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  1. Fruiterie Roger 1832 Laurier East They've been at it for fifty years. They know from fruit. Marc-A
  2. Thanks for the tip, Carswell! That ice cream is truly one of the nicest sweet treats Montreal has to offer. M-A
  3. Yeah "Dinner Rush" was pretty cool. Have you seen the classic "Big Night"? Starring Stanley Tucci and Tony Shaloub. That's a great one! M-A
  4. Chloe's chocolates rock! Get over there ASAP! Try her caramels. Mmmmm... Marc-André
  5. Who the heck is Didier Rosada? AP flour is fine! I've been baking bread with an organic unbleached AP flour for three years and it's given me great results! Marc-A
  6. Good day Mr. Gee. Thank you for being here at eGullet. It's an honor to get to ask you a question. I just read "Cod" by Mark Kurlansky (great book, by the way!). It got me wondering about dried foods such as salt cod or chinese mushrooms, and even tea. Why is the dried then re-hydrated food tastier than in it's original state? Marc-André Cyr
  7. DiStasio. Great show. Josee DiStasio has a genuine love for food and everything related. I'd love to see Carl Witchell on the show again. I believe he's a professor at John Abbott College. He was on the show a couple of seasons ago. He was great. He did a segment on hot peppers. Fascinating. And it was nice to see an anglophone food guy on a french-language television show. Love the show, but I am getting sick of the in and out of focus thing. Marc-André
  8. Finally, someone mentioned kyelateas.com. I love their stuff! They carry only the best Darjeelings, specially chosen every season. Kevin Gascoyne, is a serious Darjeeling expert. He has written several excellent articles for Ed Behr's The Art of Eating. His online tea shop is great, very informative. Check it out! Panadero
  9. I know someone already mentioned it, but The Village Baker by Joe Ortiz is an awesome book on bread baking. It's got the right amount of scientific info, helpful hints and just plain nice things to say about bread and bakers. It's an inspiring AND practical book. Happy reading! Marc-A
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