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    My favorite stollen last year was the 4 seasons. I just called, and the person answering the phone said they are not selling them this year! ← Thanks for checking that out, even though the answer is disappointing. Any chance of Les Amis getting into the baking business? ← I am happy to inform you we are selling stollen this year at Four Seasons. Simply contact our room service and place an order. Hope to see you in soon, Aaron. ← Thanks for letting us know Aaron. I'll put in an order tomorrow. ← Great! Glad I could help. Don't forget to check out our new restaurant when you come in. Aaron.
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    My favorite stollen last year was the 4 seasons. I just called, and the person answering the phone said they are not selling them this year! ← Thanks for checking that out, even though the answer is disappointing. Any chance of Les Amis getting into the baking business? ← I am happy to inform you we are selling stollen this year at Four Seasons. Simply contact our room service and place an order. Hope to see you in soon, Aaron.
  3. There's a top feature in the latest Vancouver Magazine on great brunches. A.
  4. Try 'La Boqueria' at the Four Seasons for a latin inspired brunch. Every sunday in the Garden Terrace. A.
  5. Try Columbus meats on Renfrew @ 1st. I always go there for my bunny. Fresh, and it still has some of the inards if you're into it. Try a tasty rabbit liver parfait or some devilled rabbit kidneys, yum!
  6. Maurice Barba @ Mondo Importers Cell 604 518 0077 PH/Fax 604 921 9122 Good Luck,
  7. Give our pests a chance Sean, they really ain't that bad. 'Specially when ya back over 'em a few times with the Hilux, supa tender mate. We had a roo tail braise last time I went home and it was amazing, alot like beef cheeks. I've always wanted to put a dish on the menu with emu and roo cooked 2 ways. I'd call it 'Coat of Arms', don't know how it'd fly though. Back on topic, a gentlemen down at Oyama told me he has a producer of this swine in B.C. and around 2007 will release his first version of Serrano. Can't wait they do some amazing charcuterie down there.
  8. Try the restaurant at the Four Seasons Whistler. They have a great deal on at the moment. Sun - Thurs, $39... Start with a seafood tasting, your choice of appy, then your choice of main. All off the the a la carte menu. Or $45 for the 3 courses with a choice of dessert. You cant beat it. We went with the inlaws last week and it was outstanding!
  9. I went the other night and had the tacos. I didn't think $13 was that bad for tacos as I found them pretty damn tasty. Everything super fresh and made withlove. I dont know about blue cheese salad with jalepenos though. We also had a kessadilla and a few cocktails. The drink prices were steep and can't recommend any of the cocktails. I also thought the $9 white sangria was a rort. We could've spent it on 3 bottles of Boon's. The atmosphere and crowd was great. Service good and on the ball. Definitly would go back. Where is this cheap sushi y'all talk of? I thought there was a reason there was 'cheap' sushi and it was cause it ain't good. I'd be keen to check out some of these gems. I know its off topic, but any recommendations?
  10. I recently discovered Coopers and VB have made there way here to Vancouver. I aso had the pleasure of opening up my birthday present that my mum lugged across the seas, a cube of XXXX. Su-weet. I think I might have another now. Dammit only 15 left, Mmmmmm I miss home.
  11. Try cooking meat @ 180 F for an hour and see what you get. Forget crispy pork, try food born illness.
  12. I always get ours from the Dollar Meat Store in chinatown. Super good with great crackling and salty anisey spice on the under belly. V' good.
  13. There was a Globe article on it here and a thread on it here besides the items further up this very thread. Our fine-feathered pal Andrew wrote about them in a recent Westender I believe... ←
  14. I ran past a cool looking joint on the water today in the C area called Marmelade (sp?). Comments anyone? Cafe Setto in the old Death by Chocolate is doing some amazing cocktails. Go and see the Aussie bloke at the bar for these beauties (plug for the home team). What is it about passionate barmen in this city, first I came across an ex-pat at Chambar that was doing wonders, now another brother mixing it up in your fair city. Is it a inbred passion for booze or are we all alcoholics at heart!
  15. After preparing a lovely dinner for my fiances birthday I planned to take her to the above recommended 'O'Douls' for a late night bevvy. We went around 8.30ish on tuesday. It was a little less than what I was looking for but fun all the same. There weren't that many people in the joint, we were 2 of about ten people in the there. The fella on piano was good though. I think next time I'll check out the cellar again, they are doing renos at the moment. We were in Banff a couple of weeks ago and experienced an amazing jazz trio in the Banff Springs. Recommend it to anyone going or in the area. Thanks for your suggestions guys.
