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  1. I keep looking at websites but honestly, it’s very hard to beat Costco prices on the sockeye salmon and other fishes and overall the quality has been better of all other places I’ve tried (at least supermarket level). Good thing I added to my regular purchases has been frozen octopus legs from Whole Foods, easy to do a quick dinner salad. I also buy from my local frozen place, wild fork, which I love for meat, local Key West Shrimps, I am buying also frozen soles from US, avoid anything from South East Asia.
  2. @Smithy, they came out so well!!!
  3. Taking notes! Thank you. Some websites prices are still pretty high, will check again in little bit. @joancassell, I think I ordered in the past from VitalChoice but definitely not frozen seafood.
  4. This was the topic at dinner yesterday night. How hard the fish industry has been hit with this pandemic. Result is that lot of fish is getting frozen. Suppliers that is the past were only selling to restaurants are opening now to general public. Do you have names, links you’d like to share? Are you going to start buying fish online? Thanks!
  5. Cool. I have a very good friend in Amsterdam for you!
  6. Of course, you have 😆!!! Enjoy the last days of your stay.
  7. @Kerry Beal maybe you could bring back a small tigelliera? It could be quite heavy but I am personally so happy to have one.
  8. The soup is actually “passatelli in brodo” and there is a special tool to make it here, what the neighbor brought in generally know in the rest of Italy as chiacchiere, elsewhere they call it cenci or bugie, it’s typical for Carnival. Carnival is know for fried treats, still long time to enter the carnival, next month, but I’ve been seeing on internet people already frying Love the puntarelle among the other crudités, also looooove that type of salame!
  9. @Smith yes, definitely Antipasti (i final for plural of antipasto).
  10. In Italian menu, you have first antipasto, then primo or primi piatti which can be a pasta dish, rice, can be soupy or not (minestra or pastasciutta), asciutta means “dry”, then you have Secondo or Secondi piatti (Fish and meat) and contorni are always listed as a side. Dessert which can comprehend also cheese and fruit . Coffee to finish.
  11. Sorry @Kerry Beal, I think you should stay longer. I keep getting more stuff for you to try 😁 this is from Alessandra, also from my Italian cooking forum, she is from Rimini as well. -Osteria de borg in borgo San Giuliano x meat and homemade first dishes (I’m guessing pasta) -sol y mar, in riccione for fish on the beach - dalla Lella, Piadineria already mentioned. - da Guido, lungomare Rimini, 1 Michelin star and apparently chef Giampaolo Raschi a genius in the kitchen - le milton on the beach, lungomare Rimini center, very good fish and particular location -agriofficina, center, Close to the caste. Breakfast, brunch, dinner with products they grow themselves. Andrea is really talented. -circus, in center , behind city hall, great breakfast, very good viennoiserie. Also if you have time in the castle there is the 100 years of Fellini exhibition.
  12. @Kerry Beal, here is the list from my friend Graziella. Thank you, Graziella (I linked her to this thread ) I think you have some pastry shops as well. Around the Tiberio’s bridge: -Nud e Crud (luxury piadina, her definition) and this is the second recommendation I have for this place -Strampalato, a little out of the ordinary but very good -La Marianna, fish -Pasticceria Vecchi Area Colonnella: -La Brasserie (pizza and more) -Pasticceria Soriani Zona Della Fiera (palacongressi): -Bio’s Kitchen (cucina bio good) Area Marina Centro: -ristorante Sabbioni (fish and Pizza) Centro Storico: -Il Cortile in centro (very good pizza with original toppings) -Pasticceria Il Duomo Edit to add: Portolotto for fish around the Darsena area
  13. @Smithy, I am not sure I ever tried a piadina cooked in the original testo. I guess you really need to be a local to have had the pleasure and I don’t care enough for piadine to go and get one 😁 but I guess if you cook the piadina on the fireplace must taste better, right?
  14. OMG @Kerry Beal, even me, that are not a huge pizza fan...looks good! After the trip you’ll tell me, but what I keep saying is that no matter how fancy the restaurants in the US, the quality of the ingredients are hard to beat in Europe!
  15. The real traditional way to cook piadine is with a “testo di terracotta”. Like in this video but in the professional places use something looking like this
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