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  1. Sotohiro Kosugi is opening a new restaurant May 2007. Being a regular patron of Masa and Urasawa as well as a long time afficionado of Soto-san's cuisine, I am truly ecstatic about his new restaurant. I will post after eating there. Some of us may remember: ika truffle, uni ika sugomori, live lobster, shima aji with truffle oil, THE langostine, kobe spoon with foie gras and dashi broth, and the list goes. Old friends, we'll see you there.
  2. toniomi

    How to defat?

    In chemistry lab I recall a device which essentially is a glass container with a stopcock on the bottom on an elevated stand. After the fat separates, you open up the stopcock to let the non fatty liquid out, closing it before the fat starts coming out. I know i've seen them in cooking stores before, but can't remember where. Anyone know where one could find one?
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