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  1. I'm sorry if that came out sounding over-dramatic but I'm just naturally petrified of inconveniencing people, which is what it has sounded like we would do. In order to allay my fears if possible I went to their web site and looked at the photo gallery (wish I could say that I went). They certainly seem big enough for us, especially considering we'd probably be reduced in group size on account of cost, etc. They'd probably even have a couple of tables left over. Gosh, we're such nice people, I think they'd really enjoy having us. Especially seeing as how we're all in agreement over the importance of ingredients and technique. Is it really going to be such a big deal? If it is, we could just wait until they open the garden for regular service, which is what I've read they plan to do in the future. There, everybody happy
  2. Bummer, Mark...student bribes down this year? Just for the record, I am willing to spend the $$ because I don't go out that often. I do think I would feel incredibly guilty about overtaking someone's establishment, though. What do you think, slkinsey, is Franny's doable or should we move on to somewhere bigger?
  3. After reading this thread yesterday, I set my clock radio (which goes on at 11am) to WOR. This morning: David Rosengarten, with a side of Mamma and some nice listener from Chicago who was probably the most helpful person on the show. What pissed me off is that Rocco doesn't listen to anyone. He also doesn't seem to believe that there is such a thing as the average home cook. I mean, some nice old guy calls up and wants to know what's wrong with his oregano and why his wife complained about OD'ing on oregano. Of course, that's not how they phrased it; they presented the question as "where do I get the bestest, freshest oregano?" Probably as a nod to Rosengarten, the king of ingredient shopping. It became evident during the conversation this guy doesn't know the difference between fresh and dried herbs and probably substituted one for one. Did ANYONE pick up on this? No! They make shopping suggestions, David shilling for Food Emporium now, and Rocco makes vapid comments about how great oregano is. I almost called in to say something helpful – after all, Rocco kept saying "this show is all about you..." At that point, though, I was so irritated that I shut off the radio halfway through the show and got up. So I'm going to keep listening. Even if it's out of irritation, anything that gets me out of bed is a good thing.
  4. Kathy, I Tivo'd it online, seconds after reading this thread. You should try it! I liked the show, are there going to be more? This seemed pretty thorough (all the basics). I need to watch it again, not so late at night
  5. What a fabulous time! I don't know how you all can rank things – what was better? The pizza? The gelato? Meeting eGulleteers? How can I possibly say? I did really like the texture of the pepperoni, which is my favorite topping of all time. However, with spiced meat being one of my top five favorite foods, I have to admit it wasn't spicy enough for me. I may be a weirdo, but I really liked that the crust had some body to it as well as having a crispy bottom. But I don't know from oven spring, so I guess I'll just have to keep showing up until I find it Sam, everyone's mention of the blandness of the calamari pizza reminded me your original idea was to get calamari and capers – what made you change your mind? And don't forget to let us know if you ever really want to figure out the Patsy's distance / suckiness factor. That would be a fun day indeed. (Especially if we make sure we're near Otto at the end!)
  6. Trish, I think you are perfectly right that they should offer these for viewing. But I think what they know is true is that people love DVDs. Even more than tapes. It might be hoping against hope that they'll find a way to package the episodes not just efficiently and attractively but with extras. But even if they don't? Lots of people will buy the DVDs anyway. It's a phenomenon I don't understand but do acknowledge. And it's okay with me if they make the money back they spend on production. We'll see for sure in January, but I suspect they'll air the shows the same time they release the DVDs. These days, what show doesn't become its own DVD advertisement?
  7. Don't blame eGulleteers – blame New York. I did a search for "marrow" on menupages.com and, besides those already mentioned, there were only six other restaurants listed (interestingly, Landmarc wasn't one of them). And ugh! Half of them apparently shilled themselves in the review section - who would trust a retaurant that had to stoop that low? And that's only Manhattan. Sorry I can't help you myself, but I hope you get many more responses. Shoot, for all I know, there could be a marrow cart by the ball fields in Red Hook on Sundays
  8. Hey, guess what? WGBH in Boston just wrote back! Dear Viewer, Thank you for your interest in our programming. Please accept our apologies for this delayed response, due to an unusually high volume of mail received recently. We always appreciate hearing from our viewers, listeners, and Web site visitors. We are anticipating that select episodes of Julia Child's early programs will be available for purchase via our website sometime in January, 2005 (or thereabouts). Contact information follows: WGBH Boston Video 1-800-949-8670 www.shop.wgbh.org PO Box 2284 S. Burlington, VT 05407 Thank you for taking the time to write and for expressing an interest in WGBH programming. Sincerely, Audience and Member Services I haven't contacted the Museum of Television & Radio yet, but if there's still a desire I could swing by one day (or call). Let me know! Jen
  9. Jason, I thank you for that kind dose of reality. I suppose it was just naivete on my part to think it just hadn't occurred to anyone to put the show on DVD. And after watching the same clips repeated over and over on TV this past week, I am quite ready to believe you. It'll still take a good hour to drag me away from the monitor in Julia's kitchen, next time I'm in DC...
  10. Pardon me if I'm being obtuse (or overly new-agey), but is there some way of channelling all the "I wish the French Chef series was on DVD" energy and directing it towards WGBH? Has anyone ever asked them if they meant to do this? Has anyone ever participated in such a campaign before? Just wishing...and hoping...and writing??
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