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  1. AB was on CBC's The Roundup . Here is the audio link. Happy New Year!
  2. ...nobody knows the truffles I've seen -- here's a local "fun guy" seller who has truffles
  3. Go for it! There is no better way to learn about Foie Gras than actually cooking with it. Food is fun, go and play.
  4. Try Hills Foods, they have Foie Gras Du Canard. Let us know how you make out, having tried cooking with Foie Gras, I now leave it to the Professionals.
  5. Pick a rainy afternoon, head to Cardero's Marine Pub in Coal Harbour, grab a comfy leather couch by the fireplace with a waterview. They have an inexpensive wine list. and wood oven pizza. The pizza was so good that we ordered a second one.
  6. If you missed the last of Bourdain on CBC yesterday, here are rest the audio archives. Listen to part 3 Listen to part 4 The taping of the show actually went for 90 minutes, there is much left on the cutting room floor. eGullet members should email the show North by Northwest and suggest that they present an extended "Director's Cut" online version.
  7. The topic is Local Cheese Shops for a "Cheese Freak" from Langley. I think even people in Langley have heard of Costco. Here is the list of cheesy places as compiled by Vancouver Magazine The subjects of Globalization and Americanization are beyond the scope of this discussion. It should not be attempted without at least a few bottles of good ethnic wine and artensenal cheeses. V
  8. Here are the audio archives for Bourdain on the CBC show North by Nortwest. Anthony Bourdain was in the CBC Studio One Book Club on Dec 11. His latest book is a cook book from Les Halles in New York City where he is executive chef. Listen to part 1 Listen to part 2
  9. This is a sad state of affair that with our population, we can't name 5 cheese shops without Costco being one of them. Carry on if you don't see anything wrong with this picture. If this is troubling to you then buy from small local producers and purveyors. Don't worry you won't put Costco out of business. If you see me shopping at Costco, I'm just doing research. BTW Parmigiano Reggiano is not only a type of cheese but it has to be from a specific region of Italy. To say "parmessan needs to come from Italy" is redundant, same for Champagne, produced anywhere else is just sparkling wine. Then again some people like fake Rolexes.
  10. I have to agree with you, I was in Italy for a month and the Italians do many things well, but for some strange reason, they don't do the best bread or cornetto. Since my return I have never tasted a Pecorino here that is even close to what I had in Pienza, but recently local artisans such as Moonstruck and Poplar Grove have opened my mind to "New World" cheeses. BTW if you gonna to be a "Snob" at least use the proper name with the correct spelling, ie Parmigiano Reggiano.
  11. An order of Curry Chips, hand cut, twice fried, skin on, served with a mild tomato curry sauce at Irish Heather in Gastown with a perfect pint of Black n Tan. The cold damp weather only adds to the ambience. The reason for the hard benches in the back is to keep you upright after a few pints. Cheers.
  12. We just received a 1/4 wheel of LEONI - GRANA, 100% natural traditional hand made parmesan cheese . To our surprise a huge bag of grated Grana came with it. We had it tonight on pasta bolognese, molto gusto. Guess what our family is getting from St Nick ?
  13. AB was on the CBC show North by Northwest. If you missed the show it will be archived on their website. We were there and he was just as funny and charming in person as his books. BROADCAST DATES: Part One on Sat. Dec. 11 and Part Two on Sat. Dec. 18, between 8 and 9 am both Saturdays on North by Northwest on CBC Radio One (690 am in Vancouver) "I've long believed that good food, good eating is all about risk" -AB
  14. Sometimes you have to hit me with a sledge hammer. I think hopkin has been telling us the Elysian Room sells Vacuum Coffee Brewers. We will be checking out the Elysian Room soon.
  15. peppyre did you find a source for Alembic brewers? The owner said that the cost of shipping from Italy is the reason for not importing them. I think they would sell better if they were called "The Coffee Bong".
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