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  1. How much and how long is this famous tasting menu at OMK?
  2. Thumbs Up Diner (Inman Park), Flying Biscuit (Inman Park and Midtown) and Crescent Moon (Decatur) are some of the best breakfast places around town.
  3. Is there any restaurant that has a fanbase more loyal than Soto? I went Saturday night and again last night. I saw numerous people who were there both nights. The lady I sat by at the sushi bar Saturday night had been there three nights already that week, was there last night and will be there again tonight. Wow. Soto is going to New York to work at another restaurant for a while, but fear not, because it's only a matter of time before Soto opens up a place of his own in Manhattan. New Yorkers are so lucky. Soto, without having even really had to exert himself from a skill standpoint, is better than all but a handful of places in New York already.
  4. Soto closing is heartbreaking to me. I am a huge fan. Between now and the 28th, I intend to go at least twice. I haven't been everywhere in the city, but of the places I have been, only Bacchanalia competes with Soto, in my opinion. Part of the reason I haven't been to more places is because I go to Soto so often when I feel like getting a great meal. It has no competition when it comes to Japanese food, and few peers in the city for any style of food. I highly recommend going to anyone who hasn't been or to anyone who enjoys truly great food.
  5. GWCC is most definitely in downtown, but not exactly in a great location foodwise. The closest decent restaurant for hosting a large group is probably McCormick & Schmick's at CNN Center, which is a block from GWCC. Rolling Bones is a good choice, though not very fancy. Sweet Auburn Curb Market is a good choice to experience "real" Atlanta. Serving up plenty of soul food, but it's not really a restaurant. I would highly recommend avoiding Sundial for a meal. Very, very overpriced. You should definitely go for a drink and the view, though. As mentioned before, to get to quality restaurants, you pretty much have to leave downtown. For truly cheap food, some of the best places in Atlanta are Rolling Bones, Fat Matt's, Taqueria del Sol, Vortex, Ted's Montana Grill and Fellini's. Gourmet shops with takeout food like eatZi's, Alon's, and Star Provisions also serve up great food cheaply. With the exception of Ted's and Rolling Bones, none of these places are in downtown.
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