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  1. Lets get serious and open this up... Take dad to bin 941 and light him up! The bar at Gotham! Stella on main (but early) ..or better yet, as this thread is leading. Go to Mc D's...it is the best value for the dollar in the lower mainland...and always quality/to expectation. (edit...I have no veener on my desk!!)
  2. Really? This is the best in BC... Yawn. Wow ~ Save your $ and go to Seattle and eat at Oceanaire. Very chummy and generic list (yawn). I would rather eat a sock then visit the listed spots (I cannot call them restaurants), with the exception of Nu, C, West, Diva, Il Gardino, (review to follow...). Its true...the Western Canadian thread does suck...
  3. NICE! I have read the last two reviews by AG...one bad, but safe...the other safe and safe (boringing eastern BS with nothing). I guess the tiger had her fangs ripped out. I was un/fortunate enough to read all the letters to the editor about Rare, and the quality of the review. Time to sober up, in more then one way... I hear JM will be taking over for her for the summer and she may meet the same fate she did in TO. Read, Chew Discuss...and live well, honestly.
  4. Scientific method...show your source! Training and where you work to show validity! Let me start for you.... I was born in Virginia, trained in Hawaii, LA, Ontario and Montreal, went to McGill and SFU...Married a Chef in Vancouver....a very big Chef in many derivatives of the word!!!
  5. I do not know how to say this, and be polite; forgive my English if I sound rude... Why are you not a plumber or other trades person? ...your comments make cooks look bad, like being a cook is not honourable. Priests and missionaries make very little money, yet their lives are fulfilled. Why cannot a cook’s life be full with sustaining the life-force of humanity?? edit: problems with quotes!
  6. It may be as simple as it is time for the industry to change. It is time that the industry deliveries a product and experience that cannot be delivered 'at home'. Vancouver has grown to the point that great food and decor should be the norm and mediocre is not tolerated. Who drives this? eGullet? Consumer? ...or does the industry need to become more proactive and open to criticism? I hope this (VANCOUVER!!! {Look to NY)) becomes less clique and more constructive. Time for all of us, me mostly, to use scientific fact in our posts. This could be a very powerful board and the acid test will be how the mainstream media perceives us all, as a group! Cubie.
  7. Interesting insight...please add ~Chefs who use proper punctuation PS. nice dedication; shows nicely to the other 150 countries in the world who may read this post! I seriously hope you are the exception in Vancouver or Vancouver needs to switch from a hospitality based economy!!!
  8. Okay, so the bald guy hates me! FINE! Anyone know what the feature Kolachy is this week? Maybe I can get Joy to pick one upf for me... Cubie.
  9. LOL! It smelled like a stable when I walked by HSG last night...what was in the satays?
  10. I have always enjoyed all the mentioned restaurants, but I am uneducated. How do they keep the product fresh and alive without the population base? full stop
  11. Oh Yeah...100% Please do not misunderstand my previous words, Sean is king. Long live the Gastro-Pub! Green is always good!
  12. ...has anyone mentioned the tuna tartar served with French baguette (lots of garlic butter)? Over the top! ...or the pressed shrimp sushi with herring roe? Very casual in a sea of upscale, Yaletown restaurants. Very refreshing. And last time I was in I tried the Sweet Potato Rice Wine. An experience to say the least. For the first time in years a new flavour across my tongue. It was served ice cold (on the rocks). The first sip was hard to swallow, such a unique tang on the tongue. After a few sips the sweetness mixes with the starch of the potato and really gives the sensors on both the front and back of the tongue a workout. I beleive the bottle was $70....easily shared by 10 friends! Anyone who wants to go, PM me and I will share the bottle!
  13. Uhm, Arne, I don't think Badiane was speculating she was just trying to describe what the mayo looked like so we could all get the mental picture. ← An I think, Arnie...in my humble opinion...if you research Badiane's past posts you might find that his/her speculations may be educated. Likewise, I have had simular experiences at said establishment and questioned the infrastructure when I witnessed coleslaw and tartar sauce sitting on the counter. I will be checking the Health Board review of this location before I return! READ CHEW DISCUSS (...and never have to worry about the headmaster!)
