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  1. Er.......staying at L`enclume cheers Alan
  2. As I understand, Tarka is dining at L'Enclume on the 29th so I would not want to ruin it for her. All I will say is there is a double meaning to the course in question, one being so obvious after you have sampled 14 courses plus, and another unknown to me but personal to Rogan. The latter seems to be a secret but I was told a tongue in cheek response to a third party. I will let Tarka do the honours and see if she can enlighten us on the hidden meaning!
  3. You are quite correct Milla, Rogan has made no secret of the fact that Veyrat was the guy to float his boat originally although his style in food has evolved since my first visit over a year ago. To understand menus like this one has to try it and only then will explanations follow. I personally love the nonconformity of it all and the sticking up of two fingers at those with the preconception of how a menu should read. One should not be ridiculed for having an active imagination and a sense of humour. Chocolate mayhem, no more voices... I now know exactly what it means
  4. INTERMEDIATE MENU AT L`ENCLUME. What a fantastic start to christmas , it`s certainly set everything off with a smile.My wife and I had the pleasure of sampling Simon Rogans intermediate menu last night , 14 wonderful courses. I believe that the new menu for the new year is well underway so I`ll hopefully get to hear what treats are in store and keep you all posted just as soon as I hear anything. Last nights highlights .....and lowlights were. Highlight of the night was, once again " cubes from land and sea , eucalyptus hollendaise" a little taste of heaven , cubes of lobster , scallop and ch
  5. LATEST FROM L`ENCLUME Fantastic write up on L`enclume by Giles Coren in the Times 18th december 2004. L`enclume scored 10/10 FOR SKILL 10/10 FOR JUDGEMENT 10/10 FOR WIT OVERALL SCORE 10/10 To read Giles Corens full report on his two visits to L`enclume -Click here
  6. STOP PRESS LENCLUME FANS. Bit of inside information on the new Lenclume menu from my Cartmel spy. The menu is due to start next week and has some favourites from the menus throughout 2004 alongside some adventurous new dishes. Here are a few dishes that caught my eye from Simons new 20 course gourmand menu - Cubism in foie gras , two cold , one hot ( likely to be a bon bon with a hot melting foie gras filling,a pate , and a parfait/ice cream) these will be accompanied by cantaloupe , fragrant myrrh , and almond cake. Sea scallops , bacon polenta , cauliflower crunch , passion fruit , hibiscu
  7. Tarka , most of what you`ll eat on your visit to L`enclume will be enjoyably different and hopefully a new experience for you.The dish that stood out on my 23 course as my most enjoyable was "cubes from land and sea, eucalyptus hollendaise" .A fantastic flavour to add to a classic sauce.Very difficult to re-create at home as I`m finding eucalyptus impossible to source.
  8. Sounds like you all need to take a few days off work , come to sunny Cumbria and sample L`enclumes food for yourselves then you might qualify yourselves to give an opinion on the place.I`ve been five times now and I have no desire to waste money eating anywhere else.The restaurant breathes fresh air into me and fills me with inspiration to go forth and create and experiment for myself.Chef is working flat out to try and make a go of the business so pay a visit , enjoy yourselves and help put the place on the map.For me it couldnt be any better, having a place like L`enclume an hours drive away
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