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  1. I bought my couche fabric at an art supply store where they had unbleached linen on rolls. It was quite a bit cheaper than buying the French couche fabric that specialty stores sell. You can cut and sew the unbleached linen into any shape you need, such as round for boules. I always use rice flour on my couches. With new couches, I rub the rice flour in as much as possible and then have a large soft paint brush on hand when I take the dough out of the couche. The brush does a good job of getting the excess flour off the bread. Whether to leave flour on or off the dough is a matter of esthetics. After several rounds of rice flour, I no longer need to flour the couches for every dough. I would guess I flour about 4-6 times a year [i bake about a kilo of dough at a time several times a week in cooler weather]. What kind of bread are you making?
  2. Albuquerque is closer than Santa Fe; looking there might save you some money. I do not know any caterers there, unfortunately. Maybe the Frontier restaurant does catering? I have been to several events recently in Santa Fe catered by different caterers and cannot say I would recommend any of them except one, who is hardly mainstream: a vegetarian caterer. The rest served forgetable food. Congratulations on your marriage!
  3. Yes, I have gone to the NM State Fair many times over the past 20 years. It is great fun, both in terms of people watching and in terms of activities. I absolutely have to go to the Bolack Building every year, which is the vegetable exhibition area. The Bolack Farms have a huge exhibit every year, behind a big plate glass window, of the most astonishingly beautiful produce I have ever seen. Children like the Future Farmers barn where they have quite cute baby farm animals and children can vote on their favorites. There is some good music at the fair. too, spanning a wide range of music types. I once heard a Navajo flute concert there that held a large crowd spellbound and silent for many minutes. The food is not terrific to my palate, but my family love the roast corn and the turkey legs. Here is a some information about the demographics of the fair: Fair Facts Demographics Gender Male: 48% Female: 52% Age 18-24: 13% 25-49:48% 50-64: 21% 65 plus: 16% Fairgoers attended the 17-day event an average of two times. 59% of Albuquerque metro residents attend the State Fair. 22% of visitors live outside the Albuquerque metro area. 2005 Attendance: 680,628 http://www.exponm.com/cms/index.php?sfsponsors It starts in 7 days! Are you coming?
  4. I have never been within 2,000 miles of Kyoto and I love umeboshi, too. I have a jar in my refrigerator and often ask sushi chefs for umeboshi rolls when in sushi bars. Yum! I love shiso, too, even grow the green Japanese and the Korean. Now don't get me started on why I don't like a Native American food usually served at public festivals in the southwestern U.S.: fry bread, complete with greasy wrapping paper. I do, however, like mutton soft tacos... What do you like to do with umeboshi?
  5. Petrissage


    Been there, done that, more than once, lived to tell --- here is why. One of my husband's best friends is our state epidemiologist, who gave the following directions to my husband about a similar soup situation, except that my husband's pot had quite a bit of meat in it. Be sure not to put your fingers into the soup and be sure that you have not put your fingers into the soup since it cooled. Then, even a stew with meat in it should be safe after twenty minutes of boiling. If you have touched the food since it cooled, toss it. We got this advice 15 years ago and have lived to tell. I hope this helps.
  6. I was thrilled to see that you have the same package of candle nuts that I do! Mine have also been aging in my pantry. I look at them every so often and wonder what possessed me to buy them. On the other hand, more than two years ago I bought a bag of dried black lemons, limoon, and just this week got a recipe that uses them, so don't give up on your oldies but goodies. I hope someone will tell us how to use the candle nuts...
  7. I would recommend Baleen in the Inn at Loretto, 211 Old Santa Fe Trail. It is open seven days a week. The service I have had at Baleen has been impeccable on every visit and the food has been excellent. My frequent-restaurant-going friends say it is uneven, sometimes very good, sometimes quite indifferent, so you have to take your chances if you go... I have heard nothing but bad reviews about this restaurant, from everyone I know who has gone there, even people who are not very picky about restaurants. I hope this helps and that your friends have a good time here! ←
  8. I have an 8 quart Magafesa pressure cooker and highly recommend it if you can go to $85 for it, which might even include shipping. I use mine at least three times a week and have been very satisfied with it, moving up from a 4 quart Presto, after two years. https://www.napl.us/Magafesa.htm
  9. What truly beautiful looking buns, both in size and shape. The crust has a lovely shine, too. You shaped the breads perfectly, something I have always had trouble with when making this recipe. Do you think the dough needs to be a bit on the dry side to retain the shape or was there something else you did to achieve such perfection? I would love to know how you did it. ←
  10. Clearly they have done something right in the intervening time! Hydrology sounds like a great field. What kind of work has it lead you to? Congratulations on spending so many years at Tech! Thank you for the recommendation of Don Juan's. Good Mexian / New Mexican is hard to find. I am not surprised that it has some very tough courses, since it has an excellent reputation. My son is interested in either mineral or chemical engineering. Do you have any thoughts on either department? Thanks again! ←
  11. What an interesting observation you made. I think you are right about the food being less spicy than it used to be. I think the restaurant trade in Santa Fe is aiming its food squarely at tourists and transplants at this point. You also have to factor in the influx of the very rich who have moved to Santa Fe in significant numbers and who tend not eat at New Mexican restaurants. They prefer restaurants that remind them of what they left behind in big cities. Can you post your recipe for red?
