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  1. I'm going to be in town right when this event is wrapping up and it would be nice to take advantage of this promotion. I'm hoping someone can recommend a few restaurants participating in this event that would be suitable for a group of gals in their 20-30's in town for a girls weekend (there are 7 of us). We're staying in the Ocean Beach/Point Loma area, and I don't think we'll be taking the car that night (Friday), so someplace within a short cab ride would be ideal. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. Well I didn't have much luck on the shopping front, but I certainly ate well over the weekend. On Friday night I went to Pok Pok for dinner and managed to save a bit of room for dessert at Pix. Saturday night I had pre-dinner cocktails at Teardrop Lounge & District, and then from there I headed over to Andina for some tapas. Last but not least, I went to Clyde Common for a light meal on Sunday night. All of these places were vastly different, but I enjoyed each of them in their own way. I also stumbled upon the Portland Farmers Market on Saturday morning. What a wonderful place! You guys are very lucky indeed :-)
  3. I'm going to be in Portland this weekend and would love to get some recommendations for places that are solo diner friendly. I'm thinking of cozying up to the bar at Andina one night, and then for night two, I'm looking for something else that is uniquely Portland. I'm staying downtown, but don't mind driving out of the way for a good meal. Thanks!
  4. We're going to be down in Seattle in a few weeks and want to try going to Tavolta on a Sat. night, but it looks like a pretty busy place! Since they don't take reservations, I'm hoping to get a few suggestions for a back-up in case we are sol. Something lively, with good food and in the same area would be ideal. Can't wait to get down there! Cheers, Scout
  5. Just wondering if there's anything new in the area worth checking out. We'll be staying in Bellevue for 1 night this Saturday and would like to find a nice place to take my friend out for her birthday. We're staying right near Bellevue Square (Marriott Courtyard), so it would be a bonus if we could find something walking distance from the hotel. Thanks, Scout
  6. Does anyone know which restaurants are extending the dates for DOV?
  7. Try the IGA Marketplace on Burrard St. I have seen the coffee and filters there before (in the International Foods aisle), but that was probably a good 6 months ago.
  8. Just wanted to thank everyone for all of the suggestions. There's a few in there I had not heard of before. I'm keeping my fingers crossed my pal will invite me along for some 'cake testing' soon.
  9. A girlfriend of mine is getting married in January and wanted to get some recommendations for places to get a wedding cake. Any suggestions you could send along would be appreciated. The wedding is on the small side – approx. 20-30 people. She’s looking for something unique, but not too ornate, and most important, it must taste good. Thanks, Scout
  10. Walking home today I noticed another location of Mui Garden is opening up on Robson St. where the Public Market is. Entrance will be directly from street level, rather than from inside the market. While I'm talking about Robson St., does anyone have the scoop on what's going in where Hooters used to be? There's been a leased sign up for at least a month now.
  11. It's a bit of work, but if anyone wanted to catch the piece last night, you can get it from CTV's website. The giant burger story starts at about 51 minutes into the show and the burger poll results are around the 54 minute mark. http://www.ctv9.ca/streamnews.jsp?id=/news...eaming_news.htm
  12. Usually I like just butter, salt and pepper. However, the last time I made popcorn, I added a bit of pesto sauce to the melted butter and it turned out really tasty.
  13. Went by today and there's now a sign on the door which says they're opening May 9.
  14. Hi All: I'm off to Vegas in a few weeks and would love to find out if there are any good Mexican restaurants on the Strip. Ideally we're looking for a place that is within a short walking distance from Caesar's.
  15. Seeing that Godiva's is airing on Bravo, it wouldn't have been produced by CTV. Shamless plug, I think not.
  16. Pho Number One - It’s not too far from home, so I often go there to get my pho fix. Afghan Horsemen - I love the cozy low seating in there. Started off by sharing a few things – hummus & tzatziki-like dip w/pita, Boulany (wheat crust stuffed with mashed potatoes and green onions…yum) and Pakawra (batter fried potatoes w/yogurt dip). I think I was already full by the time my main came, which was the Shommie Kebab (made of lean ground beef). The upside of ordering too much is that I now have leftovers to eat for dinner tonight. Today I convinced a couple of co-workers to trek out to Fraser St. to try the Kedah House. We started with the Roti Canai - the curry sauce that came with it had a pretty good kick to it. After that came Nasi Goreng, Chicken w/Cashew Nuts and Teow Goreng (flat rice noodles w/beef). We were very happy with everything we ordered. I’m looking forward to going back again soon to try out some of the other dishes.
  17. Having grown up in Deep Cove, I’m going to say The Savoury even though I rarely set foot inside. This was the one place our parents would go without the kids, so it always intrigued me. My brother also worked there for a few years as a dishwasher and would regale us with stories of wild parties after closing time and having to dodge hot pans the temperamental chef would often fling his way. I wish this place had been around for a bit longer so I would have had the chance to fully appreciate it.
  18. I went by again today and read the fine print on the signs - it's def. the real thing.
  19. Well, the logo on the sign in the window looks the same as what's on their website, so I'm going to go with the assumption that it's the real thing.
  20. Thought all of you burger fans would like to know that I was walking down Denman Street today and noticed that a Fatburger is going in where the Thai House used to be. It looks like it'll be awhile before it opens though.
  21. Since you're looking for something new, I thought I'd suggest Palki over on the North Shore. I am a bit unsure of whether it can officially be declared as authentic though. However, the handful of times I've eaten there have always been enjoyable. BTW I miss the take-out place Rubina had at the food fair on Thurlow. It was a fast and cheap was to get my Butter Chicken fix. And in regards to the preparation of elephant, Tandoori style is the only way to go.
  22. Hey Keith: Just noticed that Kaplan's Deli lists a Chicago style hot dog on their menu. FYI, they just opened a new location on Alberni between Burrard & Thurlow, but I haven't had a chance to check it out yet. Happy chomping!
  23. I just wanted to thank everyone who played a part in putting this together. It was a most enjoyable way to spend a Sunday night. Hope to chat with everyone a bit longer next time. Terra
  24. Yesterday: Prata stuffed with chicken, along with some cranberry chutney Today: Peppermint bark that has been tucked away in the freezer
  25. Hmm...lots of good/gross stuff somes to mind: -KFC chicken, which I only eat a couple of times a year and it also seems to coincide with my cravings for Dairy Queen Blizzards. -Taco Bell, because we don't have many in our neck of the woods so we usually pop in when we come across one. -Movie popcorn with lots of butter, and on occasion sprinkled with lots of powdered topping like sour cream and onion. -Bread sticks from Dominos. -The Texas Chicken Skillet or a Super Bird ... from Denny's.
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