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  1. And we are expecting a full report tomorrow, please!
  2. Just reading this on Saturday afternoon so I hope you read it before you go. If it's still on the menu, be sure to get the roasted beet salad with lobster (or is it the lobster salad with roasted beets?). It's amazing! And if Carolyn is your server, tell her hi for me . She's my daughter
  3. bakezoid

    Pizza--Cook-Off 8

    I'm really excited about this pizza cook-off; at least I will be once Passover is finished. Right now I can only plan. I did testing for American Pie and enjoyed trying lots of different crusts. Peter's theory is that we love the pizza we had as children and i think he's got something there. My favorite to make at home is pizza on the grill using a crust recipe from an old issue of Cooking Light. That'a during the summer. SO I will read this thread until Sunday and then get started. And Rachel, I love genoa salami or sopressata slivered and scattered lightly on. Another wonderful combination, grilled, is nectarines, baby arugula and gogonzola. Maybe some prosciutto or salami. Hurry up sunday1
  4. Hi from Western NY! I know that there are now at least two Wegmans in the DC area. I am a big Wegmans fan and one of the many reasons is their exceptional cheeses as well as the folks in the cheese departments. And the Dulles store has the largest cheese department of all Wegmans stores. If it's convenient, try it. And let me know.
  5. Made a moussaka last night and refrigerated it. It will be reheated for tonight's dinner. Rachel, thanks for the Cutlet recipe ; I used it and even thought it's a PITA it's less of a PITA than in a frying pan. Based on your advice I made more than I needed. My 17-year-old son, a self-described "Big eggplant guy", loved them right out of the oven (and so did I). Wegmans didn't have any ground lamb, so the butcher ground a leg for me and only made me buy the amount that I needed. If you have a Wegmans in your area and don't go there, shame on you! I hope the meat is not too dry. I drained off the fat, put in tomato paste, red wine and cinnamon. Layered it with the eggplant cutlets, thin sliced of potato cooked on a griddle and a bechamel made of the ususal plus some handmade ricotta and kasseri cheeses. This was a combination of a bunch of ingredients from many of the recipes mentioned on this thread and was new for me since I ususally have no confidence without literally following a recipe. I am eager to get home tonight and try it, and to continue experimentation and learning from all of you with eGulleters.
  6. How did I miss this cook-off starting? If I try to decide which version to make, I'll never get to the store to buy the stuff I need today. It's already almost 9 a.m. SO I'll shop for eggplant, potatoes, kasseri cheese and anything else appealing and re-read the posts when I get home. YOu guys are sure to post even more info by then. Thanks for a fun cooking thing for this afternoon
  7. Here's my tale of woe to which any new mother and/or law student should be able to relate: Four weeks post-partum with child #2 (She's LittleWing and is who turned me on to eGullet) and one week into my first semester of Law School, I put a pan on the strove to heat up oil to brown a chuck roast and COMPLETELY FORGOT about it. The smoke detector went off; my husband thought I had a brain tumor and I went to see a neurologist. Much later I realized that I had simply been underwater (New moms and some dads, you know what I mean). Just goes to show that home cooking has its own time and place and it's important to be able to identify them!
  8. Wow! What a great topic and very timely personally speaking. I was way down in the dumps last Friday and came home to cook chicken paprikash, potatoes madeleines, salad and a banana gallette for dessert. It was the only time all day that I felt like a human being. I used only stuff that was in the house already since I was too down to go to the store So the chicken had roasted red peppers from a jar instead of fresh peppers and the potatoes were made from leftover masheds. But I ended up feeling that I had accomplished something tangible and that, for the moment, life wasn't so futile after all.
  9. bakezoid

    Pumpkin Seed Oil

    Put some on vanilla ice cream!
  10. Chiming in from Buffalo about Pizza. When I first moved here in the early 70s, Bocce was all I craved. We would pick up our pies and eat them along the dumpsters in front of the Bailey Ave store. Now unless I order it with light sauce, it is way too tomatoey for me. My husband still likes it, but reminds me that pizza in Buffalo is "not that good". And he's a native. My favorite is Just Pizza which has several locations in the area. They make a great thin crust. La Nova also tastes pretty good but my order has been messed up there so many times that I have given up.
  11. Trying to get my mind off the winter weather outside and to appreciate more braising appropriate weather. Made Salmon Filets braised in Pinot Noir with line-caught salmon. They weren't as thick as Molly recommended so I shortened up the braising time. Also my son (17-years-old) hates mushrooms. I was able to include the chopped stems in the aromatics ( sneaky - the solids got strained out of the sauce in the finish), but put the bacon-mushroom caps garnish on the side. With it I made the bad-ass broccoli from the thread of the same name and Potatoes Madeleines which were a hot thread some time ago . So I guess it was an all eGullet dinner. It kept me busy most of the late afternnon and away from the window. Oddly enough my son liked the potatoes and broccoli better than the salmon. Could it be that he could taste the undertones of the mushrooms in the fish and the sauce? Hmmmm.....
  12. bakezoid

    Dinner! 2005

    Turkey cutlets dipped in dijon mustard/white wine then coated w/bread crumbs/ parmesan ; quick-braised green beans from the current issue of Fine Cooking ( I used the orange juice -balsamic variation and they were great); braised potatoes with garlic and bay leaves from Molly Stevens' All About Braising. And a glass of Tiefenbruner Pinot Grigio just for me.
  13. Did the Osso Bucco with her Risotto Milanaise again on Saturday night for guests since I already knew how good it would be. My son appreciated the (minimal) leftovers yesterday. Will try Beef Rendang later this week. Any suggestions for something in the vegetable department to have with it?
  14. What quick service from you guys! I'll be staying in Dupont w/my son and not renting a car. So Metro and cabs will get me around. I'll be needing food from an emotional/recreational, rather than nutritional, perspective. So far your suggestions sound great and thanks
  15. My plane gets in to National at 12:53 this Staurday and I will be in immediate need of lunch. Any suggestions of where to meet my son? Skip Palena since I will be having dinner there
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