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    "Behind You"

    if all else fails, "get the f$#k outa my way" while carring a pot of pasta on the way to be drained. they know i ain't stopping. sometimes i, out of bordem, just say dumd stuf, but very audible.
  2. I use a Craftsman tool box i bought at Kmart for $10. I find it easier to get stuff out of it than a roll up style case. LOL, plus i can carry a bottle of hot sauce in it.

    staff meal

    gouda grits and chicken wings.

    staff meal

    black bean soup w/ sausge.
  5. With my 7 month old son now eating stage 2 and mashed up table foods, drinking juce, and soon to be interduced to cheerios, do you think I could feed him miso soup? Maybe if i thinned it out some and strained out all the garnishes? Odd question, I know.

    staff meal

    Gouda grits and blackeye peas. Mini crab cakes that were extra. Wow I didn't touch the mashed pots.

    staff meal

    i had a paninni w/ ham, salami, bacon, and pracuto (i can't spell it). it also had boursin and fresh mozz. yum

    staff meal

    shrimp po'boy w/ garlic aoli, lettuce, tomato, bacon, fried shrimp, and Tapitio hot sauce.

    staff meal

    Cheese steak sand w/ peppers, onions, provalone, and jerk mayo...mmmmmm.
  10. About a month ago, I got to work at 10 am as usual, and as usual, there was a case of pork butts smoking over night in the smoker (I hate when they do this). I take them out and check their temp. just in case something happened to the fire. well they were they where between 165 and 170. Next I sample some fresh hot 16 hour smoked pork ass, yummm, then my boss comes up and tells me it was "'bug night'(we cover everything and they bomb) last night. Thow it out. " EEP!!! My 2 bites didn't make me sick, thowing a case of 16 hour smoked pork ass did.
  11. LJFATS

    staff meal

    Oh staff meal how I miss thee... Monday,I had nachos line cooks style... "What do you got?" "Shaved prime rib? Hmmm, hey there is some spicy-black-bean-pasta-of-the-day sauce-thingy left over from lunch?" "Sounds like a winner to me too!" It was quite good: spicy black bean nachos topped w/ white cheder, shredded lettuce, and sour cream. I honestly do not remember what I ate yesterday. Iced coffee, black. Today it was tempura soft shell crab and a flat bread, goat cheese, and ham Scoobie Snack. And Iced coffee, black.
  12. LJFATS

    staff meal

    Job 1. creamy tomato soup Job 2. baby backs, slow smoked w/ a musterd vinigar sauce, I brought from job 1. maryland style crab cakes. snow crab clusters (no butter, i was kinda full but just wanted to keep eating and butter woulda slowed me down). and I picked at mashers.
  13. LJFATS

    staff meal

    Sweet and sour chicken. left over strip steak. mashed pots.
  14. I like a six of Busch, hahahhahaha. Grand maniere(sp) is quite wonderful too.
  15. LJFATS


    try parmesan crusted salmon. flour, egg, then parm mixed w/ bread crumbs. saute in butter till golden brown (you may have to finish in the oven depending on thick they are).
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