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  1. Getting back to the basis of this blogorific question of where cooks should really work. I do not know if you are out looking for a job, or if you are just curious. Whatever your story may be,it does not necessarily interest me. However, my hope is that cooks go out with the intension of learning something they want. Not just to get a name under their belt. That almost seems idiotic to say, but most cooks need to be reminded of that often. If you see something you like, go for it. If you come across the best risotto,in your own opinion, get in there. Learn how to make that risotto dish better than any one there; even the chef himself. I have seen similar situations mucho times. It is fantastic to watch. While in this process of self improvement, you happen to put some big names on your resume. Good for you, they pay shittier wages than anything I have heard in a while. Also, it is not your name. Go learn what you want, and make a name for yourself. Only if that is what you want, of coarse. All of you naggers and flaw finders may disect all you like. it is merely an opinion. I suppose I will allow you to have your own.
  2. ode to the berghoff restaurant, auf wiedersehen Myself, and a couple others from Kendall college stopped in there last week to pay our respects. I am not going to comment on the food, however, i will comment on the homemade rootbeer and beer. I had a few of both, and by golly i enjoyed it thoroughly, it was a afternoon delight. I will make one comment about the creamed spinich; it tasted like a instant rayman noodle package with chicken broth. Diner is not all about the food, but also the company that you bring. I had a wonderful time. evan
  3. ojbowl

    Appetizers Better than Entrees

    Not only should people read this for entertainment. This imformation is very good hospitality research that all cooks should consider when creating a menu. this is just as good as consumer feedback.
  4. ojbowl

    Recipe for Confusion

    There are times when I love recipes, and there are time where when i completely dispise them. At home I have shelves full of cookbooks, mostly for the pictures;however, if i am stooped i will read the fine print and attempt to replicate. It usually never turns out the way the book said At the restaurant for consistancy purposes we have this big old binder full of everything that we have ever made, with a few exceptions. At the top of every page is the title and then underneath follows ingredients and quantities. 3 eggs, 1 yoke, 1tb salt, 1 tsp pepper, 1/2 cayanne pepper, 2tbs dijon, 2tbs lemon juice, handfull minced shallots, 5lb crab meat, 1 cup bread crumbs. thats all, for every recipe no instructions what so ever. so the new guy in the kitchen just throws everything in to a mixing bowl and mixes little does he know that you need to mix everything except the crab meat and the bread crumbs, then add the meat and combine and break up, then at the very end fold the bread crumbs in to soak up access moisture. at the end you might have a very clumpy crab cake, or you will have a rediculously delicious, nicely crafted crab cake meal.
  5. The food network formerly was a chef and serious homecook based network but subsiquently now is a quick fix, for a generation of non-cooks from a a plastic pouch in the betty crocker isle. Bourdain- he has good sarcasm; widely, however, unfavorably know. some say a sellout, but he knows what he is talking about. Julia Childs- I admire her passion for good food. She would never eat in a dim restaurant,or she would demand more light; because she likes to see her food. I cried real tears of butter when she passed. The Iron chefs shows, The whole kitchen stadium thing is a little off. No way they do that in only one hour. Facinating to see the ideas . I cannot stand those cook a meal in thirty minutes, half homemade, 40 dollars a day, and of coarse emeril bambizzil:: wam::: He would not know how much oil an egg holds if it were not for his quote cards. it is all nonsense for me. sometimes the easy way is best, but never the less i like homegrown meals best.
  6. ojbowl

    Wine 101: Sulfites

    I am all new to wine and am not even old enogh to legally drink it :::shreek, downer:::: But when you say macerated and fermented; I take it that they soke them, or do some process such as brineing like they would do with some sorts of meat and vegetables, and agitate them to fasten the softening/ripening process as well as clean the sulfite residue from the fresh grapes. My thought however is, this soaking also promotes the aforementioned marriage of sulfites. what if they simply rinsed the grapes and then sun dried them. thus, reducing the whole sulfite matter, but then probably increasing the ageing/tanning process. which bring up more a completely different problem :::someone please stop my (i know i am rediculous) imagination::: consequently i have just confused myself. I have asked a few bartenders that i know, but they only pour it... how unfulfilling their jobs must be? it actually angers me--- This is their profession and they know nothing about anything. Hopefully i am not to late for some more participation on this frustrating yet intreguing topic
  7. Is the Bennet Curtis House going to be featured on Check, Please!? =R= ← No the Bennet Curtis House is not planning on being on "check, please" any time soon. However, as I was saying before it is my hope that they will get back to their roots and concentrate on the food again. Once they accomplish this then the Bennet Curtis House will be on top of the food chain.
  8. ojbowl

