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  1. Maybe I'm just easily pleased, but Higgins is my favorite place to get lunch in Portland so far. I have never dined in the restaurant, but I have been to the bistro/bar quite a few times. The service is great, the beer selection is just right, all the veggies are in season and local/organic, and the food kicks. My favorite so far is the fancy pants burger. Check out their website too. http://www.higgins.citysearch.com/
  2. I don't know about you guys, but nothing says summer to me like a cold glass of IPA and some fish and chips. Any favorite dining places in Seattle or Portland that help you with this summer ritual? Mine: PDX-The Horse Brass Pub-great beer selection and the best fish and chips I've had. Plus, they serve a Scotch Egg(had boiled egg wrapped in sausage and then deep fried). My only complaint is that at times it can be a bit smoky, but if you go on an afternoon, it's usaully empty. SEA-Elysian Tangletown-the Elysian beer is easily the best beer in the Northwest, and some of the best in the world. I recommend getting their summer brew, Bete Blanche, while enjoying their fish and chips. This is a dorky thread, but dork out with me if you will.
  3. Make sure and go to Higgins. I went there for lunch today, the ground sirloin-steak sandwich(fancy pants burger) with white cheddar is unmatched so far as far as broiled ground beef goes. Plus, they run a class act there and they have Chimay on tap.. The service is always great; eventhough I look like a punk kid walking into their classy joint with a dirty jean jacket, plaid shirt, old Vans, and my iPod blaring Modest Mouse they still treat me as well as all the guys who just got off the golf course. Higgins is where you want to be. Oh, and if you are in the mood for coffee, I work for one of the best coffee companies in the world, the best in Portland, called Stumptown Coffee Roasters. There is a store downtown on 3rd and Ash, and also one on Belmont and one on Division. Check out the website if you want to do the Mapquest thing www.stumptowncoffee.com . Hope you enjoy your trip.
  4. Foster's=(and I mean no disrespect here) Austrailian for piss.
  5. Kyle_Larson

    Happy Holidays!

    I'll go: Cod marinated for 24 hours in a spicy sweet and sour sauce of my own concoction, baked with toasted coconut. Sweet potatoes with pepperjack cheese baked in oregano infused macadamia nut oil. Sea bass marinated 24 hours in a beer stew and fried in chile oil.
  6. Happy Holidays everyone! And what are we all cooking this year ?
  7. Good evening, Well, I did it, I ate a Palace burger. Oh my God, was it good. Cooked med-rare with some nice thin fries on the side. I didn't want to mess up the BEEF experience with condiments, so I enjoyed the pickled tomatoes with my fork. My dining partner in crime and I also enjoyed a few oysters to start off the meal, not the best I've had, but a nice lead in. I'm recovered. Stay tuned next week when I cook a steak Hope everyone here at eGullet is having a happy holiday season. Kyle
  8. Hey all, Just picked up this week's issue of The Stranger. Sara Dickerman gave Via Tribunali a great review . It's not up on the site yet, but you should check it out. I guess great minds think alike
  9. Maybe it's just me, but I really didn't notice the fennel in my gravy at Gravy. Don't mean to rain on your fennel parade.
  10. My friend Stephen and I had a going away dinner there on Sunday. If you've seen my posts I you probably know I'm a fan of Via Tribunali. The only complaint I had about Sunday was the heat. Good lord, it was like a furnace, plus we had reserved the backroom which is entirely candlelit with little air flow from the entrance. I had the proscuitto, ricotta, mozzarella calzone. The proscuitto was a little bit stringer than I like and the ricotta was a little runny, but all in all a good calzone. The crust did not let me down. Just thick/thin enough, and not too salty, but salty enough. I have tried their pizza many times and I would recommend the calzone to anyone who finds the pizza crust too thin. As far as the service goes, I have never had a bad experience. The only reason I can grasp the menu is because I have traveled through Italy, but friends of mine who don't know what's on the list are always given a great explanation by the server or the host. In my opinion, the service is consistently good, but I do see the possibility for a bad experience. All in all, I think Via Tribunali is a great place and would recommend it to anyone. It's not my favorite pizza ever, I have yet to taste pizza better than that of my mother's homemade pizza of Moose's Saloon(in Kalispell, Montana). Maybe I'm just easy to please, but I think they do an awesome job up there on Capitol Hill.
  11. Speaking of Min Liao, does anyone know if she is still writing? She was my favorite columnist at The Stranger and my favorite food writer in Seattle.
  12. Red Mill for lunch today, Palace tonight. I think I might just be recovered. Thanks everyone, for all of your help. Kyle
  13. Atlas and Jitterbug were both big let downs for me. The Coastal Kitchen was good, but I wasn't terribly impressed and I was quite put off by the ambience of the place. I have been to the Hi-Life for lunch and enjoyed it, a few friends have told me the breakfast is quite good so I'll have to see. The 5 Spot still remains the only Chow foods restaurant I've truly enjoyed(and gone back to).
  14. Just returned from yet another visit to Via Tribunali. Another incredible pizza experience. The service tonight was perfect. Our server not only was tasteful in her suggestions, but tactful; less is always more in my book, and she let us enjoy our meal without completely ignoring our table. Needless to say, water glasses were always full and our Moretti's were none a bit of the same. I had the proscuitto(cut from Salumi proscuitto), my friend had the Funghi. The last time I was there the crust was a bit over salted, but not tonight, it was nothing less than sublime. I wish I could have cut you all off a bite, but I managed to finish the whole thing(I guess that's what happens when you go walking for five miles without eating lunch). On our way out we bumped into Mike, the owner, and he shook our hands and thanked us for coming in. What a great dining experience. I am moving to Portland in a few weeks and barely know Via Tribunali, yet I will miss it. Kyle
  15. Yes, I am looking forward to working with Duane and all the other great people I have met at Stumptown. I can't remember what the paintings were on the wall of Gravy. What were they?
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