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  1. Just updating an old thread... Had some very fine couscous & tagine recently at: Dar Lyakout 94 boulevard de la Tour Maubourg 75007 Paris 01-45-50-16-16 In the École Militaire area. I can't suggest it highly enough and have been to most every other recommended Paris place; many expensive and underwhelming (it's still Paris tho')... Dar Lyakout was excellent.
  2. The new initiative is at all whole foods... Gives you an idea of status of the fish you are buying and is consistent with the rest of their local products (although maybe not as... enlightening). (donning flame retardant suit and at the risk of surely having community already tread this ground) How anyone can decry them for helping folks know more about where your food comes from is beyond me. If all you have to shop from is Shop Rite's and AP's and Whole Foods offers your family a way to understand more about their food at a price which is sustainable for vendors and community - the complaint smacks of elitism... Sure - live in Park Slope Bklyn and shop the Co-op; but the rest of us... Whole Foods has changed the retail food delivery system.
  3. waves2ya

    Steel-cut Oats

    This guy can cook and one of my inet fav's: Skirlie--the Scottish side dish
  4. Hi... Was checking threads to see if there are new Indian ideas in the Edison/Oak Tree Road area - or are Moghul and Ming still 'the thing'...? Thank you in advance for ideas.
  5. waves2ya

    Marinating Chicken

    I use a Jaccard Meat Tenderizer to cheat... Prefer to brining (but not always)...
  6. I have the Sanyo ECJ-D100S 10-Cup Micro-Computerized Rice Cooker/Steamer, White with Stainless Accent, purchased from Amazon in 2005 and it is among the most reliable of electronics in my house. We use every day to every other day and is simple and goof proof to operate; make not so bad risotto as well...
  7. Actually - this place does it too... http://midtownlunch.com/2008/06/18/olympic...-york-city-nyc/ They had a name change but fries, fafalfel - still same, (have the laffa), still good. Crisp good too, although a world of difference...
  8. check out http://midtownlunch.com/lunch-by-food-type/ The falafel threads are great - and rec's on the mark.
  9. John - given your knowledge regarding hot dogs & joints - have you compiled a list of your favorite brew pubs in NJ...? Thanks...!
  10. I eat here continually; lunch specials (weekends) a steal (mapo tofu on it); owner customer focused, affable - family run; food an inspiration... Hands down on of the best restaurants in the Montclair area (in a niche, if not the best).
  11. waves2ya


    Was there this weekend for a little surf myself... Moustache Bills (Barnegat Light) has won a 2009 James Beard award... Lex Mex - perfect; their tuna burrito Hawaiian style with chipolte a taste treat. Harvey Cedars Shellfish lobsters as reliable as ever (platter w/ mussels). Finally - Woody's burgers (had the blackened blu cheese burger) a great island fest... All - good (+ small surf)....
  12. waves2ya


    There's a thread on this subject Curlz: http://forums.egullet.org/index.php?showtopic=89081&st=0 But I'm sorry to say one of my fav's has called it a day: Blue has given way to owners new restaurant in Phila called Noble. Still - good one's abound nevertheless...
  13. waves2ya


