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  1. I never had Kraft Mac and Cheese until I was an adult. My mom made her own from scratch.
  2. I don't have the chest pain or burning. I was diagnosed after having daily stomach pain for a couple of months and after the ulcer test came back negative, they decided on something resembling GERD. Daily omeprazole has done wonders for me. I haven't changed my diet a whole lot. I can eat a lot of the trigger foods and not notice any difference. I eat tons of citrus fruit and tomatoes, and spicy food. I do notice issues when I go overboard on sodas, coffee or chocolate, so it seems the caffeine and carbonation is my main trigger. My stomach also seems to get irritated when I eat too often. I do better if I don't snack and stick to 3 meals that aren't huge. It's been about a year since I started on the meds, and as long as I'm diligent there and on the coffee front I've been pretty much pain free.
  3. This is all from memory, since I don't have my set of Little House books anymore, but they were my favorites in elementary school and I've even made the pilgrimage to De Smet, SD twice to visit all the historical sites there. I had a major obsession with The Long Winter. I was really intrigued by survival-mode little house. I remember the green-pumpkin pie Ma makes in the beginning when they're just hinting at how small the harvest was that year and how they'll have to rely on Pa's hunting skills to make it through the winter. Before the end of the blizzards they're down to a single loaf of brown bread daily. Definitely nothing romantic about nearly starving to death on the prairie.
  4. Korean for me. We eat/cook Korean at least twice a week.
  5. Progresso lentil soup, coupled with fresh homemade bread. My excuse is that I'm trying to eat as much as I can from the pantry before going to the store, and I'm secretly hoping the quality bread will cancel out the crappy soup.
  6. I used to love Campbell's condensed soup, especially the Noodle O's and the chicken with stars. Ate it again recently and the overwhelming taste is salt, complemented by the mush that is a canned noodle. The only spaghetti we had growing up was Kraft spaghetti dinner, with the little packet of seasoning that was dumped into a can of plain tomato sauce, then mixed together with hamburger and noodles as a sort of spaghetti pie. Parmesan from a tiny envelope as your topper. I made it a a couple of years ago knowing that one plate would cure me of any nostalgia I might have held for it.
  7. Been there with the rotten potato. It's been more than once that we come out to the kitchen in the morning, realize something doesn't smell right, and find a lone black potato that was forgotten in the cupboard. The smell of sesame oil in any major quantity puts me right off. I can just barely stand the whiff you get from having the bottle in the back of the cupboard. We also had a recent experience with an exploding bottle of fish sauce. I haven't had the fortitude to replace the broken bottle yet, after having my entire refrigerator get coated in it. I still think I smell it sometimes.
  8. Do you use fresh garlic? I invited a Japanese neighbor (moved to US from Yokohama at age 25) for Easter one year and used fresh garlic in the cucumber/salt/sugar/rice vinegar salad. She was entranced. Maybe that amount of raw garlic is not used in Japan, but everyone was scarfing it up. I did use fresh garlic, a couple of cloves worth. Cheated and had cucumbers for breakfast and they were great. I have a few more in the fridge and I think I'll do a spicy bowl, maybe something like oi kimchi.
  9. Just made my cucumber bowl. Thinly sliced cukes, plain yogurt, some garlic, salt, pepper, a little rice vinegar for extra tartness and a spoonful of sugar. More fresh pepper to go on top when I eat them tomorrow at lunch. I like my cucumbers sweet, tangy and salty.
  10. I can think of at least 6 Sonic stores within 20 minutes of my house, so I guess they're pretty popular around here. The actual food is pretty mediocre to me. I don't like their burgers and the onion rings have this weird bitter aftertaste. I do like their Limeades and shakes and the tots are okay. For me they're a place to go for a snack, not to actually eat.
  11. acautrell


    I am more than happy to make my lunch out of a box of Triscuits (hopefully not the whole box) and some cheese. Never cared for any of the flavors though.
  12. I love Trolingers! My only suggestion is to go early in the day for pulled pork, cause as the day goes on they often run out of it.
  13. Yeah, I know hotdogs can be used in stuff, but I've never been presented a naked lonely hotdog as banchan. I felt somewhat cheated. I expect extra fish cake on my next visit to make up for it.
  14. I get Korean takeout quite often and the banchan of course varies from week to week. Last week for the first time I received a single hotdog, diagonally slivered and lightly browned. I was just curious if this is traditional anywhere, or if the women at my carryout just really like hot dogs.
  15. Ariane has bugged me from the beginning. I think I'd like her more if she'd grow out of her bewilderment and into some confidence about her dishes. The skate was interesting, most of what else has done wasn't. I'm also falling out of love with Fabio's cooking. The food in general hasn't been very appetizing in the last couple of episodes, or just meh.
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