  12. They are correct the way they are.I have made the Reinhart English muffin recipe many times and yours look perfect. The photo seems fine, too. They do come out on the tall side, which is why I think Reinhart has you bake them in the oven at the end. How did you like the taste? Congratulations on a good baking job!
  13. Thank you for the recommendation. I have a son who is about to go to Tech, so I will be using restaurants in the Socorro area. Coyote Moon sounds interesting and worth trying out, especially the green chile stew. My mouth is watering already....
  14. I recently ate at an excellent restaurant in Socorro, NM, not otherwise known for its food. I thought knowing about this place might help someone out who is travelling south of ABQ. Martha's Black Dog Coffeehouse 110 West Manzanares, right off the Plaza, ample parking 505-838-0311 Martha's has an espresso machine and people who really know how to pull an espresso, which is rare in New Mexico. If you like espresso as a base, they make a wide assortment of other coffee drinks. The atmosphere is pleasant, with eclectic decor, and it is not noisy. Students from NM Tech study there on occasion. The restaurant seats about 40, I would guess. Martha's offers daily specials of pasta, soup and salad in addition to a fixed menu of deli-style sandwiches, nori maki, vegetarian entrees, tamales, ice cream treats, sodas and many desserts, most of them home made Martha's offers home made breakfast dishes, too. I had a salad and, as a passionate lettuce grower, was impressed: the salad had the best grade of greens, with romaine and radicchio and other premium greens, and was extremely fresh, offered with dressing on the side. There are several full-meal salads on the menu, with smoked turkey, feta, artichoke hearts etc. The bread served with my salad was clearly home made and done very well. I often bring my own home made bread to restaurants when I am on the road, but did not need it at Martha's. The maki was vegetarian and delicious, beautifully presented. I did not order a soup, but other patrons told me that the soups are superb, too. The menu is about five pages, and there is a board with daily specials that are not on the menu. Be sure not to miss the board when you come in the door. The desserts range from fairly light, baklava and home made cookies, to rich cheesecake and chocolate desserts. They stock a wide variety of higher-quality soft drinks like Way 2 Cool and Reed's root beer and ginger sodas, and a selection of wines and beers. The staff is very accomodating about special diets or requests. Service is good, but can be slow if it is very busy, since the staff is tiny. Voted best restaurant south of ABQ by the Weekly Alibi, October 2004.
  15. Here is the steam injection oven we could all get, if it seems like the right sort and we have the right building for it: [g] TAG Gas Oven * Water supply: 1/2" cold water (65 to 100 psi) * Electrical: 220v/3 ph G+N/60 Hz/20 amp * Gas: 4" to 7" W.C. * Gas Exhaust: 8" 0 double wall; 36" above roof with weather cap * Steam Exhaust: 8" 0 S/S single wall * Damper exhaust (optional): 8" 0 S/S single wall * Floor sink needed * Optional steam exhaust fan * User friendly control panel * Facade and panels constructed from AISI 304 stainless steel ensures durability * Baking chamber windows constructed of stainless steel and tempered glass * 1" thick baking stones ensure longer lasting heat inertia and consistent heat distribution for the perfect baking of any type of bread * Independent steam generators, positioned directly inside each baking chamber, and equipped with an individual adjustment switch, assure abundant and accurate steam production * Double steam generators make it possible to perform special types of production in which considerable steam quantities are required * The furnace is made of high quality refractory bricks, carefully designed to ensure p perfect heat distribution * Furnace is easily accessible at the front of the oven * Pipes are high pressure "Mannesmann" process UNI 663/68 STANDARDS, STEEL FE 45,2, .35x5.5mm and are guaranteed by test certificate and tested one by one at the end of the internal production cycle
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