    This place is drop dead good - Chengdu #1 good - have the grilled octopus app; *oh my god* good... I really look forward to eating thru this menu...
  14. Of course you are right Curlz but in this instance (like Melt) AHD used the board to pretty much vet everything about building, sustaining and expanding their business model. One reason internet dialogue is so infuriating is that is often one way - take. People generously give ideas in the hope of some feedback (well, some people). The community is usually trying to learn something through the discourse. "Melt" was a great example; a complete cycle, the proprietor left little doubt about why he was moving on... Gonna miss the dogs - but really - the fries.
  15. I've yet to find a review of similar midtown establishments (read recent note on Grayz); thought Bar 44 impressive site but drinks not on par w/ PDT; same for Moma Bar (see/be seen)... So where are the craftsmen/women of Midtown...? Thanks.
  16. Dug up these old threads in an attempt to have a decent lunch today in Bridgewater; went to Thai Kitchen II, just off 202/206 circle... Very good - delicately spiced noodle dishes that were right on mark (pad thai, another one with basil, chicken, shrimp - excellent).
  17. When's the Staggerac coming off...? I'm a PDT customer who's obviously taken the menu for granted (putting drinking shoes on now)...
  18. Brian - that link is hilarious...! "Indian Restaurants are like Bollywood beauty queens. They seldom age gracefully. A small few like Bollywood diva Rekha might look better with age. But most turn into old hags, wrinkles and all, and eventually fade away into the night, unnoticed and unmourned." "Will someone please tell the constipated-looking bespectacled manager/cashier at the Sukhadia's sweets counter on Oak Tree Road in Edison/Iselin not to stare at customers like a nitwit?" I think I've seen the future of review blogs here...!
  19. Just a quick follow up to the many good suggestions I received (thks!)... Moishe's falafel is delish and a bargain at $4.50; the kwik meal cart (and lunch blog) something else - lamb is a good as people say and I had a very good chicken sandwich for $4.50... There are a lot of the 'build your own salad/sandwich/panini/udon soup (on & on) joints but my favorite is Bocca; you can't get out of those places really for less than $7... There's a Two Boots in 30 Rock; not Park Slope or Lower East Side - but is pretty good... Hing Won didn't impress me (too MSG/cornstarch goopy) - but I'll give it another shot. There's another good udon joint on 7th between 49 & 48 that's cheap ($7) and fresh. Will keep eating around for ideas.
  20. Ok - went to the shop this time; and what a great place, really - great guy/family, great place. Easily one of the best restaurants in the greater Montclair area. Had spicy wontons (just had too) - just so good; don't let them take away sauce when you are done; save for your rice. Spicy Lamb w/ Special Pepper Sauce - this is the real deal, real Szechaun; tongue happy dance hot but perfectly balanced. Idea from above notes, the Shredded Duck with Szechuan flavor; I mean, chopped baby snow peas - come on...! So good... Finally Salt & Pepper Shrimp - served on a bed of chopped lettuce, pepper and scallions; Ok, I'm drooling just remembering this... The presentation for each dish well crafted, symphony of spice and tastes just at the edge of too much but somehow so addictive you can't get enough... Owner of Chengdu went to visit each table - actually look interested in his customers - and when he got to ours asked that next time, we just let him pick. You can bet I'll take him up on his offer. Thanks, again, for thread eGullet.
  21. I guess not - esp. since some 50 folks read with no reply... There are a plethora of choices at about $8 (after taxes) - so, given the good cheap eats seem out, what's the best value in the area for lunchmuncher? Thanks for ideas...
  22. Hi... So I've search and found dinner ideas in the 30 Rock area... Lunch on the site has ideas like Moishes falafel, of course, and that chinese place on 46 b/w 6&7... How about other lunch ideas in the quasi 30 Rock area - say 52rd to 47th between 5th to 8th (1/2 hour walk/buy/back) for $6 or under? Many thanks, in advance, for ideas. Btw - Cosi, the "yougart parfait": $3 - not bad and right at 47th & 6th...
  23. I just can not believe I can now get Chinese food like this delivered to my door (approx. 30 min's) Mapo Tofu, dumpling in red oil & scallion pancakes - simply astounding. Tofu was fresh, light, mapo sauce with ground pork & black bean; dumplings garnished with crushed ginger and everything hot (spice) hot (temp); I can't wait to really eat at this place... You'd be hard pressed to have it be this good in NYC. Thank you Chengdu # 1...
  24. Whoa - good thread; I'm feelin' woozy... Will contribute at some point but seems there's a lot of good Jersey drinkin' to be done. Thanks Peter...!
  25. Btw... La Poblanita, Inc. is no longer at address in prior post; now little further down street at 80 Market St. (same number tho'; nice folks) & still selling their great mole'!
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