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  1. Thanks for the additional recipes. I tried Ed Hamilton's suggestion of accounting for the evaporation and used the ratios he suggested and the cake was great. It was very dense after it cooled but after I frosted it and plated it, it was to die for.
  2. Thankyou Ludja... There was indeed a little magic to your search efforts. I checked out the recipe but I think it is beyond the reach of my cooking talents. My newly formed idea for rumcake I would like to run by you before I try it . I bought a box of Duncan Hines Chocolate cake mix which calls for 1 1/3 cups of water 1/2 cup veg oil and 3 eggs. How about I replace some Goslings black Seal Rum where the water goes in this recipe? Would it work? Hmmm?
  3. Ludja... I tried the Googling prior to posting here and found only one recipe, maybe you have magic google portal? I am interested to try Ed 's recipe with the pound cake. I have a funny feeling the commerical Tortuga cakes employ a similar process?
  4. Thankyou.. That looks good I'll give it a try
  5. I have been poking around for a Rum Cake recipe and have not had much luck. I searched for an earlier thread andall that the anyone said was that they liked RumCake. Me too. The Tortuga Rumcakes in chocolate are fine by me but I want to bake it myself. Anyone have Ideas? Happy Days
  6. I just ordered the book in question from Amazon.co.uk The Author also has some copies for sale. heres the UK link. http://www.amazon.co.uk/exec/obidos/search...7658979-7277430
  7. Thanks everyone for help. I am planning a visit to the Brandy Library in Tribeca, New York City. They have a mind boggling list of Calvados so this should be interesting: Adrien Camut 18 years Reserve de Semainville Busnel Hors d'Age Vieille reserve Boulard 1977 1979 Grand Solage Cardinal 15 years Chateau du Breuil 15 years Daron Fine XO Domaine de la Vectiere Grande fine VSOP XO 10 years XO 20 years Domaine Dupont Reserve Lecompte Originel 5 years 12 Years Menorval Prestige XO Meslon Fine Reserve Pere Magloire 20 years
  8. Admin: threads merged I bought a bottle of Calvados recently... Bushnel VSOP. So far so good I enjpy it. Wondering what any one else thinks about this libation any and all thoughts appreciated.
  9. Thanks for the response. I think your idea of making your own spiced rum specific to this drink is the way to go. It makes the preparation alot easier and yoiu can vary the cinammon /nutmeg to your tastes. They banned the outdoor buning of Christmas trees enmasse now they meet there end in the business end of a woodchipper. Time to come up with a new idea to drink hot buttered rum in the cold outdoors.
  10. The last time I had hot buttered rum was on the estate of a wealthy family who threw a party every year in January. They would collect all the Christmas trees from the neighborhood and create a massive nightime bonfire. There was a bagpipe band that circled the fire and the drink that was served was Hot Buttered Rum. Anyone have any insight into what makes this drink? Spices? Which rum?
  11. Jim Cotter

    Ginger brews

    Bingo.. I found it for sale at this place http://www.ifsandsbutts.com/sodas/listcategory.htm They seem to have a huge selection. They have another imporrted Ginger Beer called Cock and Bull might be British?
  12. Jim Cotter

    Ginger brews

    I have never heard of DG... Thanks for telling me. Now to try and find it. Cheers.
  13. Jim Cotter

    Ginger brews

    My gold standard for Ginger Beer is Barritts of Bermuda. My second choice is Goya, then Stewarts. Did not like Reed's, Blenheims has a ginger beer but have not tried it yet, I use their hot ginger ale as you would a spice sparingly to add a little "Bam" to a drink.
  14. Jim Cotter

    Ginger brews

    Australia's offering to the world of ginger beer is called Bundaberg. Has anyone ever tasted it? Is it worth $7 for four bottles?
  15. I would pose your question to professional chocolatiers. I recently got interested in high end dark chocolate, Sharfenberger, Maison DuChocolat, many others. There is a website with a discussion forum ar www.seventypercent.com I would be interested in the results of their opinions, Rum and Chocolate is an incredible combination.
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