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  1. Appreciate the help and direction! I've looked up Rice, Spice... and will by trying some of your recipes. Again, thanks for sharing your knowledge!
  2. Jenni - great posts, I learned a lot! Would you recommend a pressure cooker when cooking for two? I don't know much about them but would appreciate size/product recommendation. Thanks!
  3. I have 10" Wusthof that my grandpa brought back from Germany after the war (WWII) and it always makes me happy to use it, it just feels good. I also have several Forschners from school that have been very serviceable (plastic handles). Along with the other posters, save money and don't buy a set. Get what you need and add as you can (or wish). Good luck!
  4. I spend my workdays trapped inside the bowels of a hospital's bottom floor with no windows. We are moles who don't see faylight until day's end. Someone approaches the microwave and nukes BROCCOLI AND CAULIFLOWER. In the same dish. ABHORRENT! Add to that the office is right across from the ladies' restroom, which has no exhaust fan. Minutes later, the micro dings again. Someone's made fish. WHY????????
  5. Haha! Loved that 2 months makes any mommy an expert!! I too am bored with Padma's questionable "expertise" and progressively nasty commentaries about both the food and the contestants. Unless it's the editing which seems to be every reality show participant's excuse, she just seems to be increasingly haughty and self-important. Pretty? Yes. Pleasant, no. Replacement please!
  6. Unfortunately with this season, I think the show may have run it's course. None of the contestants were/are particularly ingenious, or likeable for that matter. Other seasons have had far more dynamic personalities with much more obvious talent. It just seems tired.
  7. I'm with you lancastermike - I loved Emeril in his early days....he was a novelty. Remember there was a time when seemingly everyone loved Dr. Phil? I will be honest and say I don't watch him unless it's on the Green Network now, it's kind of a back-to-basics show. You are completely correct in your point that he is a marketing machine. Any of the celeb chefs are, truly: Batali, Colicchio, Ramsay, Oliver and countless others. That's how they make money. Padma Lakshmi think's she's a chef/cook when she's more a model, but she's branded herself and she's making money. There are very few Marco Pierre Whites out there! Don't hate on him, he is a brand manager now and he's a heck of a lot wealthier than I will ever be.
  8. Cranky cranky!!!! It's just an enjoyable diversion, and if you don't enjoy , don't read! Personally, it's interesting and entertaining and this is a great venue for people to showcase their talents (or to fail miserably with a deluge of grouchy respondents). I say, continue! It's fun!
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