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  1. Can I recommend that you use some native Australian ingredients. Sure everyone will say meat pies, pavlova etc.... But try some of these Australian recipes pages ; http://www.benjaminchristie.com/recipes/ http://www.cherikoff.net/cherikoff/index.php?s=recipe_list http://www.dining-downunder.com/index.php?s=recipes_list If you are a professional chef, caterer or restaurant you might be interested in getting a copy of our Australian banqueting menus package see ; http://www.dining-downunder.com/shop/index...&products_id=38 Cheers Benjamin
  2. If you are looking for a wide range of native australian herbs, spices, sauces, infused oils, check out the Vic Cherikoff online store at www.dining-downunder.com/shop. Just last week we launched a new Affiliate Program Australia for websites that would like to sell of these food products online. cheers Benjamin
  3. My blog focuses on Australian Foods... http://www.benjaminchristie.com Cheers Benjamin
  4. I refer to to the cookbook I wrote all the time. Its called the Dining Downunder Cookbook and its available online at ; http://www.dining-downunder.com/shop/index...3&products_id=5 Cheers Benjamin
  5. Just for the record.... Wattleseed is a highly versatile and nutritious flavouring invented by Vic Cherikoff in 1984. The product known commercially as Wattleseed is made by roasting a specific species of Acacia seed and has a flavour profile of coffee, chocolate and hazelnut. The seeds from around 120 species of Australian Acacia were traditionally used as food by Australian Aborigines and they were eaten either green (and cooked) or dried (and milled to a flour). Hope that helps..
  6. Wow, what a tonne of great questions. I think I'll go through on the weekend and develop a Q&A article on my site for journos based on this important egullet study. Cheers Benjamin
  7. I am currently filling out a simple Q&A for a journalist for an interview I am doing this week. This got me thinking do people actually care what my favorite colour is ? So I was thinking, what's the ten best food related questions for a chef interview or even a simple Q&A... I'll start the ball rolling 1. What’s your most important kitchen appliance that you can’t do without?
  8. This week I have compiled a list of restaurants in Australia which serve bush tucker or native Australian ingredients on their menus. I have tried to restrict the list contemporary styled restaurants. Bush Tucker Restaurants I look forward to any additions or comments. Cheers Benjamin
  9. actually I got a copy of dish recently and was impressed by it.
  10. Try de Groots Best Restaurants of Australia is a great resource for Australian restaurants, has a great list of Sydney Restaurants. As well as this they have a great selection restaurant gift certificates available. Cheers Benjamin
  11. Try these Greg.... Vogue Entertaining & Travel http://www.vogue.com.au/titles/vet/ Delicious Magazine http://www.deliciousmagazine.com.au Cuisine Magazine http://www.cuisine.co.nz Donna Hay Magazine http://www.donnahay.com.au Super Food Ideas http://www.superfoodideas.com.au Fresh Magazine http://www.woolworthsfresh.com.au/ There is also my cookbook at http://www.benjaminchristie.com/article/8/...nunder-cookbook Enjoy ! Benjamin
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