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  1. it was great on noodles - put some shredded cabbage on top for crunch.
  2. wow I just used kikkoman's black bean sauce with garlic in place of brown bean paste (i can't get that anywhere nearby) - ignorance isn't always bliss it was wayyy too sweet but I cut it with natural peanut butter, tastes ok now
  3. She had an amazing passion for chinese cooking, and although it was unconventional to be who she was, her enthusiasm made it work. She definitely followed her own drummer that said, some of her recipes were daunting and complicated, for me anyway but her szechuan chili peanut sauce is amazing
  4. is it really any good? i have had some and it wasnt very tasty at all
  5. what great photos-my mouth is watering! and (of course) i am jealous! what are the whole fish in the last few pictorials? they looked delicious and that duck-it looked amazing-i am sure I could never reproduce it at home thanks again
  6. i am surprised at the negative votes for emeril he is one of my favorites-i miss his high profile rotation on the foodnetwork
  7. well I made the dish - it came out ok cooked wise but the flavor was a bit bland-I bet the sriracha sauce made the difference I threw some brown sauce in it and a spoon of blackbean paste with garlic-which helped some. thanks again
  8. Thanks all! I will look for the book-I have her Hunan cookbook (from library) and am halfway through reading it-good stuff-everything looks delicious I may do kung pao chicken instead of dry fried not sure yet And I may have a small jar of szechuan peppercorns somewhere-kame maybe btw is sriracha sauce perhaps ok in a pinch? I have to restock my chiligarlic paste. Thanks again!
  9. Beautiful! Do you have a recipe? ← I would REALLY like the recipe as well it looks so good! ty
  10. I wish they would repeat this show more often Maybe boot a few of the thousandmilliontrillion episodes of Unwrapped or Ace of Cakes or Good Eats (sorry I tried but I cant like that show), and put this on at night?
  11. thanks and thanks Alcuin as well will try this tomorrow! yum
  12. can you (or anyone else here) rec'd a good lobster broth recipe, or is it just simmer the shells in water with an onion and some parsley? (and a bisque recipe too if you wouldnt mind)? thanks
  13. I am leaning towards a 14" wok but I may want a 16" Carbon steel i suppose is best i am looking at wokshop.com ANY advice is very welcome-I have not made up my mind yet I steam/braise more than i stir fry if that makes a difference (i cant stir fry for beans-want to learn tho) oh and I have a gas stove thanks!
  14. maybe this forum shoud be renamed chinese cooking? there is little if any "baking" in chinese food let me know if I am wrong tho
  15. amazing show-puts any "cable news" coverage of beirut to total shame.
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