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  1. I've had mostly good luck with Mar de Plata's varieties.
  2. He still gets a substantial crowd for the normal Galileo lunch, I've seen it pretty full by 12:45-1. Maybe today everyone was trying to eat outside.
  3. I've had the same problems at Dukem - always assuring the server I actually want it uncooked and then going through the same with the manager when it comes to the table. I’ve only ordered take out once from them, and they didn’t make the kitfo because they assumed that there must have been some mistake in my order.
  4. I've always been happy with Bistrot Du Coin's, but my favorite in the area is Dukem's kitfo - I think the Ethiopian preparation brings out the flavor of the meat a little more.
  5. As a lesser of two evils choice, I'd rather go to someplace all white where people are puking - at lease then you know whether it's been cleaned up. You can never be sure at Townhouse...
  6. I dunno, it sounds classy. You get to pick the ingredients for your nachos!
  7. I saw a write up of the P St Bistro Café in the Dupont Current or some similar community paper, it looks like it's going to be a nightmare. The owner said things like "We'll offer some small plates, too, they're very trendy" and mentioned "Elegant burgers". I wish I could find it to post, it was almost comical. Trying to be everything to everyone in a small spot. The restaurant going in at the 1515 14th St gallery building is, I believe, going to be from the owner of Perry's, and feature beaucoup organic food.
  8. Remember that between the food reviews in the Post, the City Paper, the Washingtonian, and the Washington Times, the Post is probably the paper where it's most appropriate to assume a broader scope considering the readership.
  9. Sure the Washingtonian piece was a press release, but there's no way this was a publicist post - one would NEVER say "I heard no buzz about this restaurant"!
  10. Joe, sweetfreak said "buyer beware" in reference to the multiple mentions of the lobster burger as $18 on this thread. And she'll have to answer this, but they were probably sitting at one of the tables in the lounge rather than the dining room - the tuna burger she mentions is only offered on the lounge menu. If Citronelle didn't want more casual diners to be able to come into the bar/lounge and order a la carte snacks or meals, they wouldn't have a lounge menu. This is like complaining that someone eating at the Osteria at Galileo is tying up a table in the Laboritorio.
  11. I've done brewing at Shennendoah, too, and enjoyed it very much. The wait time between the brewing and bottling runs from about 3-12 weeks, depending on the type of beer. You can do custom labels, too. They also sell beer on site, bottled, and in growlers, and I think they're the best brewery in the DC area. There are a few other home brew supply suppliers in the area, though I know Total Brewing Component Supply in VA closed recently. Haven't tried it myself, though, I'm planning on a batch of bathtub gin first.
  12. Try Majestic Cafe in Alexandria. Nice space, thoughtful drinks, breakfast-y menu (including a ham hash and a side item of cheese grits that's equal parts cheese and grits), exellent bread basket, entrees around $10, and usually available seats. (edit: not in DC, but evey time I've ventured out it's been well worth it)
  13. I believe Kanishka's referring to the indie rock mecca Black Cat, affectionately referred to as El Gato Negro but not, as far as I've heard, as Le Chat Noir.
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