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  1. jrt

    Meal Outlaw

    Thanks for the kind words, Mamster. It even works as a Facebook app now so the cool kids can play, too.
  2. jrt

    Dinner! 2007

    That looks perfect. Do you use a homemade dashi? I have been using some powdered stuff from a tube-like packet...
  3. Don & Joe's. Casings. They have them.
  4. jrt

    Dinner! 2007

    Never, ever get embarassed about rose. (Ever.)
  5. Yes, sadly. All of our unfortunate incidents there since December. Edited to add: not only were we once seated and then told the kitchen was closed, but we once actually placed an order and had drinks in front of us when the server came back to tell us the kitchen was done for the night. I've never had that happen anywhere else, ever.
  6. I'm not at all surprised to see such a wide variance in quality of experience at Stumbling Goat. My fiance and I, when we started dating, went there quite a bit and loved it. All of a sudden, though, the food slid some and seemed both mediocre and like they were pushing the concepts a bit much. They closed on us more than once (meaning they sat us and then told us they couldn't feed us) and their hours seem erratic to say the least. At least the wine list has been pretty good. It's a bummer. I really want to like the place again. That neighborhood needs a restaurant like that.
  7. jrt

    Argan Oil

    Ahh, oil from the rear end of a goat. There's a restaurant here in Seattle (Lark) that uses it on a simple cauliflower soup and it's wonderful. I've recently had it on steak tartare and it's perfect there too.
  8. I heard there's a bit of a change in the kitchen staff... last night's cod special (wrapped in a grape leaf and grilled) was delicious w/the grapes and risotto-like rice. The room is a little weird, I think, but I can't wait to go back w/my young daughter. The kid-friendly nature is really cool.
  9. the lemon parfait? agreed. ethereal. ← no, the chicken liver parfait ← Well, that lemon parfait is downright amazing. The two other people I was with were literally unable to speak after tasting it. A few days ago the scallops turned out to be great, too. Damn I love Lark.
  10. I once read about a guy who worked in Chinese restaurants all of his life and ended up importing wines for Asian restaurants all over the world. The formative event for him? He was a teenager and a well-known restaurant critic laughed at him when he asked the gentleman if he would like a glass of wine with his dinner. Decades later, he watched the same critic order something off of his own wine list. I think the thing about price is pretty much spot on. Keep in mind that finding good wine in average American restaurants is a pretty new thing here in the States and Asia isn't exactly widely known as a major wine player (though that is changing, too). Typhoon! seems to do okay... but like Wild Ginger (a restaurant I despise), it is on the higher end of the price spectrum. Spicy Thai for me demands sparkling wine. Mellow Vietnamese begs for something pink. Damn that sounds good right now.
  11. Great thread! Salumi, Paseo, Matt's are all on the top of my "best places to eat even though I don't like to eat a lot of bread" list. Honeyhole has a killer late night bar, too, with hilarious people and a nice almost dive bar attitude.
  12. This was exactly my experience at Bon Vivant... you nailed it on the head. Too bad. I'll Try Culinary Communion now, thanks to your recommendation. Thanks!
  13. jrt

    Chili – Cook-Off 15

    Wow... well, this is my first attempt w/cubed chuck. I agree: cubing it is a pain, but worth it. This batch was done in the Bayless style (that is, with a toasted ancho starting "sauce") but I used ground lamb, ground veal, and a big ol' cut of chuck. All of it was worth it. The main thing missing here was a bit of spice... and while I'm not a beer drinker (that is, I'm allergic to it if you can believe that), a local crappy beer is necessary w/chili...
  14. GF and I had a lovely time at the bar 2 weeks ago, celebrating my birthday. the friendly and attentive bartender (Shea/Shay?) steared me towards a 20 yr old Van Winkle bourbon. Damn him! The mussels were very tasty and their presentation was sweet. We will be back. ← I quite like Place Pigalle; the only reason I don't go more often is that I'm not usually in "the mood" for it if that makes any sense at all. The atmosphere in there is a little weird, I think: small but a bit cold. It's probably the only restaurant where I'd bother ordering chicken since they're one of the few kitchens I've seen that won't cook the hell out of it. The view is lovely there.
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