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  1. My vote is for: Kitchenaid model G mixer Robot Coupe R2 food processor Vita Mix 4000 blender vintage Sabatier carbon steel knives Enameled cast iron cookware & bakeware Dexter Russell spatulas & hand tools Vollrath cooking spoons and hand tools Vollrath aluminum clad stockpots, bowls, basins Thorpe rolling pins vintage heavy copper cookware
  2. My family has used Lawry's seasoning salt for generations until I found something I like immeasurably better. Soul Food Seasoning has seasoning salt beat all to *ell. I gave away an enormous bottle of Lawry's after I decided I would never use it again. http://www.annabellessoulfoodseasoning.com/
  3. Robert is right! For quality, durability, and bang for your buck.....Vollrath is king.
  4. You took the words right out of my mouth, but my old mixers are far superior to the new ones in both power & durability.
  5. I can't decide either. Each of my kitchen possessions has a place in my heart and choosing between them is nearly impossible. I love my Crown American 6 burner two oven gas range, antique lever scale, chrome kitchenaid model g mixers, robot coupe food processors, vita mix blenders, store display case of sabatier vintage carbon steel knives, wardrobe of enameled cast iron cookware, vintage butcher block table, collection of vollrath stainless steel clad commercial cookware, vollrath & dexter russell utensils, antique commercial deli slicer, aqua glass canning and storage jars and bottles, and the old country store stacking 3 level wrap dispenser I use for foil and other wraps.
  6. Nice pot Andie! That bail handle reminds me of my very old Vollrath enameled cast iron pots that have heavy wire bail handles. Mine are a soft pastel blue enamel with white interior. They are extremely heavy for the size of the pot -- about twice as heavy as you would expect. Do you think your new pot might be a Vollrath?
  7. I have purchased many [about 30] great heavy Lincolnwear half sheet pans at the restaurant supply store near me. I bought them used for about $2 each. My girlfriend and I put in a few hours of elbow grease into cleaning them, kept some, and gave some to family, church kitchens, and friends.
  8. Wow, I didn't know there was a copper insert. I'd love to whip up egg whites in my stand mixer instead of by hand. Where did you get yours? http://cgi.ebay.com/VTG-KitchenAid-Copper-Mixing-Bowl-Liner-/190427226068?pt=Small_Kitchen_Appliances_US http://cgi.ebay.com/KITCHENAID-MIXER-INCLUDING-COPPER-LINER-/220649435548?pt=Small_Kitchen_Appliances_US http://cgi.ebay.com/KitchenAid-Mixer-Solid-Copper-Egg-White-Bowl-Insert-/280544898657?pt=Small_Kitchen_Appliances_US These inserts were sold by Old Dutch Copper and Atlas Copper to line Kitchenaid K45, K4SS, K5A, and K5SS mixer bowls. They are discontinued and are only available in the secondary market. There is a solid copper bowl being sold to fit Kitchenaid mixers -- http://www.frenchcopperstudio.com/kitchenaid.html
  9. That's funny! I stopped at a garage sale yesterday and found two Cuisinart Custom 11 work bowls, a shredding disk, a slicing disk, a removable stem, and a Cuisinart Mini Prep bowl and cover for the grand total of fifty cents.
  10. Yes, the commercial KA will work with all of your old attachments like a charm. That is the one I would choose if I did not have a Hobart N50. It also can utilize all of your old attachments and bowls, and is a lifetime purchase with plenty of durability and power.
  11. I have several different lengths and sizes of commercial maple Thorpe rolling pizes and I use them all the time. Love those pins!
  12. Don't despair you can still find the old ones at reasonable prices. I bought two 4000s for under $200 each. I too, love throwing that baby into reverse to amaze and awe my friends! ← That is exactly what I did , I bought two VM 4000s on Ebay, and they are the BOMB!!
  13. I would buy all 30 lbs! In addition to what Andie says, I also use ends and pieces to season beans, greens, and other dishes with the better pieces.
  14. Oh thank you, thank you, thank you! PM me when you find it and I will give you my address....They will be so very pleased when I tell them!
  15. Andie! I have been looking all over for a pastry knife for a 10qt Hobart! You wouldn't want to sell it would you? The church I loaned the mixer to would LOVE to have it.
  16. I think you guys are referring to the pastry knife attachment for the Hobart N50 and the Kitchenaid model G mixers. They are like the ones for the big Hobart mixers. You can occasionally find them on Ebay. I have 3 or 4 of them.
  17. I think this will clarify things. http://www.thefreshloaf.com/node/2250/mixe...oks-illustrated
  18. This is a little backwards. The wattage information is INPUT wattage. That is what comes from the outlet into the appliance. Wattage tells you how much power the mixer USES, not how much is produced. This information has NO bearing on the actual amount of torque that a mixer produces. The numbers look good, but they are useless for determining the beater power. I guess that's why home mixer producers use this information. Commercial mixer producers use HP indicating the torque power of their beaters -- not wattage useage. HP rating is a better determination of beater torque.
  19. It is my understanding that Le Creuset bought out Cousances, but still makes some items under the Cousances label. I have a bunch of good used Cousances and I like them, but I still think Copco is better.
  20. I would hold on to my old mixer if I were you. Just in case this new one does not work out.
  21. Thanks Andie! When you get home could you post photos of your N50? I sure would like to see it.
  22. I have never had to use Le Creuset customer service, and I have quite a few pieces. I also have lots of Descoware and Copco enameled cast iron. In reality out of the 3 brands I prefer the Copco. The Copco is thicker cast iron, and many of the pans have a raw cast iron bottom which makes for better conduction.
  23. I lied! A couple of weeks ago I bought this Hobart N-50 prototype mixer. I had to have it because it has a Kitchenaid Model G mixer's flat back, but is labeled a Hobart N-50 and is 1/8 hp rather than the Model G's 1/10 hp. The instruction manual I have for this fairly rare mixer is dated March 1947 -- and the round back with screw in fuse Hobart N-50 mixers were not produced until October 1947. All of which means that my new mixer was produced between March and October 1947. There could not have been that many made because the time period is so limited.
  24. It uses a 110 regular household plug. It should not be a problem. It is 1/4 hp vs the N50's 1/6 hp.
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