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  1. Perhaps we all have our own conception of who and what deserves a star. I personally don't see Besson losing his , but then again I feel Helen Darroze is lucky to only lose one. Is Yam Tcha's star an attempt by Michelin to show that they are more open to "hip", foreign takes on French cuisine and that a classicist like Bresson is passé? I see so many inconsistencies...a star for Passage 53 but none for Les Crayeres??? I would value hearing your takes.
  2. A very easy train trip from Gare de Lyon will take you to Dijon, which has a compact centre ville area, walkable from the train station. We had several enjoyable meals there, probably topped by Stephan Debord. You should also have plenty of time to visit the historic Palais des Ducs, the covered market and other sites on the easy to follow "Owl Trail".
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  5. This could start a new trend...what next...Pudlo with Ghislaine Arabian, Jean-Luc Petitrenaud with Christian Constant, François-Regis Gaudry with Alleno...the mind boggles and culinary criticism no longer has to pretend to be impartial.
  6. Pierre, I could not have said it any better myself...well stated.
  7. ...and Philippe Toinard reviews l’Acajou, coordinates in the guidebooks, which has had the same chef (Jean Imbert) since 2004 but has a new table d’hote, common table and terrace but serves awful sounding dishes, except for the millefeuille for 19 (lunch), 31-59 € and is closed Saturday lunch and Sunday night. We were taken to l'Acajou shortly after it opened and was favorably reviewed in Figaroscope by some Parisian friends and were favorably impressed; pleasant decor with mahoghany paneling, comfortable seating and quasi-gourmet offerings at bargain basement prices. Repeat visits confirmed that this was no flash in the pan. However this past Oct. we were shocked to enter and discover a brand new total renovation to a Manhattan-mod styled makeover. Instead of the comfortable seating arrangements there is now only a long, high, uncomfortable common table running the length of the room which destroys any privacy/intimacy. I was told that the chef is the same, but the place has been ruined for us...We don't go to France to eat in diners.
  8. I take that as a sign that you approve of the itinerary. I have however had 2nd thoughts about Balzar reading some very mixed reviews, and quite a few downright bad ones. So after a bit of research I've come across a nice bistro called Louis Vins which seems to get good reviews. It won't break the bank and the food is apparently very good. Has anyone here been and if so, are there better sunday night options? I've been through the threads here but none have appealed to me so far. ← I would suggest Le Gaigne in the 4th; tried it last week and was pleased.
  9. We are slow-poking through Burgundy this month and had lunch today at Le Comptoir des Tontons. If this was F-R Gaudry's restaurant of the week the poor guy needs help in restaurant selection. This is not to say that it was bad in anyway, or that the products were not "bio", but it probably was about 4th or 5th "best" on our places this week.
  10. Le Florimond, Carte Blanche, Le Violon d'Ingres, La Table d'Eugene...all for the same reasons....consistentancy, never a bad experience and the pleasant familiarity coming from having visited these places regularly since they opened and I am thus recognized and made to feel appreciated. My ego unabashedly welcomes gratuitous balm.
  11. Any bets as to how long Choukroun stays here? He is coming close to unseating Michel Del Burgo as the king of ephemerality. Is Del Burgo still at l'Orangerie? Hopefully he will last(Choukroun) until I get there in May.
  12. I have only been to 2 of the above and would agree. As you know, I think that Carte Blanche in the 9th also fits the category of creative.
  13. In my opinion an excellent choice for good rapport qualité/prix, but I can't imagine how it would take an hour to get there from the Eiffel Tower, particularly with your intimate knowledge of Paris, was that a mis-type? ← If you're really interested in knowing why it will take about 1 hr to go door to door to the restaurant i'll send you the itinerary in a personal email.I am curious though as to why this is important to you. ← It is not really important to me, I was just curious, as I often stay at the corner of Rapp/St. Dominique and it doesn't take me that long either on the direct #80 bus or a 1 transfer metro ride. As fat and out of shape as I am, it would undoubtedly take me even longer to walk it, as the up-hill part in Montmartre would require a stop for liquid sustenance.
  14. I like Villaret...more traditional than creative, but still has one of the best wine lists in the area.
  15. In my opinion an excellent choice for good rapport qualité/prix, but I can't imagine how it would take an hour to get there from the Eiffel Tower, particularly with your intimate knowledge of Paris, was that a mis-type?
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