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  1. Here's one. Divorce Cake
  2. I spent the first 10 years of my career as a pastry chef sounding much like many of the posts I've read here. Then I met Gunther Heiland, CMPC & had the chance to speak with him for about 30 minutes. That short period of time changed my life because I told him how I had worked at private clubs, restaurants, caterers, etc. & I was never able to earn more than $15/hour. He told me that I'm a $15/ hour pastry chef & for the rest of my life I'll always be a $15/ hour pastry chef unless I swallow my pride & become an assistant to a very talented chef. That was the only way I could learn the skills needed to earn more. I took his advice & spent 2 1/2 years working as an assistant (earning a little more than $15/hour) under 2 great pc's at resort hotels. Since that time, my salary has more than doubled & I'm now exec pc overseeing 2 small resorts (one 4 star, one 5 star) and I'm living in a part of the country many people save up all year to visit. FWIW, this was the "recipe" for success that worked for me.
  3. Did anyone attend the hands on class & if so, do you have any pix to share?
  4. If anyone takes the class, I hope someone will ask Pierre Herme why he's teaching in the US when he won't publish his latest book (Ph10) in English. It just might do the trick.
  5. Iron on transfers work too. Pour the sugar over top & peel off when cool.
  6. It's my understanding that the thought process behind the perfumes was to increase dessert sales. You spray it on the plate & as the server carries the dessert past other diners, they smell the wonderful aroma (chocolate, pineapple, caramel, etc.) & say to themselves; "that smells wonderful & I'm going to order it."
  7. I've had great meals at these places recently. The Dorset Inn - 10 minutes from Manchester in Dorset - Great food. Pascal's French Bistro - 20 minutes from Manchester in Pawlet - great food, awful desserts. The Reluctant Panther - In Manchester - great local food & steaks The Marsh Tavern at The Equinox - In Manchester - just changed the menu to feature local cuisine.
  8. Try building them upside down. Put a transfer sheet on a flat sheet pan, then spread the ganache, then place the brownie & put in a really cold freezer overnight. Take them out, turn them over & quickly pull of the acetate. If your freezer gets below zero, it will work. Try it on a single brownie first to make sure it works, then do a whole pan. Allow them to thaw in the frig & cut into shapes.
  9. I've heard those purees are the best (Garnier & Rogelfruit), but I don't believe they're available in the US yet.
  10. Sorry to repeat everyone else, but that's beautiful; nice job!
  11. I've used a Paco-Jet at my previous job & really liked it & thought of getting the Frix-Aire at my current job because of the price, but when I saw that the containers only hold 1-1/4 cups (The Paco-Jet containers hold around 1 quart) I decided to forget the Frix-Aire & push the chef for a new Paco-Jet. Hopefully in the Spring. Someone had told me that the price of Paco-Jets had come down, but that's not what I've been able to find. I searched the web & couldn't find anything below their $3,495 retail price. If you buy either 1, my advice is to get extra canisters.
  12. I think both of you are right, thank you very much. The good news is; I have 6 months to practice!
  13. I've been asked to replicate this buttercream cake for a July wedding & don't have any idea how Sylvia Weinstock made this pattern on the sides. Anyone have any ideas or suggestions? Thanks in advance.
  14. No one posts here anymore, so I decided to bring it back! Last week we had our annual Champagne Dinner & here are some shots of the dessert buffet. Sorry the first is blurry but it's the only one I have. By the way, I have 2 entry level full time positions open. PM me if you're interested in skiing in Vermont. Edited for eGullet compliance.
  15. Would one of these work? 8" Egg Mold 12 " Egg Mold
  16. I like to use clear glass vases filled with assorted whole fruits (red apples, oranges, lemons, pears, kiwis, etc.) or other holiday themed items for easy & elegant elevations that are still relatively cheap. Here are 2 examples: Round Vase Square Vase Good luck!
  17. For those who haven't heard, Alain Ducasse & Frederic Robert's Grand Livre de Cuisine: Desserts & Pastries is finally being released in English at the end of October for $195. Wal-Mart (of all places) is having a pre-release sale for $115. Here's a link Grand Livre de Cuisine
  18. Spray the plastic with a non-stick cooking spray that contins lecithin (ie PAM) and lightly dust with powdered sugar. The sugar will then dissolve into the mousse. The PCB product is a non-stick cooking spray with a little chocolate flavoring added. It works great, but in my opinion, isn't worth the price.
  19. I have all of the books Wendy mentioned (Herme, Bau and Bellouet/Perruchon) but what I'd like to see is a book of that caliber on breakfast breads & pastries.
  20. Beautiful book. Plan to leave it on your coffee table as it's so tall (16") it won't fit on any book shelf and that's OK cuz the pix are great, recipes on the left page with photo on the full right page. It starts with finger food and apps, then goes into salads, entrees & desserts. The dessert section starts on page 90 & goes through 152 so it's 1/3 dessert stuff. A lot of things in small glasses, with great visual appeal. I just got it 2 days ago from Amazon France and haven't had the chance to make anything yet.
  21. I just got Philippe Conticini's "Tentations" book and have been going to Babelfish to translate the French I don't know. BTW - Very cool and less than $50.
  22. To answer some questions: sanrensho - The Carrot Pineapple Cake is topped with Cream Cheese Mousse, the Strawberry Pistachio is topped with White Chocolate Mousse & sorry, but I didn't get a closeup of the Vanilla Rum Caramel Cake (screwed up again) Wendy DeBord - We pay for Hershey's Chocolate just like everyone else however, I get to use a ton of it as garnish to keep up the Chocolatetown, USA image. Sugarella - The Black & White Cake (as well as the 2 to the left) are made with a cold set transfer sheet. You put it on a sheet pan with a frame mold and build the cake upside down. Freeze it overnight & the image is transfered onto the mousse. The White Chocolate Mandarin Cake is made in a mold from pcb-creation (they have the cold transfer sheets too) and then sprayed with white chocolate. And the cakes I used all have nut paste or nut flour in them which helps to prevent moisture loss. Besides, a dessert buffet only lasts and hour or two.
  23. I agree 100% with Nightscotsman. I just bought the Emmanuel Ryon Book and I'm perfectly happy with the separate English booklet. I have 2 questions for xdrixn; Is the Ducasse book in English yet & why did you say you regret buying it?
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