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  1. Teardrop lounge in the pearl. Just opened but their passion is classic cocktails..they make their own bitters & soda www.teardroplounge.com
  2. For BBQ, I would recommend Podnah's at NE 15th and Prescott. It is open for lunch and dinner Tues-Sunday and they do an amazing BBQ Prime Rib on Friday and Saturday nights. Podnah's is a Texas style BBQ joint, so beef is the main event and specialty, however the pulled pork, pork ribs and chicken are also very, very good. My favorite sides are the cornbread and pinto beans. On Tuesday nights only, LOW BBQ is available at Ken's Place on SE Hawthorne Blvd for dinner only, which is also very good.
  3. The VPN certification, in my opinion, means nothing and is used by many as a marketing ploy. Yes, there are those out there that have a VPN certification because they truly believe and follow the strict rules of the traditional Neapolitan version, but the certification speaks nothing of the skills of the pizziaolo. I have been to VPN certified pizzerias that were...well, not good. These rules are - 1. Wood fired oven only 2. Pizza size is 12'-13" 3. Dough is made from water, flour, yeast and salt only and the flour must be a type 00 4. Dough must be made and shaped by hand only 5. Tomoatoes must be from San Marazano 6. Mozzarella must be di Bufala Pizza is a personal thing and everyone has their favorite style. The only thing that you should pay attention to is the product. It is just pizza and the best pizza in the world is the one that you enjoy the most. Brian Spangler
  4. I hate to burst any ex-New Yorker's bubble, but I have to put this myth to bed everytime it comes up. Water does not make any bread better or worse. First of all, water does not add flavor. Secondly, mineral content does not add flavor either. Mineral content only affects the fermentation rate of the bread. Being that minerals are food for yeast, hard water (high mineral content) will speed up fermentation and softer water will have a slower fermentation rate. Any baker with fundamental knowlege of baking science can adjust the water temperature, mixing method and percentage of yeast to adjust to any mineral content and it is extremely rare that any baker has to do anything to the water. The only thing that adds flavor and texture to bread is quality flour, lactic acid and acedic acid. Milk, butter and sugars add flavor and affect texture, but we are talking about pizza dough here, which should never have anything other than flour, water, salt and yeast. I was just back in New York and can honestly say that I can make better crust than any of the pizzerias that I went to, even on my worst day. I went to Totonno's in Coney Island, Lombardi's, John's on Bleeker, Patsy's in Harlem and Grimaldi's. Yes, much better than most crusts you will see on the West Coast, but not better than what I, or any knowledgable baker can make. The whole concept of changing a mineral content of water to replicate that of New York or Italy is a marketing concept that is preying upon the people that buy into this myth. I will get off my soap box now. Brian Spangler Scholls Public House Owner
  5. I too would recommend Lauro and Navarre Brian Spangler
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