (The Healthy Cuisine of India: Recipes from the Bengal Region) is of the opinion Kabiraji Cutlet- herbal doctors's burger ``Just why this dish is so named is not known, but a guess might be that a certain herbal doctor in a village prescribed it to a patient. The question remains: Did the spices or the meat cure the patient?'' Cheers Nayantara
  6. What a coincidence, I was thinking about posting the same question. That fuzzy texture- my guess is maida, eggs but how????? Btw, Pan kobiraji cutlet is a hot favourite snack in Kolkata, Cutlets which have been deepfried ,the outer covering looks somewhat like a flattened birds nest!
  7. Thanks indiachef! CharityCase, I agree for better results no scrimping with ghee, forget waistlines!
  8. Dried curry leaves, atleast the ones I get here are not a patch on the fresh ones. If you can get hold of a fresh lot from somewhere, remove the leaves from the stalks and microwave the leaves for a couple of minutes.Store them in an airtight container, it lasts for ages and tastes much better than the store bought dried ones. I use them this way, as I get sporadic supplies of fresh curry leaves. Hope that helps
  9. Thanks Deliad. Some pics will be great. You are right, flour (maida) is the preferred medium as compared to atta. Since the Bongs traditionally have a sweet tooth, some shops even add a little powdered sugar to the dough. Not much mind you, just a little. It tastes divine!
  10. Hello everyone, Am quite new to this forum. Has anyone tried making laccha paratha successfullly? I do not seem to get the layers and it's so disappointing. I dust the surface with oil and flour before cutting a radius, folding it like a cone, flattening it and then rolling out. In the dough I add oil too. I am originally from Kolkata, where we get the most amazing layered parathas. Any suggestions???? Thanks Nayantara
  11. Thanks Monica! It's a wonderful forum and I enjoy going through all the posts.
  12. Everest Biriyani Masala is pretty good. It is very aromatic and adds that extra zing to all rice dishes not only biriyani. Nayantara
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