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  1. I was just in Pondicherry in January and checked out both Le Club and Rendez-vous as I was really excited about the prospect of checking out the potential of Indo-french cusine as I worked at Tabla for a year. I was not too impressed by either. They definetly specialize in the the very classic French and haven't really expanded or incorporated Indian elements into their menu's. The Neemrana group has opened up a small boutique hotel there which is charming but again, their restaurant was not impressive. The pastry shop mentioned above was great though - most authentic french bread I've had in
  2. Hi, I'm going to be in Paris for two nights. The first I will be dining with my family and friends and am looking for something in the price range of Le Regelade or L'Epi Dupin - preferably something new that I haven't tried. The second night I will be with my family and wanted something more on the level of Lassarre. A friend recommended Hiramatsu. Any thoughts from anyone? Thanks Anu
  3. Monica - Judging from the cover of last weeks Time Out - and the recent coverage of Indian culture in the press and the growing number of Indian restaurants in NY it seems like it is definelty happening... I know that at a recent Restaurant/Hotel Trend Panel - Indian food was cited by Michael Whiteman and Rozanne Gold as one of the top 10 trends for this year.
  4. Monica - Subway in India is great - They have amazing selection -fresh breads and even choices like Hummus and Falefel that aren't available here. McD"s in India I"m not such a fan of except their spicy fries...
  5. PS - Does anyone know how long these will last refridgerated? I just brought some back from Paris yesterday but was curious about how long they would be tasty for....
  6. Great Piece Monica! Having been back to Delhi as well during Christmas - the variety and choice available in just North Indian food never fails to astound me - There are SO many snacks and lesser known food items available, and you did an excellent job of describing the adventure, taste sensations and thrill of a new food find! I can't wait to go back - Will definlety give you my top picks - my parents have been on an aloo parantha mission - determined to find the best paranthas in Delhi - will keep you updated on their finds!
  7. In case you are looking for other amazing French restaurants in India, in Goa there is an amazing place called Le Restaurant. I highly recommend it, its run by three Frenchmen who spend half of the year in France and half of the year in Goa. They only serve dinner and the menu changes daily - the food is delicous and its a real fusion of the fresh produce and seafood of Goa, with French influence and Indian spices. The food is great and the ambience is even better. I went a couple of years ago so I'm not sure if its open but it was the best "French" food I've had in India - The other great pla
  8. I could also contribute a recipe for his chocolate macaroons if anyone's interested - He stopped by the restaurant I worked at this summer...Amazing to watch him in action - According to him, we had to wait at least a day to try his delicious creations...
  9. When I think of Indian-American cuisine, I definelty think of what I saw at Tabla...When I worked in the kitchen, it was just amazing to see the familarity with Indian spices being used in such creative ways...I completely feel like there is so much complexity to Indian cusine - which I love - but also can be played around with and molded to create a cusine which truly is Indian American. And as for those people who don't approve of fusion cuisine - I feel like it is similar to what happens when you have the child of a mixed marriage couple - either the child is amazing looking, or has gotten
  10. Wow Suvir, that menu sounds amazing...But I've never tried Makhanee kee Kheer...I'm attending a potluck and making Aarchari Bangaan and Gagar Ka Halva...Would love to hear more about the kheer though, thats one of my favorites!
  11. Anu

    Bao Noodles

    I acutally hesitated before putting this on and it was Monica who convinced me...I've done a couple of restaurant reviews for my college alumni newsletter and am working on two articles based on my experince both backpacking in South east Asia for two months as well as working at a cooking school and restaurant in France...As for the food and rest consulting - I'm working on it - I also run my own business so things are a little crazy right now - but if you have any suggestions I"m always open Anil - vietnam was amazing! Go!
  12. Vietnam – Hot jungles, fragrant fruits, fields of rice, steaming bowls of sweet and spicy sauces… All sights, scents, and images that come to mind after three weeks traversing the country from North to South this spring. Traditionally associated with the controversial war of the 70’s, this South Asian ex-colony rapidly disappeared from the American radar after the end of the War. However, in recent years, Vietnamese food as a mainstream cuisine is slowly approaching the forefront of the urban American palate, as an explosion of restaurants, both Vietnamese and French Vietnamese, appear acros
  13. Personally, I've never really been a fan of yoga, as I can never concentrate and my mind is in a million different places. Bikram is different b/c its really intense, as a result of the heat and therefore you can't help but concentrate on what you are doing. Secondly, the heat allows you to attain positions that I never thought possible. Thirdly you sweat alot and for me, really has all over cleasnsing effect. But its not for everyone. Many of my friends think its too much. But its definelty worth a try...
  14. Monica I would definetly advocate oatmeal - what works for me is a bowl of oatmeal which I soak overnight in water or milk, with cinnamon and ground cardamom, almonds and nuts. In the morning I cook the mixture with one mashed banana and its scrumptious. Sometimes in the summer instead of cooking it, I will just add some milk, yoghurt or cottage cheese. Since I exercise in the morning, I need something that fills me up and I don't like a lot of sugar so this works perfectly. I also don't eat alot of carbs, but I count oatmeal more as fiber then as a white flour or white sugar carbohydrate. Yo
  15. I've tried both the frozen and semi cooked ones...They're alright...Nothing like home though. My parents also did some hunting for the perfect parantha in Delhi but weren't too impressed by what they found in the parantha walla ki gulle - very greasy - but i guess its difficult to compare with what you eat at home - kind of like homemade pizza versus your corner pizzeria - the corner one is probably good but really greasy whereas homemade is really good and you can control the grease factor...
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