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  1. The Alinea Cookbook

    I just received an email from Kate with the Alinea Book Team. She indicated that they would be sendinf a new book out. I asked if I could pay more to have it sent via UPS or Fedex and I am awaiting her reply.
  2. The Alinea Cookbook

    That part's not really a valid complaint considering the release date has always been Oct. 2008 regardless of when you decided to place the order. The damaged part sucks, did you file a report with the carrier? ← Oh I was not complaining about that. I spoke to the Post Office about it. They did not commit to anything.
  3. Chicago Dining

    I tried to book a table at Schwa and I did get a call back from Michael. Apparently, they are not open on the day that I wanted to dine there. They did have tables available for Saturday night, but I am already booked at Alinea. Oh well, I guess Schwa will be on my list for my next visit,
  4. The Alinea Cookbook

    I received my book yesterday and I must say that I am truly disappointed. It took more than a year for me to receive my book and it arrived damaged. If I had known that it would be shipped via surface mail, I would have gladly paid extra to have it shipped via air mail. The book was poorly packaged so it was easy to see why it arrived in the condition that it did. A couple of emails sent via the contact us link on the Mosaic site have gone unanswered. I am not sure what to do at this point, especially since all the limited edition copies have been sold out. Hopefully, Nick will read this and provide some insight. According to the initial email I received from the Alinea team the book should have been shipped via "track-able" airfreight.
  5. I will be in London for an extremely short stay before heading off to Paris. I really wanted to have lunch at Gordon Ramsay RHR, but did not want to take the chance of missing my reservation due to the time of my arrival. I will be in London on a Saturday. Should I have lunch/dinner at either Maze or Claridges?
  6. Chicago Dining

    I will be in Chicago in November and am definitely going to be dining at Alinea (if I can get a booking there!) I am also considering Charlie Trotter's, TRU or Avenues. Does anyone here have a preference? If I can, I am also going to try for a table at Schwa.
  7. There was no rhyme or reason as to the pre-choice. I have wanted to book a table at Pierre Gagnaire for many years now and have never had the opportunity. L'Astrance was recommended to me by a friend who said she had an outstanding meal there just a few weeks ago. That said, I have decided on Gagnaire and Le Meurice. Any one have any other suggestions/recommendations?
  8. I will be in Paris from 24 Nov to 26 Nov. I am torn between Pierre Gagnaire and L'Astrance. Anyone have an opinion on these two places and/or any other recommendations?
  9. Noma

    If anyone sees a copy of this book around, please let me know. I looked browsed through several dozen book shops while in Sydney recently, and came up empty handed. I do know that there is a copy in the Momofuku Ko bathroom! Seriously though....I would appreciate anyone's help in locating this book. Thanks much!
  10. I only made it to Tetsuya. I had an amazing meal there.
  11. Noma

    molto e: I just got off the phone with Kitchen Arts and Letters and was told that the restaurant stopped sending copies of the book out around the first of the year. Apparently, the chef was not happy with the book and is working on another. I am still looking for a copy of the book and if anyone can help me out, that would be great.
  12. I will be in Sydney for 10 days. Where should I be eating? I have already made reservations at Tetsuya and Rockpool. Anything else that should not be missed?
  13. Noma

    emsny: I actually did contact the restaurant and was told that it was a limited run. No more English copies are being printed. molto e: Thanks for the tip. I will try to contact them this weekend.
  14. Noma

    I have been trying to locate a copy of the Noma cookbook in English for a while now. Every time I think I have got a copy in my grasp, it slips away. I have recently been told that it was a limited run and that no more copies in English will be printed. Can someone help me locate a copy? Please....
  15. Local Food Blogs

    Here's another blog that I "found"...well, not really. The writer of this blog left a comment on my site. Please show your support for Epicurean Appetite from Aiea, Hawaii.