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  1. What are the criteria upon which you will be judged? Are they looking for novelty and innovation? Solid classical techniques? Might be strategic to try and gear your entry towards what the judges are looking for.

  2. I've had one of those maple liquers before - I heartily unrecommend them, like drinking sickly-sweet sherry.

    Then again, it was a cheapo bottle someone gave me as a gag gift, so perhaps higher quality maple liquer would be more palatable.

  3. How does one prepare salted mushrooms?

    Fresh clean mushrooms and salt and time?

    How salty are they? That salad sounds tasty.

    Just what I was going to ask - I love pickles and I love mushrooms, and I'm anxious to try these :smile:

    Also, I love the Moomin kitchen-ware. That alone is enough to tempt me to make a trip to Estonia (also, some friends went last Christmas and loved it)

  4. Both look great - its hard to get size perspective on the plum cake.  Either they are small plums or large almond slivers.  Either way they look super!

    Those look like the kind of small plums that seem to be more common in England than they are in North America. Both look great GTO!

  5. Buy a small ship, like in the 180-200 foot range.  Pull the engines so I don't have to employ a watchstanding crew full time.  Net over the maindeck with mosquito mesh and put  a couple dozen tables out there.  Fantail/stern would be the lounge, with the best collection of Carribean and African rum I could put together (maybe some cigars for sale, too, when the wind is right).  Dogfish Head 60 IPA on tap, that's for sure!  Perhaps a banquete on the bridge seating 6 for VIP occasions.

    Call it Vessel and put a lot of thought into making the Ladies' washroom a comfortable place.

    Menu... Mediterranean fusion, changing to reflect the seasons and whatever produce is good right now.  Scallops on linguine with hummus alfredo, duck tagine, maybe a nice Eggs Benedict with prosciutto di Parma and organic eggs on little foccacia rounds with Sauce Maltaise, because who doesn't like breakfast for supper now and again?

    Music?  Morphine, Brubeck, the Specials--Crom have mercy, anything but Jimmy Buffet and Bob Marley.  Good live jazz combos if available in whatever mythical city will grant a permit for this enterprise.

    Let me know when you open - I'll be there :smile:

  6. I think for me, it depends to some degree on context: a smudgy, dirty glass or a hair in the food at somewhere like Per Se smacks of carelessness. A dirty napkin or grimy cutlery in a rickety little market café is a somewhat more acceptable to my mind.

  7. I'm tired today, but not being one to let that stand in the way of kitchen messery, I made Flapjacks (British Flapjacks. I understand that in the US, Flapjacks are more akin to pancakes?)

    Oooh, those look nice. I have a serious weakness for flapjacks (hey, they have oats - they're practically a health food, right?)

  8. I don't have much to add, but I'm loving the blog - a good part of my family lives in Halifax and you're making me long for summer vacations in Halifax and down on the South Shore.

    Do you go in for maple products much? I was thrilled to check my post this morning and find a huge brick of maple cream from my grandmother. Aside from putting it in my porridge I'm not quite sure what to do with it (well, eat it straight-up obviously, but much as I love maple cream that tends to make me feel a bit ill after more than a little)

  9. I seem to remember there was a brief discussion here about artisinal versus factory pasta - Rustichella being artisinal, De Cecco from a factory.

    Can somebody explain the difference to me? Doesn't the Rustichella D'Abruzzo come from a factory too, what makes it artisinal?  Moderators, let me know if this is not appropriate for this thread then I'll start a new thread about it.

    Hmm, I don't know if this answers your question, but I remember someone mentioning one brand of pasta that varies somewhat throughout the year (colour and taste) depending on local wheat production vs. another brand that imported wheat from all over the world in order to ensure that their product remained consistent year-round.

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