  16. Does anyone have any suggestions for an evening of piano or jazz in a romantic setting? Looking for something on monday/tuesday night next week (am I asking too much for Vancouvers nightlife?). I once went to a little joint down west broadway/blehiem way but would like to try something different. Also heard of piano at the Sutton?? Any advice would be much appreciated.
  17. My question is.... What's with all the oldies getting into the trade here in Van? In Australia most cooks, including myself start young. Making it alot easier to deal with the shitty wages (when I started at the tender age of 17 just 9 years ago, I was taking home $160au a week!), so all you newbies should be stoked with your tenner an hour. As a student, if you are or think you are worth top dollar, prove yourself and it will come. Make the right decisions though. I made the move to and from hotels and restaurants, and now the hotels hold the future for me. True, some indepent restaurants offer an interesting time and free run of creativity to boot. But so do some hotels. Some hotels will also work your arse off for 12, 14 hrs plus a day the industry it's hit and miss, but if you do find some thing thats suits you is it rewarding, I know. If you choose to go with whichever, know why and bite the bullet or quit if you hate it. This is not a glamorous industry and I have seen and worked insome shitty conditions, done long hours, worked for some true c#$%$ and been ripped off to know end. But honestly I wouldnt change it for the world. I love this job even if it is just cookin'.
  18. I've been meaning to go down and try one. They'll be struggling to beat a good ol' 'Four n Twenty'. Aussie, aussie, aussie, oi! oi! oi!
  19. I will be dining at St'John late May and can't wait. I made the coppa from the book and it was amazing. Last time I was in London I wanted to go there but I blew my budget at Hospital Rd so all I could afford was a bacon sarnie at St'John Bread and Wine. Ha! I can still taste it now.
  20. Sad but true. Nice one edm. Do you think we could get a two for one on the pacos? Maybe then I could start saving for the infamous thermomix.
  21. Chefs the likes of Ferran Adria are culinary geniuses, from what I have seen of his work I belive they are setting the bar for new cuisine. Adria enhances the natural flavours that so many Chefs cover up or blow out with intense flavoured multi-culteral dishes that they believe is 'what's hot'. Tall poppy attitudes that strike down the innnovation and creativity of Chefs such as Adria and Achatz are retarding the advance of top notch cuisine in Vancouver. Foams are fun and you see them everywhere, this is just an introduction to what is to come. If an establishment opened in Vancouver that experimented with molecular gastronomy, done well mind you. I would gladly pay top dollar to experience it.
  22. Usually, after a long day in the kitchen I head home for a cool cold Canadian and crash on the couch. I don't have much of an appetite after I leave work, especially after tasting and testing alot of the food that is sent from the pass. My eating habits are pretty bad actually when it comes to work days. I think my collegues think I have an eating disorder as I very rarely sit down to a proper meal while on the job except for my bowl of Irish oats when I get in in the morning or a couple of fried eggs when a little hung from one too many of the formentioned Canadians. As for days off, I look for food to fill the gap. Tasty food, done well. Bit of a struggle of a find sometimes. Recently I discovered The Kolochy Shop which is good for lunch, as also is a chicken teriyaki at one of the numerous 'bums on seats' japanese restaurants downtown. Dinner is varied lately, if I'm home with my girlfriend (who is a cook also) we usually head out. After a week at work, most times the last thing we want to do is think about cooking at home. Although, entertaining can be fun, cooking for ourselves and friends can be sweet, especially when you can break away from the usual and let your imagination and creativity run free. If I'm by myself, I'll prepare something easy. I'll head on over to Kits' to the Parthenon and one of the many green grocers and check out there wares. Eating out is never the same, we always try and head somewhere new and give it a shot, I like to check out new places instead of heading back to the same ol' same ol'. There is so much variety here in Van', I'd like to give as much of it a go as I can. Cheers, Aaron
  23. Opposite DIX pub on Beatty, I had my first today. BBQ beef, not bad at all. Next time Rueben.
  24. What an awesome space. I was waiting to see who was moving in there. Let's hope they make a decent go of it. Good luck to them.
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