    Red Velvet Cake

    I am not a baker so to forewarn you. Is it possible to have cream cheese frosting as the filling and then have a butter cream/ cream cheese icing(a mix?) on the outside. Also, then apply your premade dried fondant decorations with just butter cream as glue. Another idea. With your cream cheese icing you could mix in some sour cream to help with the see through issue and also to give it a more desireable consistancy. Hopfully I am not making a fool out of myself with these ideas, possibly suggestions :wub:I dont know what I am talking about:wub: Also for this task I might suggest decorating frozen cakes(but you might already do that?)
  9. Thank you Adam for clearing that up. Lets get back to talking about "CHeck, PLease" Here in my hometown, Grant Park, there is a restaurant called Bennet Curtis House. On the weekends they have mystery theater. Actors and actresses are in the dinning room acting like customers but make odd chaos and get the whole restaurant involved. it is actually quite amusing sometimes. The food is really good too. But recently it had a change in the executive position and the food was not as exciting as it used to be. Hopefully, with some time, the place will gets its roots back.
  10. I first started approx. a year ago as a dishwasher. I always wanted to be a cook and become great. So I applied to every single descent independant restaurant within an hour from my home to see if my love of food was a fad or misconception. Ironically The Furthest one was my fate. After dish, went to prep, to desert and app. Now I am a line cook--it has been really exciting and I am loving my choice of profession more and more. In March I am attending Kendall, and then hoping to stage***(work for free) at Alinea. That kind of seems weird, but who would not want free labor?
  11. I go to Munster quite often to visit my dad, and if I were to choose a restaurant in the area to be on Check Please, it would be Cafe Elise. Mark ← Head chefs of both Cafe Borgia, and Cafe Elise are both Products of Giovannis. Also an old friend of mine,Blake, was just resently fired From Elise for being not professional. On another note I talked to the waitress about her drunken fiasco, and she says that she was not even intoxicated- Not even she understands why happy hour is no more. I smell some sort of cover up, Sad: Myseterious Post script: We should make our own check please video and send it in. I suggest we goto chef Grant and try his dry creme brulee I was under the impression that the Heartland was infact Chicago. I am lacking in intelegence-and i was just informed that i can not spell. :Reading text knowledge textbooks:WUB
  12. I rescently found out that last month, "check please" called and were planning on doing a show at my restaurant. However, it is not mine, I only work there. It is Giovannis in Munster Indiana appr. twenty-five minutes south east from the Heartland. I thought this was so stellar, and encouraging that people actually pay attention to this place. Then my heart was broken when my chef said that they choose some other place nearby. post script: about a year before I became employed at Giovannis they had happy hour where they could get a few drinks after clean up. Then, sadly, one of the wairtresses got a little out of hand one night; then happy hour was gone forever :INTENCE PUTRID DISGUSTING ANGER!!!!!:dismayed:wub
  13. ojbowl

    Round Five: Fusion

    Jewish/ Italian Main: Beshemel over unleavend bread Desert : uncircumsized emeral cannoli
  14. I have a book on mushroom classification, however i am much to warry to go and experiment. when i was younger i gulleted a bunch of wild berries and became disturbingly ill. curious as a cat i guess.
  15. it did not have any horrible adverse effects other a turning stomach, and a sudden repulse . It was as though eating crab grass, then a sudden bitter disgusting flavor took over my senses. i now know first hand why dogs eat grass. forgot to answer your question. Yes it did look very much so like the picture you posted. This plant i noticed also had pricklies on it stem. also i chewed on some ditch weed a while later.