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  1. How about soy milk/creamer I have used soy milk in cakes and have used the vanilla creamer to make pastry cream, which worked surprisingly well.
  2. I have a small tub of Satin Ice at home and it has hydrogenated oil to. I agree, bet they all do
  3. What's in this drink?! ← A pint glass of Guinness about 3/4 full then with a shot glass full of baileys is dropped in then you drink.
  4. I got my square and round pans from here.Lloyd Industries they have odd and even sizes and ship very promptly. The corners on the square pans are "square", I have not used magic line so I do not know how they compare directly, but they are heavy and compare well to the rounds that I purshased from a local restauraunt supply store.
  5. I am have never been succesfull baking bread, but I have now baked 2 loaves from my first batch of the basic dough ( I subed 2 cups of whole wheat) and the bread came out really well. Next I have to buy the book. Thanks Zoe for a great concept. PS I should add I always really hated kneading.
  6. I am trying to have them get me some samples, because it has to be ordered a case at time. The only info I was given I passed on. Jeanne I thought it was just me, I hate Satin Ice. Since I discovered that a number of venues and caterers in this area strip fondant from the cakes before cutting I have been questioning why I pay so much money for decent fondant, hence the curiosty ........
  7. I currently use Carrara Massa Ticino Tropic rolled fondant, and was talking to a supplier who mentioned he could get "Euro" fondant at a much lower price and was wondering if any one had worked with it etc and had any reviews. I also want to say please lets not a debate about the relative merits of rolled fondant just this particular brand.
  8. I have never heard that either, I did not make my cake, but I did decorate it in 1994. edited to say still married.
  9. Thanks for the input on this, I am curious how much of a cream cheese flavor does the frosting have, it is such a distinct flavor normally?
  10. Now Annie, I did not say it was going to be decent, edible yes..... I have a soft spot for brides with dietary restrictions but really want a wedding cake, now I am not a pushover I do refuse to make things like red velvet. I did once make a wedding cake that was gluten, egg and dairy free its only saving grace was she could eat chocolate with that no cake..
  11. I have had a request for a sugar free wedding cake, I don't have any problems with the cake part, but I was wondering if I could use Isomalt as a sugar sunstitute in IMBC and french buttercream, and if I can what would be the ratio sugar = isomalt? If Isomalt won't work has any one any suggestions? Thanks
  12. alligande

    Cake Art

    I think this is the same artist I have had it booked marked for a while http://www.artcake.ru/
  13. I pay $60.00 a day in Rhode Island, but it is not a formal arrangement I am suppost to get the kitchen from 12.00 onwards but in reality I come in when ever I want.
  14. Here in Rhode Island any food products being wholesaled have to be tested and have an ingredient label that was anayleised ( I cant spell today) by the university when I got my license (for cakes) the inspector and I had the conversation that went along the lines of don't start selling at wholsesale your life will suck! A business in the same building has one product "stuffies" as it is very expensive to bring new items on line and at the moment she does not want to invest.
  15. I am going to be in Key West next week to cook for 20 people for a week and was wondering if any one had any suggestions about good shops, and where to stay away from. thanks
  16. In CA, tipped employees make the same minimum wage that everyone else does. ← Just want to clarify this (although I agree it is a weird system) - the employer has to make up the diffrence between the minimum wage and the tip rate over the period of the shift if the server does not make any money. The employer also pays their share of social secruity local fed taxes etc on the whole amount I tip 20% a live in a small town used to own a restauraunt and know a lot of people so if we want decent service again 20% it is. I have friends who tip 25 - 30% which I do think is absurd except in dinner type place where the prices are cheaper but the server still has to hustle then they get 30% It is not included because that is even more annoying ever had really bad service and been forced to take of the service charge it is a pain. A tip is not a right it is a reward for decent to good service - if you suck as a server then you wont make any money.
  17. I also have a Bron Coucke, I dont use it often but I do enjoy having it when the need arises ( I would describe myself as a serious cook)It was a present which I was thrilled with. This is a great idea I have sacrificed many a fingernail.
  18. I would second what everyone else has said tradtional food, made extremely well. I belive you can build a reputation on an excellent burger and good fries. For repeat clienatal with this style food you dont want to be avant garde, you need affordable food that they want to come back for often. As for that liquor cost, there are 3 options, undercharging, extra strong, or theft as a former pub owner I would guess all three. Vigilance and weekly inventories oh and a great computer system really help.
  19. Thanks Keith that is a much better price, I will be ordering tomorrow. Thanks for the info a little bulky and time consuming to ship to the states
  20. I use a fair amount of tylose in gumpaste and fondant decorations and have really only found it available in 55gram containers at close to $4.00 + shipping. I did find a link once to bulk cmc, but had to reset my computer so lost the bookmark and now have no luck googling. So was hoping some one else may have already found a source
  21. No where I live the food is not particularly bad.. I was just impressed that you get things like rabbit, wild duck, pheasant etc. (items I have never seen here) The veggies weren't much different, in a small little town. I sublet a kitchen from an independant meat market so I am very aware of where his meat comes from and it is the same places the supermarket sources from. I would be the first to omit that English food still has a long way to go, but the improvement in the last 20 years has been remarkable. I was just impressed by the available raw ingredients in regular local stores and that there where 2 cheese shops.
  22. If I drive to Providence (45 -50 min) there are all sorts of ethnic markets starting of course with Italian ones, I have had a fresh goose from a specialty butcher but.... this little town I was visting is not gentrified nor touristy, not close enough to London to benefit yet it has this great selection of food. I live in a resort town, with fine dinning restaurants, million dollar homes, good wine stores etc, where we have an independant meat market, (but the meat comes from a distributor in cryovac packs) we have a couple of fish shops but everything is already filleted so you have no real idea what you are eating, and a farmstand that has some great stuff but also buys from Sisco so you are never really sure where the product came from..... Sorry I am off on my rant that has been bothering since I got home last week
  23. I just got back (I live in Newport, RI) from visting my mother in a small seaside town in Kent, England and was amazed at the variety of food that was available. The fishmonger was selling muscovy ducks, pheasants and rabbits. The butcher had local kent lamb, vennision, a huge variety of cuts of meats, there are 2 cheese shops one selling french and the other english. Even Sainsburys labels where the produce comes from (not just country, region and sometimes farmer) and variety. Here in Newport, the fish has already been fillted, the meat market does cut the meat, but it comes in cryovac packs and to find good cheese ..... a trip to providence is in order. In the summer we have a great farmers market, but what I was seeing was an amazing variety in shops not a once a week arrangement. I know there are places in the US that has this variety (ie Seattle)and I also know that I have access to alot more than other areas, but I want more
  24. I just broke both my Mason cash bowls this summer and have been Keeping an eye out for replacements, I was just in a high end kitchen store in Canterbury that had all the sizes up to 12" but they were to heavy to bring back with me
  25. Thanks for bringing this up I have been having the same thoughts about the best way to extrude fondant without killing your hands..
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