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  1. I was fortunate enough to dine at Green Zebra last weekend, and I must say I quite enjoyed myself. The occasion was a college graduation of a family friend whose family picked out the restaurant. as soon as I was informed that we'd be eating at Green Zebra I looked up the menu, decided what I'd order, and basically did all the research I could. But when we arrived at our friend's house pre-meal I learned that our group would be too large for the GZ kitchen to accommodate, and thus we would be dining in a private room upstairs from the main dining room, but our food would be prepared at Spring, Chef McClain's other restaurant. Anyway, the meal wasn't vegetable based as I had expected, but included dishes of Short Rib Tortellini (delish) and Roasted venison (cooked to perfection). Our server, also the sommelier I believe, was very kind and informative, though she had trouble getting the attention of our entire group before explaining dishes. I would certainly love to go back and see what the GZ kitchen has to offer sometime, from what I've seen so far it will most likely be impressive.
  2. chefgy


    rhubarb Napolean
  3. I recently made a Honey-thyme icecream which wasn't as stunning as I had hoped (Too sweet) but was still tasty
  4. chefgy

    Pumpkin Seed Oil

    yeah, I spilled some of the oil on my pants- it stained them green- I'm pretty mad about that Wasted my oil
  5. -A friend and I were having a fry day a few years ago, and at the end of the day when it was time to let the oil cool down, we became impatient. Eventually my friend got the genius idea of putting an ice cube in the oil. A few minutes after placement very loud gurgles began coming from the oil (I'm sure some of you have experienced this) and soon the oil literally exploded, it shot up every where, covering the kitchen and splashing onto the burner directly next to it where it ignited a brief grease fire that was (luckily) no-where near as bad as it could have been. Anyway it took us a very long time to clean that up, and there is still oil in the seams between the granite slabs of my counter.
  6. chefgy

    Pumpkin Seed Oil

    Low smoking point, or what?
  7. A friend of mine recently visited Austria where she picked up some pumpkin seed oil, which I had jokingly asked her to get for me. Anyway, she brought it back and now I'm not really sure what to do with it. Its a very, very dark green, and has a surprisingly deep flavor. Does anyone have any ideas?
  8. What about rosemary? we have a ton of it sitting in our fridge right now.
  9. if your looking for something a little scaled down, try cafe Ba ba Reeba -> delicious tapas style food
  10. chefgy

    Rice Pudding

    I don't care if its hot or cold, any rice pudding is good rice pudding probably the one dessert item I Never resist
  11. I agree with the food tutor that the fad of uncooked food probably began as a way for the customer to judge that the quality of his steak and the chef cooking it (although I do like the laziness idea!) and now it has become stylish, especially in upscale restaurants, where I have even heard of raw eggs served right on top of dishes! I don’t understand how anyone can eat that, I can hardly stand a slightly giggly white in my omelet. anyway, I hope that the idea that food is always at its max flavor when raw fades out, and that meat is cooked to ensure flavor and safety.
  12. I believe that salt is often added to a sweat in order to pull moisture out of the food being cooked.
  13. chefgy

    The Griddler

    We have had a George Foreman grill for about 2 years and we almost never use it, succombing to a feeling of superiority to such a device, prefering it's outdoor counterpart. But recently I have discovered it's usefullness in panini and other sandwhich preperation. I'm getting lots of good ideas here- grilled portobellos- YUM!
  14. I thought the article was great. Definitly will be getting myself down there PRONTO.
  15. The dining in section in Fridays Tribune has a nice little section on Le Francais higlighting Rolands return but also giving a nice review and history of the restaurant. Very intriguing, I need to get out there SOON!
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