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  1. On 9/14/2014, SJMitch said: "I'm also not giving up on finding a straight rack that fits." Have you had any luck with this?
  2. Those are my own observations on the construction and size of the pan. It might be worth ordering one, if you're confident that they'll send the newer pan, as the part number and picture look unchanged.
  3. I believe that it's also a bit larger, at 10-11/16 x 10-11/16 x 1-1/16".
  4. Thanks, Mitch. BTW, the tray accompanying the new model isn't especially flimsy.
  5. Thanks. That's why I said "yet another new model." I was wondering whether the "N" had become scarce because it was being replaced or simply discontinued. I had placed a CSO-300N in my Amazon shopping cart last night from the primary vendor (Golda's Kitchen), but when I checked just now, Golda's was no longer listed, and the price had risen by $30. The best current price is from a seller named End of Season Clearance.
  6. This thing sounds almost too good to be true. I'm nearly persuaded to install a new 20-amp circuit to handle one. However, does anyone know why it's no longer sold in any of the major retails stores--BB&B, W-S, SLT, HD, Kohl's--or even online directly by Amazon, despite the pretty much uniformly excellent reviews here and elsewhere? Is yet another new model on the horizon, or has it just not proved popular?
  7. Try Tocqueville, an excellent French-New American restaurant just off Union Square, a couple of subway stops or a short cab ride from midtown. They're seasonally oriented, with the city's major Greenmarket just down the block, so the vegetarian shouldn't be a problem. I'm pretty sure that there's a private dining room about the right size, if it's available that night. Toqueville Restaurant
  8. ahr


    I haven't been in decades, but Tommaso's meets your specifications, and it's in, or at least on the fringes of, Bensonhurst. I find no mention of it on eG, so take these old CH reviews with as many grains of salt as you find appropriate.
  9. ahr

    Bouchon Bakery

    I'm with you, though I might have said "leathery." Have you tried Madeleine, on W. 23rd Street? Macarons seem to be their specialty, though they're displayed in a refrigerated case.Edited to correct typo.
  10. My reference is other uncooked hams, and I'm afraid that this was greasy, not silky. How about the rancidity of the first few slices? Should that be part of the package? My guess is that my portion was cut from a newly prepared leg that wasn't properly trimmed. To be fair, I just forwarded my original post to D&D via their web site. I shall report back any response.
  11. After a lifetime of Parma, Serrano, Bayonne, and Boar’s Head, I found my first taste of Ibérico, pata negra—putatively bellota, courtesy of D&D—a bit disappointing. Hand-sliced from a relatively fresh leg, one about 5% down, the meat itself was sweet enough, but the surrounding fat melted with neither the expected rapidity nor delicacy, and the first few slices, consumed last, left a rancid greasiness on the tongue and palate that lingers still, hours later. I assume that this is not typical, but be warned. Had I invested in more than a quarter of a pound, I might have marched back and complained.
  12. The news is even better than that. Of the 11 grams, 3 grams are fiber, which passes IN-N-OUT undigested, the remainder being in the onions and sauce.ETA: Keep up the good work!
  13. ahr

    Hill Country

    According to a management type whom I recently asked, all tips go to the cocktail waiters and bussers. The meat countermen and slicers do not participate in the tip pool.
  14. David, many thanks. I'll give a call Tuesday morning.
  15. White Box Pies had a web site until this past April, but seems to no longer. Alas, they delivered only to local businesses and discouraged the freezing of their pies. Despite the fact that it has apparently been featured on the Food Network, I'm tempted to order a "huckleberry pie in a jar" -- or I may just resume my low-carb diet, content with memories of Ebinger's, whatever in fact were those tiny berries in Ebinger's huckleberry crumb pie.
  16. Word. The recent brief incarnation was also but a pale imitation of the original.
  17. Thanks, guys. I haven't seen any berries or pies at the Union Square Greenmarket, nor am I even certain that they're a local crop; the esteemed Ms. Sheraton speculated that those in the Vento pie were "probably from Oregon or maybe Michigan." My own fascination with huckeberry pie, however, began with a long-defunct local bakery chain, Ebinger's, suggesting that at least twenty-plus years ago someone in Brooklyn had a reliable source of huckleberries on a commercial scale. Edited to add: the berries I remember were purple.
  18. About three years ago, Mimi Sheraton mentioned finding huckleberry pie for dessert at Vento in early September. Does anyone know of a restaurant currently serving -- or better still, a bakery currently selling -- huckleberry pie? Thanks to all.
  19. Mr. Brown demonstrates that wit, wisdom, integrity, discernment, good taste, and elegance of thought and prose, not to mention menschkeit, are not necessarily incompatible with residence on the Upper East Side. (It must be that house in Nice.) Best wishes always, Robert.
  20. Radar? Speed camera? Do you sense that these databases are comprehensive? Are they built in, or added-cost downloads? How frequently are they updated? Have you tried this yet in NYC? How complete is Tum's database of domestic restaurants? For example, will it locate -- accurately -- obscure little land's-end New England lobster pounds? I've been using Microsoft Streets & Trips (née Automap) and AutoRoute for years for itinerary planning, but hesitate to schlep my laptop along in the car, so I've never purchased a GPS puck for it. Edit: Typo expunged.
  21. I've had several excellent dinners at the bar at Tocqueville. There's a small bar menu, but the full restaurant menu and wine list are also available both at the bar itself and a few small banquette tables in the bar area.
  22. To answer my own question and bring the thread back on topic: No, there isn't, but it makes small matter for parties numbering more than one. A leisurely mid-afternoon dum-sum lunch for two was most enjoyable, with very good food and service. Nice touches: the different dipping sauces served with different types of dumpling; the cast-iron tea pots; our being seated in a comfortable semicircular booth that would normally seat six. $63 for two, with tax but prior to tip, for seven small plates and tea. I might have ordered one or two more, but was overruled by a stuffed tablemate.
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