  14. I think I understand the 'giving of free product' to value-add to a customer's experience. That is a calculated business cost in the same column as 2 for 1's, etc... What I cannot understand is how it is acceptable to, literally, bring something to the table and expect not to pay for it... If the restaurant gives you a free peice of cake on your birthday, I understand. Bringing your own, I cannot get my head around. The customer is FORCING the restaurant to provide value-added? Sounds like extortion.
  15. firstly, I apologize for past posts and the belittling, I am a small man... I just do not get it, I am sorry. Restaurants are a business that makes money. How can you bring in your own food and expect the restaurant to serve it to you for free? Does this happen in any other industry? Can I bring shelves to a cabinet maker and expect him to install them for free? I will play nice, I just need someone to explain the rational.
  16. Without getting into the idiocy of food cost, etc...Most industries rely on contribution margins. Wake up! IF YOU WANT TO PLAY, YOU GOT TO PAY...simple.
  17. Chef is an idiot...charge a $1.50 to plate and that’s the end of it...no exception! If you are an owner or investor....drop a credit card and realize your return at the end of the year. As a customer....be happy to support the patron!!! IF YOU WANT TO PLAY, YOU GOT TO PAY!!!!!!
  18. One year the health board tells you to remove ALL wooden surfaces, the next year they are okay... As I understand it wood rubbed with grapeseed oil forms a protective barrier against bacteria...a good scrub with lots of salt and a steel brush, after each use, keeps the surface sterile!
  19. Whaaaa? Bah. Silliness. Shadow schmadow. We're seeing more and more Onts moving west (including me) than ever before, and so is the National Post. I think (know) you would be surprised if you asked a New Yorker about the food in Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver. Chances are Vancouver would be dead last. Ask a European about Vancouver...bet they have never heard of us, but they know both Toronto and Montreal. We are doing the best food in Canada, we do not get the recognition for it, YET! It is a very fragile reputation we are building. It needs to be re-inforced and constantly re-proved. As a whole we, the hospitality industry, need to work towards a common goal and support our strengths, building our international reputation. White Spot excluded.
  20. Damn...I'd pay to hear you sing!
  21. In one clean swoop the food industry in BC has been defined! Ding Ding Ding...we all lose! Gosh Darn, we have been struggling for ten years to crawl out from under the shadow of the Toronto food scene, we were almost there! I guess all hope is lost, back to grilled Ahi, brushed with soya with tropical fruit salsa...
  22. Typical fundamentalist move... Take the topic on a tangent and develop 'loose' theories into fact. My point, and only point is; we are an ever-evolving species. Every mistake, every success leads to our evolution be it straight forward or paridigm. We eat fish, we eat meat, we eat plants...for whatever reason, it is what we do, as a whole and it has done us well in our evolution. For us to beleive we are 'above the big picture' is scary! People who believe we are removed from 'nature' scare me.
  23. What about evolution? We are the top of the food chain. We survive, we adapt. Once we were hunted, so we learned to make homes to protect ourselves. We foraged, but could not supply enough food so we learned to farm… Science is the same way. In my lifetime people believed polio would wipe out the world. Science needs a catalyst to create remedies. Science will prevail, if you believe in our species, and find other sources of nutrients, better nutrient. But it will not happen until it is a necessity. What you are proposing goes completely against nature and natural selection. Species get strong, eat other species ~ they go extinct or learn to adapt/protect themselves. The strong are left to populate the world to guarantee a continuing process. Proposing ways to help weaker species, and more specifically food stocks, does not make sense. Instead of trying to preserve the 'inferior species', and hampering evolution, we should focus on growing ourselves as a species and focusing on our strengths and long term growth and sustainability through evolution. ...just a thought as I sit on my couch, drinking lemonade and eating a hotdog while watching basketball on the TV.
  24. i understand your point but in the case of realistic threat to our planet such as the example of the oil don't you find it better to take the side of caution? things like cell phones we accept the consequences of. people tell me they won't live in paranoia without good cause or reason. i think the risk of extinction is a very good casue and reason. ← ...a world without 'point and counterpoint' wouldn't it be nice to live in such ignorant bliss. This thread scares me with its borderline fundamentalist views. It is easy to latch onto 'things that feel good' and protect the underdog. All I am looking for is the flip side. Can you guarantee that someone/some group is not profiteering from this hype about our fisheries?
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