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  1. I have heard it said that one benefit of Le Creuset over Staub is that Staub's black matte interior makes it hard to judge the amount of browning. Have you found this to be an issue? I am trying to decide between Le Creuset and Staub for my first enameled cast iron. By the way, I found your "Understanding Stovetop Cookware" an excellent read.
  2. Has anyone tried the Ice Cream Maker attachment for the KitchenAid Stand Mixer? I am thinking about an Ice Cream Maker, but I am running out of room...
  3. Let me add my thanks for your time on the forum. I am just learning how to cook and I am very much enjoying my first reading of On Food and Cooking (1984). In the chapter on emulsified sauces (which I just finished reading) you speak to the importance of the cholesterol – lecithin balance in maintaining the stability of an emulsion. I have started buying eggs branded Egg-lands Best that have lower saturated fat (1 g vs 1.5g) and lower cholesterol (180mg vs 213mg) than normal eggs. Will such eggs be less effective than normal eggs in creating emulsified sauces? I have also heard of eggs that a
  4. Thanks to all for the helpful comments. I may look into the flash-pasteurized eggs idea. Thanks again. RedHermes
  5. I am new to cooking, and new to e-Gullet and but I have been eating food my whole life. ;-) I am very impressed with the quality of information I have found here and I would like to ask a question... This document Brilliant Buffets from the Fight BAC! web site suggests .What is the collective opinion on this suggestion? Is this sound advice and/or a common practice? Has anyone tried this, how did it turn out? Any other suggestions? Thanks, RedHermes
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