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  1. Before our Philly MINI event at the Simeone, I always eat here (http://greeneggscafe.com/). Haven't made it past the breakfast items, but everything's delicious. The one of Dickenson's about 4 miles from the Simeone.
  2. I'll have to go to Han's in Exton and ask. I was a little sad they left Exton out. But hey, to most folks in Philly, Exton's the sticks.
  3. No love for the alpha site in Exton. Otherwise, very cool!
  4. I bought a MINI Cooper last year and became involved with a local MINI Cooper group. One of the things we do are driving/touring "rallies" around the area. A friend of mine and I are planning to put together an ice cream rally. We already know we're stopping at Jake's in Paoli for frozen custard and Zwahlen's in Audobon for ice cream. Need a third place. I prefer they make their own and they need to have decent parking. Milky Way Farms in Chester Springs is on the short list. Are there any other great ice cream places I'm missing?
  5. I had the pleasure of lunching at Jake's Frozen Custard in Paoli today. Missy, the owner, is from Wisconsin. She was working in pharmaceuticals, got tired of traveling, and decided to open an authentic Wisconsin frozen custard shop here in PA. She named it after her dad, Jake. I treated myself to a brat (hard to find around these parts). The brat was nicely cooked ... crispy with a nice snap in a real roll (not a hot dog bun). You could get it with onions and/or kraut. I opted for the onions. My friend and I also split an order of deep fried cheese curds. This was my first adventure into the wild world of cheese curds and these did not disappoint. Glad my friend and I shared, tho. Those things can weigh a girl down. I ended my meal with a nice dish of Snickerdoodle frozen custard. Missy was generous with the custard tastings. The Snickerdoodle was vanilla frozen custard, mixed with caramel and crushed up Snickers bars. Amazingly creamy, rich and delicious. Jake's is definitely worth checking out. With Missy's thick Wisconsin accent, you'll feel like you're vacationing in The Dells!
  6. Holly, have you tried Jake's in Paoli yet? I have yet to get there, but brats, cheese curds and custard, oh my! http://www.jakesfrozencustard.com
  7. Agreed! Amazing that they filmed for 11 hours for 11 (or less) minutes of air time. Would have liked to see more Han and less Rahm, but Han did a great job and really came across professional. Three cheers!
  8. We had take-out on Friday and it was the best it's been in a while. We saw Han in Philly mid-February. He said he may come out to Exton for the banquet they do every 3rd Wednesday. We'll see if that happens.
  9. Our man Han's gonna be on the Food Network (Meat & Potatoes) on March 21st. The episode's called Meat with Heat. Be there or be square!
  10. Any menu scanning you can do for these places would be greatly appreciated!
  11. I talked to Han's mom today and she said they filmed for 12 hours (11am-11pm) for an 8 minute segment. She thinks it'll air in March.
  12. According to Michael Klein, "Meat & Potatoes, the Food Network show hosted by Rahm Fama and devoted to meat sandwiches, is in town today through Friday to shoot at the Original Nick’s, Han Dynasty, and Village Whiskey. Be aware of dining room closures." Han's gonna get some national exposure!
  13. Hmmm, haven't been able to eat real food since July 16th due to surgeries and other fun stuff ... this may be a good option for my break fast.
  14. We had a FABULOUS wedding cake from Sweet Jazmine's bakery in Berwyn. They specialize in cheesecakes, but all their cakes are amazing. Kim and her staff are excellent to work with, too. http://www.sweetjazmines.com/wedcakes.html
  15. Sorry, it's SATURDAY, not SUNDAY.
  16. I'm taking my husband on the BBQ Choo-Choo for his birthday next Sunday along with some friends. We should be back in the WC around 8pm. We're looking for somewhere great to go for dessert. Gilmore's is booked (there are 7 of us). We don't want to go *too* far from the area. Exton or Downingtown would be okay. Any thoughts? We're seriously lacking a good dessert and coffee shop around here.
  17. ha, we've been calling it handy nasty since he put up his website ... handynasty.net!
  18. Guess he didn't make his December 1st timeline, but I look forward to trying out #3 in the Dynasty that Han has become.
  19. Doing a Google search there's a Joe's at 108 Chestnut, looks like it's on Chestnut between 2nd and Front.
  20. Matt and I went to Royersford for dinner tonight and got to have a nice long chat with Han. He bought Joe's Peking Duck House on 2nd and Chestnut. He's hoping to be opened December 1st. He had looked in University City, but couldn't find a Chinese restaurant for sale (he wanted to get directly in and open up with minimal work involved). He's also eventually going to have a liquor license, too. Locally, Han said he has tasting nights the first Monday of every month and thinks we need to have another eG dinner in Royersford. I'm all for that. He fed us well tonight. We told him to surprise us, so he started us out with cold green bean noodles in chili oil. Hard to eat with chop sticks (slippery), but delicious and hot. He then brought us pork shoulder with bok choy in a spicy, but sweet sauce. It was kind of stew-like. Melt in your mouth pork and I could have drank the sauce. The other dish was twice cooked fish and peppers. It was pieces of a white fish, breaded and fried twice. It had chili oil, hoisin sauce and some other stuff on it. Super crispy, yet not the least bit greasy. Matt and I could have licked the plate if people weren't watching. The pork shoulder and twice cooked fish aren't on the menu, but I highly recommend asking for them. Sorry, no pictures. We were starving and dove in before thinking about photographing. Consider yourself up to date on the latest Han gossip.
  21. SaxChik


    Can you tell me a little about the restaurant's set up (how big is it? how many tables?)? The food looks fab and I'm looking for a restaurant that can accomodate a party of about 10-12. They don't have a website, so I'm not sure if the restaurant could handle this. Thanks!
  22. The Baxter's in West Chester is now the Rams Head Bar & Grill.
  23. Were the wontons in chili oil the same as in Royersford? I ask b/c when we were in Exton a few weeks back we wanted the dumplings in chili oil and did not see them on the menu. They made up some for us but it was more like "peking ravioli in oil with a bunch of spices that should've made it hot but didn't really" - I found it a bit disconcerting that 2 locations of the same resto would not have the same stuff on the menu. Love the chicken with hot dry peppers at both though! Another Q about the Exton menu now that I think of it- I think I saw someone eating a dish that looked to me like a shredded cucumber, does this ring a bell with anyone? I was thinking if there was something cool and tangy like that, it would make a great accompaniment to the fiery chicken we love so much. Damn, now I'm hungry! :-) ← looks like the royersford restaurant offers wontons OR dumplings in chili oil. i like the wontons. they're lighter and they have more folds, therefore more places for the chili oil to hide. the exton restaurant offers a "quick fried cucumber". i was really close to ordering it, but we already had a lot of food for just the two of us. next time ...
  24. we went to han dynasty tonight for dinner (the exton one). the food was better than it has been in a long time. not sure if they brought in a new chef or the old one was on his game, but we had a super meal. taiwanese sausage & garlic, wontons in chili oil, chicken with hot dry peppers and shredded pork with pickled chilies. we usually have enough to take home for lunch, but the hub and i scarfed down everything. my lips are still tingling and my tummy's happy.
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