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  1. Returned on Tuesday from NOLA. Went to the Fest on Saturday & Sunday. The weather held out, conveniently raining on Sat. night but clearing by Sun. morning. We had rosemint tea, the cochon de lait poboy, andouille calas, crabcakes with smoked tomato cream sauce, crawfish bread, merguez, Natchitoches meat pie, white chocolate bread pudding and mango freeze, whew! While in town we also made it to Drago's for oysters both half-shell & charbroiled, Parasol's for roast beef po-boys, and Clancy's (gotta love those smoked soft shell crabs). I was really in the mood for Dunbar's fried chicken but still not open - anyone have an update? I also picked up my 6 month supply of Tony Chachere's both regular & extra spicy, and some Zatarain's Creole mustard.
  2. NOW this thread starts. Just when we're moving our offices up to Montvale. I've eaten at Toros & enjoyed the food plus they have a good lunch special - soup or salad, appetizer, entree and a drink for $7.99. Plus they offer it on Saturdays if you don't work nearby. I can also recommend Salah Edin at 995 Main St. Paterson. They have takout kabobs & sandwiches in the front, a sit down restaurant in the back. Not many gringos, but I've been treated very nicely whenever I've been. Good food and super cheap
  3. Sue Who, The West Orange Watercooler is a yahoo group. Link is below. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/WestOrangeWatercooler/
  4. So we thought we were all set on pizza delivery w discovered Gencarelli's after moving to the Gregory section of West Orange. Unfortunately, Gencarelli's has now moved. After posting to the West Orange Watercooler, the general consensus was Essex Green pizza which we ordered last night. The verdict? Not so good. The crust was too thick and bready. Does anyone know of any other pizzerias in the South Orange, West Orange area that deliver? By the way, we also love Los Tapatios, great food, cheap, and a very friendly, family-run atmosphere. I picture a grandmother in the back with a big bowl of lard handmaking the tortillas they use in their tacos.
  5. Any Northern NJ residents looking for a quick satsuma fix will find them at a store called the Orange Farmer's Market on Main St. in Orange (just past the intersection of Main St. & Northfield in West Orange).
  6. My wife and I just recently purchased a house in West Orange therefore our dining budget has been severely curtailed. I was wondering if anyone knew of any good midweek specials that any restaurants have on a regular basis such as reduced price, prix-fixe, etc. that will allow us to eat out once a week inexpensively. We're open to all cuisines. We found a good one in Belleville at Michael's Roscommon House - a large pizza and a pitcher of beer for $15, during the week. I think it was Mon.-Thurs but don't quote me on that. Any other suggestions closer to West Orange?
  7. Second Nor-Joe's in Old Metairie for best muffaletta. Off Metairie Road next to the railroad tracks. Also in this neighborhood is Radosta's which has one of the best roast beef po-boys in the metro area. As far as hurricanes go, Lafitte's Blacksmith Shop at the far end of Bourbon makes theirs with real fruit juice. A very dark & atmospheric bar to boot. For atmosphere & a good drink, go to the Napoleon House and have a Pimm's Cup.
  8. Agree on Elizabeth's for breakfast instead of lunch. I would drop Bombay Club for dinner (though great place for pre or post dinner drinks). Casamento's is open for dinner but the menu is limited so may not make for a satisfying dinner. Some other dinner places to consider that aren't yet mentioned: Irene's Cuisine (FQ) Clancy's (Uptown) Christian's (Mid-City)
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