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  1. BigD, how would YOU define "eclectic," food-wise, of course? formal? casual? retro? modern? quiet? rowdy? ethnic? vegan? fusion? $? $$$$? Just let us know what you want or don't want. ← Great question and I probably can't really narrow it down too much. I'm looking for a great LA experience in food. I'm not on a budget, but I don't care to spend money for its own sake. I prefer casual/nice with atmosphere to formal and quiet. I don't care to go to a place where people go looking for stars. A wine list that's not a rip-off. I guess what I meant by "eclectic" was a California-style American or fusion cuisine that you get in LA but not Dallas, whether retro or modern. As far as specific ethnic foods we like that we'd consider for dinner, in no particular order I'd say Italian, Thai, Chinese, Indian, Spanish, maybe French. I hope that helps some. And by the way you guys have already been very helpful.
  2. In LA for the Rose Bowl; Jan. 3-6. I'm from Dallas and have never been to LA. Staying in Santa Monica and will have a car. I need one dinner recommendation (italian or eclectic, nice) for thursday and one wednesday post-game (ie later and casual). For lunches, I want a burger from one of those famous places people argue about, and maybe Mexican (ie not tex-mex). Breakfast I like good basic menu and/or mexican. Also interested in good dim sum if it's recommended. Thanks for your help.
  3. Vespaio is excellent and holds up to any restaurant in the state, and if set down in New Orleans might still be regarded as one of the best restaurants there. Las Manitas on Congress for Mexican/Salvadorean breakfast/lunch. Guero's for Mexican lunch or dinner. Ranch 616 for casual but upscale southwestern cuisine. And get some barbecue somewhere. Can't argue with the Lockhart suggestion but if you stay in-town go for County Line.
  4. BigD Foodie


    any recommendations for a nearby drink before dinner?
  5. For future reference, I recommend Taj Mahal on Central Expressway at Meadow and India Palace at LBJ and Preston. Both have buffets at lunch and break out the white tablecloth and wait service at dinner. The latter is probably the most expensive in town. Previous poster correct that there's probably some gems in the Richardson/Plano expat communities, but I've not ventured out there.
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