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  1. Thanks Anzu, I will try the one with condensed milk this weekend! Rupen
  2. Hi guys, I was wondering if any of you knew what we could use as a substitute to Khoya? Ricotta cheese and paneer mix is what I was thinking...but aint sure. Rupen
  3. This might be of help to you: http://www.rupenrao.com/recipe.asp?rid=73
  4. For the few months that I lived in London, I completely agree that the Indian cuisine in UK is much more popular, diversified and sophisticated than here in USA. I enjoyed my eating out trips in Indian restaurants there, it was so much fun!!! Rupen
  5. Hi Monica, Yes, he seems truly classy! And he is from Aamchi Mumbai too :) Rupen
  6. I love modak (thats what we call it atleast in Maharashtra). I remember my neighbor was from Goa and she used to make modak with rice paste. She had those modak moulds that she used to get the perfect shape. I also like the cashew modak or chocolate modak. They are yummy, and you get them readymade (it tastes like candy). Ganpati Bappa Morya :) Rupen
  7. Hi, Frankly, I dont know whats the origin of this recipe. I use it the idli or even as a side dish. Typical with something south indian dish. We used to buy idlis from the *idli wallah* all the time in Mumbai. Once I asked him for the recipe for his chutney, he stopped acknowledging me since then! Then one day I managed to get it from him (about a few months later) I promised him that I will not share his recipe with others...oops, I did it again Rupen
  8. Hi guys: this is a recent recipe that I uploaded on my website for peanut chutney. I was wondering if anyone of you have any other recipe for the same. http://www.rupenrao.com/recipe.asp?rid=70 Regards, Rupen
  9. Yes, Even I hate using dried and freezed herbs, but I hate most to see them dry in the refrigerator and then throw them. I just dont like to waste food! I will try what Edward has mentioned. Thanks! Rupen
  10. Hi guys, I am working on another part of my website, essentially TIME MANAGEMENT, where I would be writing my ways to preserve fresh ingredients, like garlic, ginger etc. since we require this a lot in Indian cooking. I was wondering if any of you guys preserve cilantro (like make a chutney) or curry leaves? I tried deep freezing curry leaves and using them later, but they lose their color and taste. I do chop and preserve my garlic and ginger for months. Kindly input. I would like to know how we make good use of the entire curry leaves bunch that we get at the Indian store. Regards, Rupen
  11. Hi guys, Thanks for both the recipes. I just made Tindoray according to bague25, they were awesome! I have never put coriander, coconut powder and curry leaves in my tindoray, it was nice. Thanks! In a couple of days, I will try karela, have been pretty busy lately hunting for an AFFORDABLE RENTAL PLACE :) Rupen
  12. Hi: I have some tindoray and karela at home, does anyone have a simple/easy/fast recipe for making these two veggies. Non-curry recipes would be fine. Edward: You made tindoray gujarati style right? Lemme know. Rupen
  13. Left over rajma (not too runny though) or you can knead the dough with the rajma curry and make parathas, they are simply great :) Also, I would say, if you have little rajma curry or any curry, add some cheese to it (grated cheese) and place a tbsp or two in the center and roll the paratha. I love that! For sweet ones, I make them with jaggery, which is available again in the indian stores, it needs a lot of ghee as well to ensure that jaggery does not stick. Its maharashtrian I guess...my mom taught me. Rupen
  14. My mango pistachio kulfi recipe: I got this one from one of my friends incidently from Bahrain too...seems like they have a monthly mag which features cuisine n stuff, it was cool. Sweetened mango pulp.................................800 ml Sweetened condensed milk.............................1 can Natural whipped cream................................8 oz Sliced pistachios....................................1/2 cup Using a hand blender, mix mango pulp with condensed milk and whipped cream until the batter is smooth and uniform. Add sliced pistachios and mix well. Pour it in a kulfi mould and freeze. Rupen
  15. Hmm, seems like everyone uses the pressure cooker. I love toor daal and it takes forever to cook in the microwave, and then I have to puree it in the blender so that I get the same consistency. Thats too much for an impatient guy! I guess I will have to wait for another five days. Rupen
  16. A good indian store in the US is an easy way to make *fast* food! Mordan is something I always liked (using upvas salt), rajgeera laddoos, fruits, milk and upvas khichdi (made out of tapioca(???)). Chikki ofcourse. Cant think of anything else. Rupen
  17. Hi guys, Like most Indians over here, I cannot forego my love for lentils/legumes. Ofcourse, I do not have patience for soaking the legumes overnight and then cooking it in a rice cooker or keep it boiling for 2+ hours. Sadly, my common sense does not allow me to do that :) So I use the Indian pressure cooker, and now when I am in the midst of my move, the pressure cooker is in storage (I MISS IT!). Whats your alternative to an Indian Pressure Cooker? Rupen
  18. Hi guys, Can anyone tell me what you substitute for Malai? I tried using unsalted butter, sour cream, whipped cream but dont get the same effect. I was playing around with sour cream, heating it up and trying to reduce the whiteness for my Veg. Makhanwala recipe last month. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Rupen
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