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  1. Thanks for all the kind words. It was a fascinating and always fun two years helping run the forums. I'm sorry that my life has gotten a little too busy for me to keep doing it.
  2. I've got a story in today's Times-Picayune about Hansen's and the newly overhauled ice shaving machine: Full story here: Longtime Tcoupitoulas Stand as Good as New As a bonus, James Carville walked in when the photographer was there. We got a shot of him sampling the new satsuma flavored snowball.
  3. I believe that Mr. McMillian uses a shoe bag.
  4. This is the sign that hangs at the Edible Schoolyard in Berkeley. Clearly it's simplified for children, but this is the philosophy she is teaching [Edit--or perhaps its not simplified, sounding as it does much like what Fat Guy quoted]:
  5. I've heard, "Are you still enjoying this?" a few times. Annoying, but not nearly as weird as some of the up-thread replies.
  6. Versailles sounds like a winner. By "low-key," I really meant informal. A place where my son wouldn't disturb others.
  7. On a trip back from Grand Cayman, we have a 6 hour layover in Miami next Friday. Yeah, I know that's a crazy schedule. We're traveling with a one year old, and we figured two quick flights and a super-long layover were better than several long flights. So where can we go for food? I'd like to get out of the airport. It has to be low-key, because we have the kid. My first thought, knowing absolutely nothing about Miami, was Calle 8. Is that doable from the airport and where should we go? I'd greatly appreciate it, as well, if someone would PM me advice on how to get there (I'm assuming a cab is the best option, but I don't know).
  8. I'll be in Grand Cayman for a week. Is there anything worth trying there? Any native items that I shouldn't miss? I don't have high culinary expectations for the trip. We're traveling with a one year old, so that limits us as well. Some friends our meeting us and have offered to watch the boy for night. I know that Eric Ripert has a restaurant in the Ritz-Carlton there. Worth it or not? I will certain be sampling Seven Fathoms Rum. It's aged underwater! (Yeah, I'm skeptical as well.)
  9. Both say "Original French Dry". The new bottle looks quite different, with the bottle itself having a twisting part, while the original is a plain bottle. ← Yeah, that appears to be the case now. On the website and in PR photos, however, the new bottle says "Original Dry." The bottle I just bought of the new stuff, though, does say "Original French Dry," just like the old bottle.
  10. Can you really stockpile this? Won't it eventually go bad? Or will it be stable as long as it's unopened?
  11. Finally got my hands on a bottle of the new stuff. Tasted straight, it's certainly sweeter. To be fair, my old bottle was cold (straight from the frig) and my new bottle was room temperature (straight from the grocery store). I'm curious to try them both cold. Next step was a 3:1 martini with a dash orange bitters. I don't like it at that ratio, which I thought tasted good with the old formula. Guess I should try it with a higher ratio of gin or find a new vermouth.
  12. Ok, but I don't want to buy everything from Michael Jackson. Is there a recommend starting point? I've got his whiskey book, which is great.
  13. What would people recommend as the best general, basic book on beers. Something readable for someone who wants to take his beer drinking a little more seriously while still a comprehensive reference. I'd prefer suggestions for books in print, because that would be easier to order.
  14. FYI, Cochon is very much open, it is just closed on SUNDAYS (that includes the newly opened Butcher part of the business). ← Not true! At least, it's no longer true. Just moments ago, I got an email announcing that Cochon Butcher is now open 7 days a week. It's very low-key, although the seating might be hard for small kids. Mainly tall, bar-type tables. But boy is the food good. They're also doing a breakfast on Sunday:
  15. Looks like no one will any longer be reading her reviews. Bruni's blog is reporting that the Observer has given up reviewing due to the costs.
  16. My bottle is labeled "Pure pomegrannate molasse" (or "Mélasses de grenades pures" for you French speakers). Maybe it's a different product than those with sugar added. Ok, that sounds easy. So when you reduce the juice by half it's still not as thick as the pomegranate molasses? I'm still not clear on the cold method portion. What are you shaking? Undiluted pomegranate juice? Someone above mentioned adding vanilla as well? How much?
  17. I've never seen Pomegranate concentrate, although I have no doubt it exists. Whole Foods carries a Cranberry concentrate I've used in the past to bump up a homemade "cran-cello" and it was a godsend. Don't remember the brand name off the top of my head, but it was in with all the natural juices and there may have been a pomegranate version as well. ← Aren't pomegranate molasses simply pomegranate. I've got a bottle on my shelf (the brand is Anjar and it's made in Lebenon). It contains simply "pomegranate concentrated juice." I need to actually make some grenadine.
  18. The Hollywood Reporter is reporting (that's what they do, don't you know) that in the fall Eric Ripert will have a series on PBS called Avec Eric. Great news. From his brief appearances on Top Chef, he seems like he'll be a good teacher.
  19. I've gone to Jim Beam for my standard bourbon at home. It's perfectly fine for a simple Old Fashioned or Manhattan, and my local liquor store always seems to have a $20 special on the 1.75 L bottles.
  20. There used to be one outside the little Zara's in the Lower Garden District.
  21. I hear you. I'm not giving up anything and don't plan to. Our family is fortunate enough to have stable jobs. In general, I don't tend to buy a lot of luxury products. But I do spend a fair amount on fresh fish, shrimp and produce from the farmers market. Those producers need to live, and as long as I can afford it I'll keep buying their products.
  22. It's hard to say how much editing informs our view of each chef, but clearly Jeff has been told repeatedly, and repeatedly ignored, the advice to simplify. He's clearly talented, but perhaps too arrogant to really progress. And once he started arguing that fancy technique should trump good taste, then I think he was done. Too bad, because I liked his personality and his creativity. Fabio is also a man who refuses to take criticism. Could be his downfall as well.
  23. It looks like the Obamas will have two chefs. From the NYT:
  24. And as someone who has the first edition, do I need to spring for the 3rd?
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