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  1. Thanks Judd!! I'll give him a call when i manage to find some time. I'm really grateful for what you're doing for me. Thanks heaps! I'll keep you posted! Cheers!
  2. Thanks foodism! Very beautifully put... In life, all things comes in stages.
  3. Partly yes... I already have a bachelors degree in fashion and merchandising. I also love the art of food. I was thinking along the lines of events director or something that can combine fashion with food. That's so true about what you mentioned above. I guess it all goes down to whether you're in it for the passion or for the job. Awesome! Is this in Sydney or Melbourne? 4 weeks sounds great, considering that Le Cordon Bleu takes 9 months and William Anglais takes one and a half years to achieve a Cert. 3. I'll be thrilled if you could reserve a spot for me. How exciting!! Thanks again for your cogitative advice!
  4. Sorry to hijack this thread , but i heard that "the chef's office mentioned that I am thinking of doing a culinary arts course in Le Cordon Bleu Sydney. Would it be wiser to take the Cuisine stream or Patisserie? Any replies would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  5. I want to learn to make pastry and deserts....the visual appeal and the science of creating a tasteful delight. I am still considering whether i want this to be a career path for me because at the moment i am completing my bachelors degree in fashion design and merchandising. I might sound really fickle... but i think im still a little naive and want to open up my options.
  6. Ok, I need some opinions of culinery / patisserie school that is considered quite reputable in Melbourne.... or should i be better off going overseas to Le Cordon Blue instead? All suggestions welcomed!!
  7. I'm assuming kueh / kuih is probably in a different dilect or perhaps a nyonya language??
  8. Is the recipe any different for the bread for nikuman compared to normal bread because it is steamed rather than baked?
  9. Thank you Melonpan and Hiroyuki!! The pictures looks great you guys!
  10. Ooh... i love sponge cakes too!! Especially those with pandan flavour...
  11. Hiroyuki, What is "shouchu"?
  12. Sorry, but what is nikuman?? All i know is that it is something beef... or is it not?
  13. Ooh... im drooloing over my keyboard!! I absolutely LOVE Butter and honey!! And im assuming that the matcha flavoured melty kiss are this winter's collection?? Thanks for the post Kristin!
  14. Phish


    Wow.... i never had the freshly made ones before Do they taste like warm biscuits fresh out of the oven?? My favorites are the ones with minimal additives with visually distinguishable roasted rice grains... can't remember the brand, but they come in a large packet with each one individually packeted. On the contrary, i also like those with the cheese and almond stuck on the rice crackers!
  15. Thanks a lot Hiroyuki!! Will try it tomorrow night when i have time. Btw Kris, the kuri gohan came out really nicely even if i didn't have sweet rice on hand, i did however substitute it with short grain brown rice for a nuttier flavour. I had some leftover for lunch today and it tasted even better! Thanks for the recipe once again!
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