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  1. As someone who works very closely with BOKA, I suggest you ask to be seated in one of the back booths - specifically a table in the 30's...the hostess will know what you mean. Also, it is a good time to go to BOKA. They are working out most of their glitches from their opening period and have just completed a total makeover of both their lunch and dinner menus. Make sure to try one of their signature cocktails, or two, as the bartenders are first rate. Also take advantage of General Manager/Somellier Marc Papineau's wine knowledge to select a nice wine pairing with your menu. Enjoy!
  2. Thoughts on service recently, anyone? I know the food is good - i've been there a few times. However, I have heard a lot of negatives about the service as of late.
  3. pgoodman

    The United States of Arugula

    I am halfway through with The United States of Arugula and am thoroughly enjoying it. As someone who has heard about many of the legends that Kamp discusses, it is finally nice to have the background behind them all, not only that, but all in one source. Further, I think Kamp smartly ties together different movements within gourmet food. Whether its the emergence of French fine dining to Alice Waters or to goat cheese - very clever, in my opinion. Also, I really enjoy the storyline that he puts together using the lives of Franey, Claiborne, Waters, and others..
  4. Thanks for the mention on the new eatery! I was on a run last week and came by this new cafe and it looked very appealing. I hope to try it for lunch (solo) sometime next week. Looks like reasonable prices as well. I will report back...
  5. I have been there a few times and was somewhat disappointed. I mean, i guess it fulfills my craving for Indian but i know it is not that good compared to other restaurants on the Eastside and in Seattle. They recently changed ownership within the last year like you had assumed and their menu is awfully small and shockingly enough they don't even carry many of the popular classic dishes - such as my Lamb Saag.
  6. Not too new but try Excelsior, No. 9 Park, and Mantra. Haven't eaten at Excelsior but it was a Lydia Shire restaurant - now Eric Brennan formerly of Au'jourdhui and Harvest. No. 9 Park is fantastic but make reservations as it is a small restaurant. Mantra is good indian/french fusion restaurant with a happening lounge/club scene in the evening. It is downtown crossing.
  7. When I lived on Merver Island we would go to Mayuri once per week but now that my family is in Edmonds, we have had troubles finding really good Indian food and have had to settle for less than great Indian cuisine. If anyone knows of good Indian in the North Seattle/Edmonds/Lynwood area....do tell!
  8. pgoodman

    name your favorite sodapop

    This could be a little expensive if you are just starting up a cafe but I have tried a bottle of Cricket Cola and it was a great alternative to the normal sodas and it is very refreshing. Kind of hard to find at the moment but i think it will be a growing trend...or so I hope.
  9. pgoodman

    Liquor Cabinet

    I have just tried Boru Vodka...you all may have seen ads for it. I believe it is new, it is irish. It is pretty good, a little better than Absolut I would say. I seem to think vodka is the most essential bottle in the liquor cabinet as most people will find a drink they like to have that has vodka. Has anyone tried Iceberg Vodka...i think that is the name of it- it is made using icebergs off of Newfoundland, Canada.
  10. pgoodman

    Liquor Cabinet

    Just curious as to what every has stocked their liquor cabinet with? I am just starting to stock my personal bar and am curious as to any suggestions people might have. Thanks.
  11. Wow, good information to know. Thanks for the heads up, i'll make sure to give it a try and tell my fellow friends. Has it actually opened though? The website said Sept. 20...
  12. I was going to mention James Cook but that was already covered much earlier on - it was sad...Was a regular there and then one day they closed shop. Trader Joe's has a decent selection. I reccommend their apricot beechers cheese - it is great on crackers for an appetizer. Also, check out Central Market in Shoreline and of course Whole Foods always has a plentiful selection.