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  1. Finally got to dine at The Jefferson this past Saturday night, my wife and I treated my sister in-law to a birthday dinner. It was easier then I expected to get a table, we planned on getting there before 6:30, but were held up watching the Derby and didn't arrive until after 7:00. It never got too crowded, but with Mother's Day on Sunday a few people may have had plans the following day. The service was attentive, but relaxed. We each had an appetizer, two asparagus soups for the ladies and I ordered the buffalo mozzarella with heirloom tomato. I wasn't impressed with my appetizer, it didn't stand up to the standard set by the restaurants in Napa Valley. The soup on the other hand was excellent, was tempted to order a bowl for myself. Dinners followed my wife had the lasagna, my sister in-law had the rack of lamb and I had the Florentine T-bone. The lasagna was excellent, it tasted like it was made from meatballs that an italian grandmother would make, the rack of lamb was good, but the side of mint couscous was overpowering, it tasted as if I were eating breath mints. The T-bone was outstanding, grilled to a perfect medium rare and accompanied by a side of creamed spinach. For desert my wife and I shared a Tartuffo and my sister in-law had the bread pudding. The Tartuffo was good, the bread pudding got a rave review, but it has never been high on my list. Overall the dinner was very enjoyable, I only wish the wine list had a few more selections. I would definetly go back, but may head to Anthony David's instead based on my past experiences.
  2. I ordered up 1.5 cases yesterday, it may get worse when I have to go pick them up tonight
  3. I believe the Shula's at Newark Airport is a sports bar, not the same as the Shula's at the Westin in NYC which is a nicer restaurant. I don't know if the menu or quality varies much, but something to keep in mind.
  4. pjm9277

    Australia v. France

    Wine of the night, wine of the flight & white wine of the night.
  5. I like the Turkey Joe's from Mr. J's Deli in Cranford.
  6. In case anyone is interested the Wine Library will be having a 5 day inventory clearance starting Wednesday, January 26th. The sale is on-line and in-store, sale starts at 11:00 on-line, but I would suggest going to the store if you haven't been.
  7. Thanks for the link Randi, I had come across the rehearsal dinner pics, but missed the one you had posted. It looks like we may have to wait to try out Dick's Dock, they may not be open this Saturday pending the blizzard like conditions some weatherman have been forecasting. I will definetly try to make it there within the coming weeks if we are unable to attend this weekend. I'll keep you posted.
  8. Has anyone been to this place in Metuchen? I tried searching and haven't been able to find anything on eGullet and there is limited info on the web. We will be going this Saturday with another couple, they have been before, and was just looking for other's impressions.
  9. I had my first dining experience at Nicholas this evening as we celebrated my wife's, Emily, 30th birthday. It was an outstanding night and definitely lived up to everyone's rave reviews. We both decided to go with the Early Winter three course menu. We started with an amuse of Roasted Chestnut Soup, I was tempted to see if I could substitute it for my first course. Emily started with the Rabbit Crepeinette, very tasty, but it seemed a bit heavy on the fennel. I had the Lobster and Saffron Soup, it was a tough decision between that and the Foie Gras, but the chill in the air made the decision easier. For the main course my wife opted for the Seared Duck Breast and I could tell by the look on her face it was excellent, she is a fan of duck and will only order it in the nicer establishments, she said it was the best she has ever had. I opted for the Red Wine Poached Fillet, I was not disappointed. The meat was so tender it could almost be cut with the fork, but the Red Wine sauce made the meal. We had been planning to try the cheese course before our desserts, but we were in no shape to eat anything else. I was very surprised at the generosity of the portions, although on normal occasions Emily and I don't normally eat dessert. After ordering dessert we received a treat of Leche-Nut Water with a Coconut Foam, it had a distinct citrus almost lime flavor, I was not a huge fan, but I don't like coconut. Emily found it refreshing. For dessert, Emily had the had the Pear Tart with a Walnut Glaze & Cinnamon Ice Cream, with a little birthday wish and a candle situated in a rasberry. I had the Warm Valrona Chocolate Cake with Pistachio Ice Cream, the thin crisp of pineapple was excellent as was the ice cream. Overall it was a very pleasant evening, the service was impeccable, yet not stuffy and the food was outrageous. The worst part of the meal was that it made me forget the wonderful dinner my sister-in-law treated us to the night before at Anthony David's in Hoboken. It was a wonderful meal, just not on the same level as Nicholas. I will definetly be going through withdrawl after those two meals this week
  10. Actually my wife's holiday party was on Wednesday December 8th. The trip to Nicholas is just as much a treat to myself as it is a celebration of my wife's birthday
  11. I have been to both my wife's and my own holiday parties at the Grand Summit Hotel and Seabra's Armory respectively. I've had a decent meal at the Armory before, but the meal at the party left alot to be desired, the food at the Summit Hotel was good for a buffet. I will be eating my mother-in-laws lasagna for an early Christmas dinner next week in Florida, then returning on Christmas eve to get started on the my families traditional Christmas dinner of Beef Wellington. I can't wait for all of the good food over the next week and a half, we will be dining out a few nights while in Florida also. We are saving the best for last though, I'm taking my wife to Restaurant Nicholas (our first time there) on January 8 to celebrate her 30th birthday, so needless to say I have much to look forward to over the next few weeks.
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